Free fan games Walkthroughs

Illumination Diminishing
Starting room:
Go to the fireplace area

Combine STICK with LUM BAG
Return to starting room

Starting room:
(opt. go to the right to read books in library)
Go through the door

Click the end of the log
Take KEY
Go north

Bear trap:
Take Femur bone from the bear trap
Go north

Go north, to the house

Use the key on the door and enter

Go left into the kitchen

Click the lower right cupboard and take the strainer
Return to entrance

Go into the closet
Click the box and take CLAW
Use backpack on the coat hanger
Go back to the tree

Click on the tree to knock down the tibiotarsus bone and take it
Go left

Graveyard: (opt read plaque)
Click on the lock, enter
the combination fivesevenfive
Take note of the headstones
proceed right to the pet cemetary

Pet Cemetary:
Use the shovel on the loose soil to reveal the humerus bone
return to the tree

Go right to the lake

Use the strainer on the glistening water
return to the house entrance

Go upstairs

Enter the door on the left to the library

Take the pipe
opt. read the 2 books
go back to the upstairs hall and go into the second door, to the animal room

Animal room:
Use bones on the display cases
Bader - claw. Barn owl - tibiotarsus. Baby bear - femur. Domesticated rabbit - humerus.
Go right into the gallery

Take master key off of the floor.
Leave the gallery. Unlock it from the outside.
Go downstairs

Unlock the left-upper door, and the right lower door.
Enter the right-lower to, into the child's room

Child's room:
Search the bedskirt to find the diamond
Solve the cube puzzle on the shelf, based on the frames hanging in the house
(click top 3x, right side 2x, bottom 1x, left side 2 x)
Go right to grab the cube key
Return to entrance and use the cube key on the right upper door, into the lab

Take wood glue from the shelf
opt. read the journal, and ingredients list on the desk
click on the table
solve the chemical puzzle, based on the ingredients list and cooking instructions
book from the library
(click luminolx3, hydrogen peroxide x2, copper sulfate x1)
go right to take the luminol solution
opt. use the spray on the wall near the lab coat
Go back to the entrance and enter the upper left door to the bathroom

Combine the wood glue with the wooden pipe
use the pipe w/ glue on the sink and take the cross
Go back to the library

Use the luminol spray on the lower row of books revealing ADFW
Click them in order, based on the hint from the lab wall (WAFD)
You can now open the bookshelf drawer, and take the ring.
Go back to the gallery

Use the items on the display cases, based on the headstones
The young woman - diamond. The child - ruby. The young man -cross. the old man -ring.
Click the down arrow to go to the basement

The END to be continued.

The Chrysalis

Listing only the things you need to do so as to finish the game & one easter egg:
1) in the bedroom, click "use" on the book on the desk. Then click "use" again (having by now been decided to pry)
2) visit all rooms once (time passes)
3) in the corridor, click "use" on the apartment's exit door. (so that you decide to wait still)
4) in the bedroom, you can now go outside, to the balcony. Go there. (you clear your mind)
5) in the bedroom, you can now click "use" on the diary, and read it.
6) in the bedroom, you can now click "use" on the drawer and open it.
7) in the bedroom, click "look" on the drawing you took out of the drawer.
8) in the living room, click "look" on the antique hanging drawers (you now take the blank paper)
9) in the bedroom, click "look" (i think; "use" will still be about actually taking it) on the drawing you took out. Now you made a copy using your pen and the paper.
10) exit to the corridor. Now time passes again. Important: click at the apartment's exit door (to discover it has been locked all this time).
11) go to the balcony, click "use" on the black night hotspot. (so as to decide you won't throw the drawing there; you have nothing to ensure it falls to the ground and itself is too light).
12) exit to the corridor. Click on the bathroom. You throw the original drawing there. Some scene follows.
13) (optional: go to the kitchen, click on the faucet, leave the room; easter egg about revenge ;) )
14) go to the balcony. Click use on the railing. You go to the other side. Click 'use' on the other apartment there.
15) in the new scene, click "use" on the screen. Scene follows + ending ;)



Space Quest - Decisions of the Elders

Space Quest - Decisions of the Elders: Download free gamel

Thanks to Arj0n for the WT

click yourself to get sports magazine [1] [1/64]
look at magazine twice [1] [2/64]
click foliage and take shiny object (fish hook) [2] [4/64]
-east [termites screen]
-north/south [campfire screen]
click knothole to get shiny metal can [2] [6/64]
walk to the front of campfire and use shine metal can on charcoal [3] [9/64]
-south-east [termites screen]
-west [sunbeam screen]
walk into light beam area and use blackened can on sunbeam [10] [19/64]
-east [termites screen]
walk to the right of the bamboo cane and use Royal Wood on bamboo crane [7] [26/64]
walk close to the cane and pick up cane [1] [27/64]
-west [sunbeam screen]
-west [waterfall & cliffs screen]
use fish hook on cane [2] [29/64]
use cane-with-hook on ax handle [4] [33/64]
use dried-out ax handle on ax [3] [36/64]
dip dried-out ax handle into the resin [2] [38/64]
use sticky ax handle on ax [1] [39/64]
use ax on water [8] [47/64]
-east [sunbeam screen]
-south-east [termites screen]
-north/south [campfire screen]
walk to the front of campfire and use ax on rough campfire rocks [10] [57/64]
-south-east [termites screen]
-south [big waterfall screen]
use ax on vine [7] [64/64]
click rope-like vine to climb down
click left from you on waterfall or cave entrance


