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Warning: Fragile!

This trilogy tells the story of captain Bingler, who is the captain of a space ship called One Eyed Eagle. The story kicks off when Bingler is given a task by his employer to deliver a mysterious package to a far off planet called Earth. During the first chapter the goal is to get the ship off the ground as once again the beloved captain has crash landed when returning from his last delivery mission making the ship unable to take off.


Chapter I: Operation Blindhawk




NL Oplossing

Wayne's World

Wayne's World is a faithful adaptation of the movie of the same name. Help the duo set up a pizza delivery business and claim their 15 minutes of fame. The game gives you the ability to switch between characters and has a decent interface.




Wheres My Hat Ma?

Ma have to found the Cowboy Hat from Pa.
But when you try to get the hat strange things happens?

over 100 rooms, 20+ NPCs, 2 realtime 3D games, a simple jigsaw puzzle game, a 3D doomlike maze game, and a sci-fi plot



Wonderworld chapter 1

Wonderworld is a classical Graphic Adventure in Lucas first years 90 style, with interface scumm. You can use the Mouse to move the hero, and to interact with the environment with action tag at the down left of the screen.  



Download also the java JRE to really appreciate this new version ??




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