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The New Adventures of Zak McKracken

It could have been such a nice day. Zak's favourite movie is on, most of the work on his novel is done, and Sushi seems to have survived her long stay in the sink quite nicely. Still half asleep, Zak gropes for the mailbox key and wanders down the stairs. Wow, a lot of mail again, he thinks to himself. However, next to the usual advertising for Monolith Burger, this time it also includes a letter from the distant Bogota. Suspecting no evil, Zak opens the envelope. As he reads the first few lines, he loses control of his face...








Zak McKracken 2: Between Time & Space/directors cut      

July 27th 2009, 11.45pm - direct flight Memphis - Zurich :
Bleary-eyed and unshaved. Zak McKracken is on board of a Russian airplane. It's freezing cold. Zak is covered in an old dusty blanket taking one last zip of coffe from his thermos. Suddenly the airplane is shaking and the engines are dying out. The plane seems to be standing still in mid-air. While taking a look outside the window Zak can only see a shadow approaching from behind when suddenly being hit on the head...

July 28th 2009, 7.30am - 13th Avenue, San Francisco :
The hammering sound of his alarm clock wakes up Zak. He can only vaguely remember what happend last night. Nothing reminds him of yesterdays trip, but he can still feel the bump on his head. Zak can't remember what he did in that airplane, neither can he remember where he was heading... A new exciting adventure begins!



German Walkthrough (PDF)

German Walkthrough

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