The Dwarven Dagger of Blitz Chapter 2
by Miguel Santos


walk EAST
LOOK AT Carvings
INTERACT with Grass that is located bellow the magical barrier between the 2 boulders (should be the one in the middle)
INVENTORY USE Scarf with Poison Flask
Use Stuffed Flask with Magical Barrier
Walk NORTH and enter Cave
After talking with Moira and Lim, talk again with them


Go SOUTH and change room
Pick up letter
Look at Letter once you have it
Go behind the wall on the left, you will pick up a large bone
Go WEST back to stairs

Press ONCE on the Moon like symbol
Press TWICE on the symbol that Trevor finds peculiar
Press ONCE on the Diamond like symbol
Press TWICE on the symbol that looks like 2 flags facing eachother
Press ONCE on the circle like symbol (use the BONE to reach it)
Press the BUTTON on the bottom of the stairs

Go SOUTH and change rooms

Cross room and enter next room


After talking with Benny, use the LOCKPICKS on the door and open it


There's a stand with a plate and a jar on it, when the Ogre Twins stop talking and the view switches back to Trevor, USE the hotspot next to the stand to hide
When the Ogres pass by Trevor and he has some more time, USE the hotspot on the other side of the stand and hide again
When the Ogres leave the room, just use the door and exit the room


You will find Worklund and fight him, you'll have to answer his provocations correctly to defeat him
Answer with this order:
2nd option
3rd option
2nd option
1st option
4th option
3rd option
3rd option
4th option
1st option
2nd option

After defeating Worklund, go upstair and USE the Main Doors
The Duke will speak and you should answer that you "work at the KLodge..."


Use the Pencil with the KLodge Card
Use the written card on the Furniture
Talk to the Duke
Interact with Furniture, you'll get a key
Interact with Jewel Box, you'll get a ring
Leave room
Use the Key on the other door


Use the Ring on the Slot (pedestal with glass cover on top)
The cover will open
Take the Dagger

That's it!

Arden’s Vale Walkthrough

Force Field
Pick up the small rock for later.
Feed the raven some of your rations to whet its appetite.
Through some more of the rations through the force field and the bird will follow.
Walk up to or interact with the force field for Riel to test it herself.
You’re through! Go up to the castle.

Outside Castle
You can’t get through the door. Click the small rock on the right window.
Almost there! Go back to the force field screen and pick up the bigger rock.
Return to the castle and through the bigger rock through the right window.
Interact with the window to climb through.

Castle Foyer
Pick up the shred of cloth from the window and a piece of glass from the floor.
Can’t use the stairs… You’ll need to use the rope.
Push the right suit of armor to reach the rope, and interact again to climb up the armor.
Wrap the cloth around the shard, making it safer to hold.
Cut the rope with your padded glass.
Get down from the suit of armor.
Pick up the broken wire from the floor.
Climb up the rope to the second floor.
Exit right into the hallway.

Castle Hallway
Walk to the right, admiring the tapestry and cool parallax effect.
Talk to the gargoyle. Specifically, ask about the enchanter, and the gargoyle will let slip about the treasury.
Ask about the treasury (new dialog option). The gargoyle tells you how he recognizes the enchanter.
Click the shard of glass or padded shard on the bottom of the tapestry to cut off a strand of tassels.

Solution Path #1 – The Literal Way
Go down into the enchanter’s bedroom.
Pick up the feather quill from the desk.
Click the padded glass on yourself or click the inventory’s hand icon on it to take the cloth off of the glass. You now have a thread.
Click the wire on yourself or click the inventory’s hand icon on it to bend the wire into a hook.
Click the hook on the thread (or vice versa) to tie them together.
Use the hook-on-a-string to snag the enchanter’s cap from the nightstand.
Try to snag the spectacles with the hook-on-a-string to lose you hook (or take them apart in your inventory).
Tie the quill to the thread.
Use the feather-on-a-string to tickle the enchanter’s hand. He flicks the spectacles off of the nightstand. Now you’ve got them!
Return to the foyer and look at or interact with the enchanter’s portrait or right suit of armor. (You can safely walk down the stairs; the gargoyle hasn’t set the trap.)
In the close-up screen, click the tassels, spectacles, and cap on the suit of armor.
Pick up the completed disguise.
Climb up the rope and return to the hall.
Click the disguise on yourself.
Walk in front of the gargoyle. The treasury is open!
Go right into the treasury.
Without walking on the carpet, interact with the cabinet.
Good luck with the lock puzzle!
After opening the lock, interact with the cabinet to find the magic stone.
When the alarm goes off, leave the treasury (again, don’t walk on the carpet).
Hide by interacting with the tapestry.
After the enchanter destroys the gargoyle and walks past, go to the left side of the screen.
Hide again by interacting with the other tapestry.
After the enchanter returns to his room, leave to the left.
You’ve won!

