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James Peris es el agente 00,5

James Peris is an humoristic secret agent and needs your help. Is an interface typical Lucas Arts games with an humor like Leisure Suit Larry.


Spanish and English version aviable!!!







Jessica Plunkenstein and the Düsseldorf Conspiracy

t’s been a peculiar day for Jessica Plunkenstein.  By a freak twist of both fate and airline security, she finds herself up against evil barons bent on world domination, evil headmistresses bent on pathological propriety, and evil yodelers bent on nothing in particular.  Full of llamas, ninjas, French people, pickled herring, dubious German accents, yetis in heat, and musical theatre up the wazoo, Jessica’s adventures bring her from the Amazonian Rain Forests to the Norwegian Alps with layovers along the Eastern seaboard.  So tag along, and you, too, can unravel The Düsseldorf Conspiracy.




John Sinclair- Voodoo in London

The game is based on the John Sinclair-Horrornovels by Jason Dark.

The gangsterboss King Grenada who handles the Voodoo-Magic wants to flood London with Zombies. John Sinclair a ghosthunter is involved in the affair. A deadly adventure begins!

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The Journey Down

The Journey Down is a classical point and click adventure game, full to the brim with puzzles, conspiracies, mystery and adventure!

In chapter 1 "Over the Edge" we follow Bwana and his trusted sidekick Kito, as they struggle to make ends meet at their waterfront gas station in an off-beat place called Kingsport bay. When all hope seems lost and the power company is on their case with a mean threat, something promising appears. A woman. A woman with cash. What strings does she come attached with? What secrets are hiding underneath her fair surface? Find out, in chapter one of The Journey Down!


Chapter 1: Over the Edge



Video WT






Journey To Hell

Bleeding Romeo presents a fantasy game about sorcery and the first appearance of crop circles phenomenon back in 1678 (the so called "Mowing Devil").

1678, England, south coast.
One night some strange symbols appear in the crop fields near the village of Newhell. As the population depends on his crops to survive, the damaged harvest is declared an act of Devil. Martyn van Dalem is the last member of a Dutch sorcerers dynasty and the last chance for the local peasants to defeat the evil forces, save the harvest and the entire world...



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