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Incident At Roanoke

Incident At Roanoke is the story of Phil Smith, a freelance artist and history buff with an obsession for the macabre. He is being constantly bombarded with dreams and visions that peaks his interest about ancient Roanoke and why a colony of people disappeared without a trace.

Phil meets up with a lovable old bookstore keeper named Carl who is a time travel expert and with his trusty old time machine sends Phil back in time to 16th century Roanoke to find out why the colonists disappeared. Phil meets and falls in love with a girl name Mary and risks everything to save her from the lost colony.



Incident At Roanoke ( 97 mb)






You are a psychotherapist with a lonely house near a little town and among a nice natural landscape, inspecting some secrets ... ESCAPE the novel and find out your real IDENTITY!






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