Solution Path #2 – The Sneaky Way
Return to the foyer and look at or interact with the enchanter’s portrait or right suit of armor. (You can safely walk down the stairs; the gargoyle hasn’t set the trap.)
In the close-up screen, click the wire on either the suit of armor, or on the spectacles in the enchanter’s picture.
Click the glass or padded glass on the hat portion of the picture to cut out your own version of the enchanter’s cap.
Click the tassels, cap cut-out, and, if necessary, the wire glasses on the armor.
Pick up the completed disguise.
Climb up the rope and return to the hall.
Click the disguise on yourself.
Walk in front of the gargoyle. The treasury is open!
Go right into the treasury.
Without walking on the carpet, interact with the cabinet.
Good luck with the lock puzzle!
After opening the lock, interact with the cabinet to find the magic stone.
When the alarm goes off, walk onto the carpet.
Wait until the enchanter enters and begins to rummage through the cabinet, then click the glass or padded glass on the carpet.
Exit to the left.
Put your disguise back on to fool the gargoyle.
After the enchanter gets locked in the treasury, leave to the left.
You’ve won!

And the final three points???
Click the magic stone on the gargoyle before you leave. Surprise! (You can only do this if you’ve gone the sneaky way, and the gargoyle hasn’t been destroyed.)<

Trance Pacific

Waiting room:

You’re standing in the waiting room for quite some time now. See if we can get out. Look around. On the desk is a pen holder. Borrow a PEN from it. All drawers  are locked. On the right bottom side of the screen is the door to the captains cabin. Let’s see if he’s there. Talk to the door and wait for an answer. Nothing. Walk over to the other door and look at the device next to it. No buttons. Hmm… Try to open the door. Also locked. Try to get attention from someone on the other side of the door. A steward will answer you. Talk to him and leanr about the voice operated activation system on the door. So you need a code for it. Oh well, we’ll think of something. When the steward doesn’t want to talk anymore, it’s time to create a plan. Talk to Nick. He’ll come up with the magic word and the desk drawer will open. Take the SCRAP OF PAPER and the DICTAPHONE out. Read the paper. It has the code. But it must be spoken by the captain. Show the dictaphone to Eve. She’ll know what to do with it. As she shows it, the door will recognise the voice. But it won’t open. Try the Memo on the guard. It works through walls so… Push the Erase button and then Activate. Erase “I must keep the combination secret”. Now he’ll tell us. Go back to the main menu. Click on the Infuse button. Then on Activate. First try “I can reveal the combination”. Hmm. He doesn’t know it. Then try “I can reveal how to open the door”. That’s better. Go back to the main menu again and turn off the Memo. Talk to the steward again. Now at least you know how to get out.  Talk to Nick again. When he immitates the voice of the captain the door recognises the voice. Aha! Give Nick the piece of paper so he can speak the code. Bingo! We’re out of here….


The hallway:

We’re being welcomed by the steward…. with a gun. He wants us to go back in the room or kill us. Talk to the steward. That will distract him. When there’s nothing more to talk about, look around the room. See that big brown pipe on the right against the wall? Wonder what that could be. Let’s ask the steward. Oil, right? So just when his patience runs out and he’s about to shoot you… there’s Grace. Talk to her. Then leave for the bar. Time for that drink.


The bar:

No one here to make you a drink. Talk to the lady. Ask her about her cruise and she’ll tell what she saw. When done talking, use the Memo on her. She’ll give you her GLASS. Click on Infuse on the Memmo and Activate. Select “My hair looks absolutely gorgeous” to make her think you’ve done her hair. Back to the main menu. Now click on Replicate and Activate. Select “I saw two stewards acting strangely”. You have it in your Memo now. Back to the main menu and turn off the Memo. Talk to the lady again about her hair. She’ll be very pleased. Leave the screen on the right, back into the hallway.


The hallway:

Grace is still cleaning. Talk to her again.  Ask her about the steward and then tell her what you’ve found out. Use the Memo on Grace. Press Infuse and Activate and select “I saw two stewards acting strangely”. Than back to the main menu and turn the Memo off. Talk to Grace again and ask her where the stewards were. Follow Grace to room C505.


Room C505:

Look at everything you can find. When done, talk to Grace again. She has a feeling something’s changed but can’t remember what. Now we’ve got a perfect device to remember! Use the Memo on Grace and click Infuse and Activate. Select “I know exactly how this room looked before”. Then back to main menu and turn off the Memo.  Talk to Grace again and she’ll remember the position of the big box. Move the box to find a panel. Talk to Grace again.

Look around the room to find a light. The main bulb is out. Look at those planks. There’s a flashlight behind it. Take the FLASHLIGHT and give it to Grace. Talk to her again. Then Nick steps in and wants to be hypnotised. Oh well, go ahead. Use the Memo on Nick. Select Replicate and Activate. Select “It wasn’t the captain the barman was talking to”. Then back to main menu and turn off the Memo. Talk to Nick and see what he found out. While gathering all information the barman will come in. You hide quickly behind the door. When he’s done talking, try the Memo on the barman. Indeed it’s blocked. Open the inventory and look at the manual. When done, step from behind the door and use thr Memo on the barman. Select Erase and Activate and erase “I must keep this operation secret”. Back to main menu ans select Infuse and Activate. Then insert “Grace is in her store room”. Back to main menu and turn off the Memo.

