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Vesmírna Becherovka

This are a point & click 2D graphics

Adventure game from Space.

The game can be played in English or Czech





The Visitor 1

Danny lives in New York, and on this night a strange visitor is about to land in his back yard!


The Visitor 2

Alien Agent Moss returns, and now he's famous after telling the wild tale of his antics in the first outing of The Visitor... When another saucer goes down on Earth, Special Agent Moss is sent in. Will the lies behind his fame help or hinder him?


The Visitor 3

Commander Moss and his crew are back with another dangerous mission. An Omega 1 prisoner transport ship carrying two prisoners sent a distress beacon before disappearing from radar.
President Gooman decides to send Slug, Scar, Commander Moss and his new human assistant, Head, to the ships last known coordinates. Moss and his crew must find this ship and rescue any survivors. Once there, Commander Moss soon realizes, there is more going on than a disabled ship. A new life form emerges and puts everyone on board the ship at risk.

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WT 1, 2 and 3


NL oplossing  1, 2 en 3


The "LOA house" is an old mansion in the snow-white colonial style and lies north of Baton rouge in Louisiana, near the Mississippi. (The home of the voodoo cult is Haiti. Loas are a kind of angel/devil spirits, who embody both positive and negative forces.) Its first owner was the powerful Voodoo priest Jean Le Noir. It is told that he died in a fight against an evil Bocor and since that time his ghost is haunting the house!

The mansion remained many years untenanted, until 1932 a family from outside moves in, who don't know anything about its prehistory. The family Lafayette consists of David and his pregnant wife Sarah. Likewise Sarah's blind father lives in the house. You play Salem, the black Butler of the family. The Lafayettes do not know that Salem is a henchman of the Voodoo cult, because he meets secretly by night on the nearby cemetery with other Voodoo believers, in order to accomplish their strange rituals, e.g. the "Feed of the Dead", because there is life after death...







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