Talk to Grace to give her the chance to escape. Then talk to the barman.  He’ll explain everything. Talk to Eve. You’ll be taken to the boss.


Captain’s Office:

So that’s the captain? She’ll be telling you all about the operation and what’s expected of you. She’ll be talking forever and ever and while pacing up and down the room, you give the glass from your inventory to  Eve. She can use it as a tumbler and the captain will fall. Use the Memo on the captain. Oops. It doesn’t work. Try that again….



Jacob: Vertigo Addict’s Cut



Walk to the TV. Touch it. That static electricity. Take the ANTENNA. Walk to the right side of the screen to enter the bathroom. Look at the sink. There’s something clogging the drain but you can’t reach it. Even with the antenna it won’t work. Look behind the shower curtain. A pair of GLOVES left behind. Take those. Use the gloves on the antenna and go back to the bedroom. Use the antenna on the TV and it’s static now. Back to the bathroom to use the antenna on the sink again. There you go: your KEY. Leave the bathroom and take the DUVET from the bed. Use the key on the door and you’re in the hallway.



Walk to the right. After 5 doors, your reach the stairs. Climb those.


The room:

Look at the table. There’s a letter on it. Take the LETTER and read it. Someone is scaring you while you thought you were alone. You’re back in the hallway again.



Walk all the way to the left until you’re in front of a window.

Now there are three ways to end the game (you might want to save here):


Ending A (Hell No):

Take your duvet from the inventory and use it on the window. It will make your landing a bit softer.
Walk to the right of the screen. Keep walking until you’re at the end. The area will turn darker and spookier.
You’ll see a message about Jacob looking for you.  Keep walking. Then you’re in your bedroom again….


Ending B (You’re a catch):

Take your duvet from the inventory and use it on the window. It will make your landing a bit softer.
Walk to the right of the screen. After a while you’ll see a path going north.Follow it. You end up at Jacob’s grave. Touch the grave. You’ll fall in.


Ending C (Humpty-Dumpty):

Use your hands on the window and jump out. You’ll crash to your death.



Charlie Foxtrot & The Galaxy of Tomorrow

After escaping flush yourself down the far toilet (pull cord).
Talk to prisoner in sewers and get rebel base coordinates from him.
As per his instructions, go up left tube and disable generator (open panel & talk to energerbil).
Go back into sewers and then up other tube to cargo bay.
Do not get in line of sight of guards!  Open lockless cargo box and let energerbils escape.
When guards distracted walk behind them to station hangar.
Get into ship (walk underneath it just to the right of head).
Write down coordinates for mother station.
Turn systems on.  Launch ship.  When in space enter the coordinates the old prisoner gave you and hit GO.
Take beta max player (from dash board).


Talk with pinochle in the bar about the plagues on his home planet.
Talk with pill-pusher and get blue pill.
Get drunk with robot and alien (interact middle bottle).
Quickly walk out of bar and to the right and then into the dunes.
Walk across dunes and climb mountain.
Use chameleon blanket on hole and catch bunny.
In ruined base look under scrap metal to get film cannister.
Get innanimate carbon rod.
Use bunny on dunes to distract sand shark.
Visit war vets house and get small change and super mint (from bowls).
Walk back to bar and see pinochle kicked out.  Get wooden money.
Go see junk monger and trade beta max player and wooden money for shrinkwrapper and two headed coin.
Go into tardis and find robot-dog (activate internal navigation system on control panel to make it easier).
Use innanimate carbon rod on robot-dog and befriend it.
Gamble with two-headed coin with cripple outside bar and get light sword.
Give robot-dog to time-traveller and get electrostatic screw-driver.
At other end of bar talk to shutter bug and then dance with jitter bug (central square of dance floor or in front of her)
Hook the two bugs up and then steal camera bag.
Go to mens room and close door.
Replace light bulb with light sword (use controls next to door to adjust light level) thus creating dark room.
Use camera chemicals on film cannister to develop film (getting picture).
Take band poster.
Take back light sword from fixture.
Go back to ship.
Look at picture for new coordinates -enter and hit GO.


Get captains log and look at it in inventory.
Use fries (attracting fry goons) with shrinkwrapper.
Get catnip (near derranged puppet).
Give catnip to cat puppet.
Lead cat puppet to elvis impersonating puppet.
Enter cave and use super mint on pig.  Get ping pong ball.
Give french fries to eating monster.
Get blanket from friggles.
Give light sword to punchy-clown.
Talk to grunge puppet (in garbage can) and trade band poster for undershirt.
Go to swamp and get access card from hut (en route collect derailed tram).
Go back to ship.
Look at blanket for new coordinates.


Go to satellite dish and take it out using ping pong ball on the marble run.
Go to pond side and take blue pill.  Enter base.
Switch clothes and use access card to enter gate.
Use tram on rail system.
Go to vault and push over droid/trash bin.
Get mutant janitor from clone storage (talk) to clean up mess.
In clone lab steal cyborg head.
In vault use cyborg head in DNA reader.
Give electrostatic screwdriver to mutant janitor.
Touch other DNA censor and collect The Source.
Go back to ship and enter original mother station coordinates.


Face Clone Lord.
When he prepares mentally for battle use undershirt on him.
He will puncture a heavy water barrel and flood the floor.
When he hyperventillates use The Source on floor. End

Lone Case : Locomotive Breath

After the intro finishes pick up the dart next to the garbage can then enter the bar. After the dialog use dart on television. Then use whatever drink you have chosen on Dave. Then into the bathroom, pick up the crayon, the feather , and try to open the door. After that use the trash  can , then use the box by the sink. Use the box again, then after the small video, use the box again. When outside head to the donuts store. Then use the jukebox three times. Then talk to Joe about everything. The head outside and use the door on the middle of the screen. Then use donut on yourself. Then climb the stairs and head to the bedroom. When the small intro finishes examine the trash can, then pick up the toolbox, then examine the hole, then use the box to the top left corner of the room. Then use key with the toolbox. Then use screwdriver on window , crowbar, and simple use on the window. Use window again. Once at the hospital, use or examine the drawer and pick up the keys on the door. Exit the room and head to the reception. There use nail polish remover on fire and pick up the patent application then head to the corridor till you find the elevator. Once there use your keys on the elevator button. Then head A. Once there use the medical bag and head to management pick up a card. Then open up your inventory and use nail polish on DVD Case, then head to the elevator and head C. Talk to the undertaker about everything and interrogate him about your boss;s death. Then use ink traces with card. Then signature with doctor's form then give form to undertaker. Now exit the hospital. Then head the subway and use the boxes. When prompted talk to O'Riley till you can end the dialog. Then use screwdriver on your glass to make a hole. Then screw on hole, then crowbar it. Once outside, open up your inv and use poison on syringe , and then poisonous syringe on cookie. Then select the poisonous cookie and use it on the chimp. Then use your gun on the other glass. Tadda!!!

The Medical Theories of Dr. Kur

1.Click on large oak doors.
2.Go left to reach the entertaining room where you meet Father Morland, Rusty and Evelyn.
3.Go left to the bathroom and click on the toilet to get a rosary - the seance begins.
4.Go back to find them all murdered. Click on Rusty to get a knife and grab the teddy bear, then go right to the hallway.
5.Go right to the kitchen and pick up the blue book.
6.Go upstairs and enter the room - you meet the first spirit. Talk to the spirit about everything and give him the blue book - you'll get new one from him.
7.Leave the room and go left. Enter the room, look at the map on the wall and pick up the pink book.
8.Leave the room and look at the picture on the wall. Click on it to uncover a fuse socket.
9.Go to the very left and go upstairs. Then go left and enter the room to get a match.
10.Leave again and go left, enter the room. There, look at the crack in the wall on the left, pick up the red book and the little piece of wood.
11.Go back to the hallway and go right into the kitchen. Go right and you'll find an axe on the counter. Click twice on the cupboard, it's too dark to see anything... Go to the inventory and use the knife on the teddy bear. Now combine the received wool with the piece of wood and light it with the match.

Now you've got a torch.
12.Use the torch on the cupboard and use the axe to break through the wall. Click on the hole to enter the eastern tower.
13.You see Kyle, one of the tortured kids, crouched in the corner..

Talk to him about everything and give him the teddy bear..that'll comfort him and in return you'll get a fuse.
14.Climb up the ladder and enter the ventilation system where you'll meet the second spirit, the Siamese Twins.
15.Try to grab the switch....they won't let you. Try to talk to them....they won't answer. Give them the rosary...they would accept, but it needs to be blessed first.
16.Go back to the entertaining room and use the rosary on the priest's remains.

Now return to the twins and give them the blessed rosary, they'll tell you a secret. You can use the switch now.
17.Go back to the hallway and go upstairs, then go left. Use the fuse on the fuse socket where the picture was.
18.Go back to the twins and click on the left vent grate to enter the western tower. There, pick up the light blue book.
19.Climb down the chain to reach a trap door. Go to the very right and you'll enter the burrow of a spider.
20.The spider is Emily, the third spirit. Talk to her about everything and try to leave, she will give you flammable webbing.

Now leave for good and go back to the hallway.
21.Go upstairs, then right, upstairs, left and enter the room with the fireplace.

Talk to the fireplace in order to talk to Dr. Kur. When you see his hand, throw the webbing into the fireplace and light it.

6 Days a Sacrifice


- Get flyer


- Talk to guard
- Use hands on guard
- Give paper to Sam
- Talk to Sam about the console, then the door in the north wall

- Go east
- Keep walking east until you get to the blast doors
- Go east
- Enter the first door (sleeping quarters)
- Get guns from Janine
- Head east until you see Sam
- Give her the guns

- Talk to Sam and Janine about everything


- Go east (dream)

- Talk to Sam about everything
- Go west
- Get guard to follow you, then enter medical storage room (next to medical room)

- Call Sam and tell her the guard is gone
- Go back to main corridor
- Talk to Sam

- Talk to Canning about everything
- Go west
- Go to sleeping quarters
- Use hands on locker
- Enter the code: 'OPEN'
- Use hands on locker
- Get keycard
- Go to Canning's office
- Use the computer
- Release level 1 security
- Go east
- Take spectacles from near elevator
- Enter security room (symbol is a security camera)
- Use hands on blue screen
- Select camera 4
- Select 'review footage'
- Use lens on big screen
- Go out
- Keep heading east to get to blast doors
- Use keycard in left-hand panel
- Enter code 7759 in right-hand panel (have to have seen it on the screen)
- Phone Janine and have her come help

- Go east (dream)


- Use phone to call Sam (note down numbers)
- Phone Janine and talk about everything
- Go to medical storage
- Talk to Trilby
- Enter far right door in main corridor (now open)
- Talk to Trilby about everything
- Go to security room
- Use blue screen
- Select camera 5
- Enter code 2741
- Download the image
- Call Janine and tell her about the Hub
- Go to the quiet room
- Talk to Canning about John DeFoe
- Tell him Dr. Harty was a cloner
- Go to medical bay
- Search Sam's corpse
- Go to hub entrance
- Talk to Janine about ID card
- Go back to clone lab
- give ID card to Trilby

- Go to Canning's office
- Get pile of documents
- Look at pile of documents in inventory
- Go to security room
- Open fusebox
- Use staple in fusebox
- Go back to the hub entrance

(long cutscene)


- Go out
- Go into medical storage room (door has changed)
- Get pickaxe
- Go back to sleeping quarters
- Enter kitchen
- Stand next to hole and wait
- When Janine is fairly near the hole, use the pickaxe on it


- Wait by the door
- Talk to the man in red
- Interact with the usable wall at the back of the cell
- Wait for the delivery
- Get the parcel from the dropper
- Look at the parcel in the inventory
- Use knife-key in door

- Walk all the way down the stairwell, watching flashbacks
- Talk to the body
- Use the knife-key on the body
- Use life force on dying man


- Go to hub entrance
- Walk through the big door

- Go east
- Get machete
- Go west
- Use the front door
- Go upstairs
- Enter first door
- Get welding mask
- Go back to the foyer
- Use the front door
- Go upstairs again
- Enter far right door
- Get apron
- Back to the foyer
- Use the front door
- Enter west door
- Go west again
- Use outfit on hole

- Interact with tarpaulin three times
- Try to leave by the steps


- Walk east
- Interact with the Arrogant Man


Trilby's Notes 

Walk to the right door.
KNOCK 3 times.
The room is dark but you can see the window.
Walk to the window.
HOTEL after cut scene:
Trilby will enter the shadow realm.
Go to the bar. (left, lowest right, left, open door up)
Walk to the counter and GET PLIERS.
Go to the dining hall. (open door, left)
Walk to the body hanging on the toilet door.
Walk to the sink and GET ENVELOPE.
(Take a pill and leave the room if you want to leave the shadow realm)
Go to the reception. (right, right)
MANOR after cut scene:
Walk to the shelves and GET GLASS.
Walk to the left door and PUT PAINTING UNDER DOOR.
OPEN DOOR on the right side.
GET MATCHES from the desk.
Go to a halway with hotel room door.
Walk to a smoke detector and USE MATCH ON DETECTOR.
The fire escape doors on the right are now open.
Walk to the fire escape door and OPEN DOOR.
Walk to the table.
Walk to the ladder and CLIMB.
Go to the dining room.
Walk to the boarded up door while in the shadow realm.
While in the shadow realm TAKE PILL and then OPEN DOOR.
You re now in the exhibition room.
(You can pick up a bottle of cola that stands in the courner, but it is not essential. Drinking cola will get you in the shadow realm.)
Walk to the table and TOUCH CHISEL.
SHIP after cut scene:
Walk right and walt to the man repairing the boat.
Walk to the ladder and CLIMB down.
Walk to the crate and use USE CHISEL ON WOOD.
CLIMB ladder.
Walk right untill you can't go any farther.
Walk to the door and OPEN DOOR.
Got to bar.
Go to girl and TALK GIRL ABOUT SHIP.
Go to room 2A and OPEN DOOR.
Wait untill the demon kneels and then KICK DEMON.
Walk to bag on the desk and OPEN BAG.
PIANO ROOM after cut scene:
Walk to desk and GET PISTOL.
Go down stairs.
Go to the dining room. (You'll see the agent, and the pills don't work anymore)
GET MEAT from a table.
Walk to the kitchen door and OPEN DOOR.
Walk to the half broken cellar door and OPEN DOOR.
Now you can go to the corner of the celler.
DRINK WATER. (pills work again)
Go to the exhibition room.
TALK MAN ABOUT UNICORN (that's the gray thing on the wooden shield standing against the table)
INN after cut scene:
TALK MAN ABOUT ROOM for 4 times.
Walk to the room that leads up and OPEN DOOR.
Walk to a bed and SLEEP.
GET SHEET and walk down stairs.
Walk to the flames and USE SHEET ON FIRE. (you can't get burned)
Go to the bar.
Go to the cellar.
Walk to the singe wine bottle in the upper wall and GET WINE.
Go to the bar in the normal realm. (the professor isn't there)
Then go the the bar in the Shadow realm. (the professor is dead)

(HEAD) Walk to the professor's body and GET HEAD made from porcelain.
(LEFT LEG) Go to the reception and GET LEG from desk.
(RIGHT LEG) Walk to the office door and PICK LOCK.
Walk to the shelf and GET LEG.
(LEFT ARM) Go outside and GET ARM.
(RIGHT ARM) Go to Trilby's room (3C) and GET RIGHT ARM from his bed.
Go to the top floor while in the shadow realm and ATTACH LIMBS to the torso on the wall.

TAKE PILL, leave and enter scene. Walk to the top floor and OPEN DOOR.
Walk to the letter and GET LETTER.
WOODS after cut scene:
Go to the cellar.
Walk to hole under upper wall and GO DOWN HOLE.
Walk to tree stumb and TOUCH STUMB.
HUT after cut scene: (no interaction)
Girl and agent show up.
This is the end puzzle.
Trilby can't move and is about to be sacrificed.
To stop this, Trilby has to die before the demon kills him.
Type MOVE.
Once the demon appears, type DIE.
The end.

A Cure for the Common Cold 
1. Left-click on GUM from table, next to flower pot.
2. GUM WAD automatically added to inventory.
3. Get STIRRING STICK from paint buckets.
4. Left-click on STOOL to use it.
5. Get STOOL LEG from broken stool.
6. Go left and enter kitchen.
7. Get COINS (next to blue CUP).
8. COINS will fall into sink.
9. Get CUP.
10. Get PAPER from fridge.
11. FLIER and MAGNET automatically added to inventory.
12. Left-click on fridge to get CONGEALED GREASE.
14. Use CUP with POT to get CUP OF OIL.
15. Return to the living room.
16. Left-click on right WINDOW.
18. Use CUP OF OIL with WINDOW.
19. Left-click on WINDOW to open.
22. Head back into the kitchen.
23. Use CUP with FAUCET to fill it with water.
24. USE MAGNETIC STICK with SINK to acquire 2.00 IN CHANGE.
25. Return to the living room.
26. Left-click to use GUM again to get GUM WAD.
27. Left-click on CURTAINS.
28. Left-click on left WINDOW.
29. Quickly use GUM WAD on WINDOW, or repeat the steps.
32. Use STOOL LEG on BED.
Monkey Island : Carnival of the Damned 
After the dialog finishes walk to the upper deck then re-enter the bar but this time from the window. 
Pick up the cheese and knife then use the stew buttons till they are jammed to get the nails from the stew. 
Then head to the laundry and give the cheese to the rat. 
Then exit and head to the right till you see a plank. Pick it up then go to the woodsmith's hut. talk to him for a job. 
Then talk to him again and give him the nails stick and plank.
Then head to wally's house talk to him once then exit and head the bar. 
Give him the id then ask for something strong and buy it. 
Then head to the hotel give the mix to the innkeeper then pick up under carpet and head to the laundry. 
Then talk to marty and ask for some clothes then quit the dialog. 
Then look at the shirt and talk to him again asking for a refund.  
Then exit woodtick and head to the swamp. once there use the coffin then walt to the right.
Head to monkey island. go to the cannibal village and pick up the bucket. 
Go at the fort pick up the gunpowder then at the pond use your knife with the roots the combine them with the bucket 
then walk to the beach fill your bucket with sand, go to the dam and use bucket with lava. 
Then go to the theme park use gunpowder on the mailbox then combine mix with shirt then ligh up your molotov bottle 
and use your coin on the automatic ticket provider( not the kiosk).

Nedy's Adventure The Luxe

Talk to Frank:
-The attack of the clones

Looka at the wardrove and use the key, then take the parachute, jump out the plane.
Whe you're falling use the parachute with you.
Once in the island, pick up the stone and the glass. Go to the volcano Pick the axe up, go to the beach and use the axe with a palm tree, then go to the precipice, 
use the wood on the land slide. Go downand interact with the not-identified vegetal, and use teh stones with the drop hole, then use the glass with the spurt, 
go in the cave, take the saucepan and the seed(it's near the shelves). 
Go to the jungle and plant he seed in the wet sand and use the full glass on it pick the rose up and the other yellow flower. 
Then put the Valerian root, the rose passion and the camomila flower in the saucepan, go to the volcano and use the saucepan with the volcano's top.
Go to the beach and use the sleeping potion on Phitus, pick the rod up, go to the volcano, use the rod with the volcano's top.
The go to the jungle, and go in the third hut and try to pick the anti-curses book.
Once in that horrible place:
-Look at the hanging rope
-Use the glass with your rope
-Use the broken glass with your rope again and
-Use the stones with the flammable rope
Once released, pick the knife up... finding it will be as difficul as finding the seed.
Go to the hut again and take the book and some flavouring.
Go to the cheese and use the knife with Vera, then use the flavouring with the cheese you got and eat it.
Talk to Tristán Tzara and play his game, answers:
-The sun was still on
-It wasn't raining
-Because the last one took the basket with the apple inside
Go to the left side of the room and look at a little piece of paper wich is on one of the pictures on the wall, use the strange birs to reach it.
Talk to Stéfano's and talk him about the blank paper, he'll tell you that you need one of those bottles so use the high-tech Kaginawa with the outstanding bottle
(if you don't have it then look at the symbol in your inventory).
Then look at the blank paper and use the bottle on it.
The text is in spanish but you dont need to understand it, it just contains some numbers (3=tres, 5=cinco, 4=cuatro)
After that talk to Stefano's and ask him to let you try the phone, the press 3, 5 and 4. Enter to the secret lab.
Talk to Dr.Blasa give him the sleeping potion and the flavouring and answer his 
-Donald Duck
-Ron Ashman
-Ifinite ways
Take the potion and dink it
Quimby Quest
Enter the dumpster and talk to Alex.
Tell him you want to join Vote Quimby.
Take stack of CD's on end table.
Talk to Sarli, ask how he keeps the place so clean.
Pick up stain from mattress that appears.
Exit dumpster
Attack Bum FIVE times
Pick up broken bottle
pull up inventory and right click on broken bottle
Exit screen left to the street
Enter building on the right
Take bottle from table
pull up inventory and use label on rubbing alcohol
enter Travel Oddessy
talk to Clerk and ask for plane ticket
exit store
Pick up postcard that the businessman drops
pick up string in front of University Store
enter University Store
Look at sign above bin
Go to alley
give makeshift alcohol to Bum and ask him to steal a holepunch
go to street, enter University Store and take holepunch
pull up inventory and use hole punch on post card
go back to dumpster and give dot to Alex

Go back to street and enter building on the right
talk to Ben, ask him if he had to do crazy stuff to get in the band
tell him you need proof, he'll give you a video
exit and got to University Store
look at sign above bin
talk to Clerk
ask if hiring
fill out application, the answers you choose don't matter
exit and go back to alley
give makeshift alcohol to Bum
ask him to steal a poster
go to street, and show nightstick to security guard on the left
pick up poster
go back to alley and enter dumpster
give poster to Alex

go to street and enter Subs Be We
Ask Clerk for Sub
go to alley and give Makeshift alcohol to Bum
pick up the book he drops
pull up inventory and right click on book
go back to Subs Be We and use coupon on Clerk
take sandwhich from tree
go back to dumpster and give sandwich to Alex

exit dumpster, enter park to the right
talk to man, keep talking to him until he tells you he can be distracted by something shiny.
pull up inventory
combine string with stack of CD's
use ornament on tree
take the song he sets on the ground
pull up inventory and look at song
exit back to alley, continue to street and enter Club Kick Ass
talk to wandering woman
ask for the owner, ask who the band is
talk to security guard
ask him if you can slip by, ask him to take a break
pull up inventory, right click on makeshift alcohol
exit club, enter building to right and talk to Ben
ask him how to get rid of Vote Sanchez
exit and go back to Club
give empty bottle to security guard
enter door to the left of the stage
exit, and go back to talk to Ben
ask him if he got the schematic
go back to club and enter the door to the left of the stage
use schematic on fuse box
enter door
search desk to get scissors and paper
exit club and go to university store
talk to man at the table
give him the book
say every dialog option
exit and go back to the alley and up to the park
talk to Dylan, ask him if he's BJ Overlord's son
Tell him he's in big trouble
pull up inventory and use scissors on newspaper
combine newspaper clippings with blank paper
give ransom note to Dylan
tell him you have scissors
exit and go back to dumpster, talk to John
ask him for a blind fold
talk to Alex or Sarli, ask them why John needs a blindfold
exit dumpster
use ransom note on police officer
go to park use blindfold on Dylan
exit and go to street and enter University Store
use ransom note on BJ Overlord
go back to dumpster and talk to Sarli, John, or Alex
tell them you got a song, got a gig, and got a contract

The House That Ate My Soul
by Stormbell Entertainment
Download 1.0
Download update 1.1: (just extract the .rar into your THTAMS folder
front door:
- take the stone
- take the salt shaker
supply cellar:
- take a potatoe
- examine the pencil can
- use it to take a key
upper floor:
- unlock the door in the middle and then enter
child's room:
- watch the cutscene
- talk to the right picture (Elliott)
- give him the potatoe to receive a watering can
- talk to Elliott and exhaust the dialogue
- talk to the left picture (Trish) and exhaust all topcis
- take the whistle from the small chair
upper floor:
- talk to the picture (Lucien)
- exhaust the dialogue
- enter the third door from the left to get to the bedroom
- examine the cupboard to find a hammer
upper floor:
- enter the rightmost door to enter the bathroom
- examine the cabinet to find aspirin
- use the hammer on the concrete spot to find porn magazines
- use the watering can with the sink to fill it up
front door:
- use the filled up watering can on the piece of ground to receive a worm
upper floor:
- give the worm to Lucien to receive a fishing rod
child's room:
- change to Elliott and take a fern
- change back to Ben
- exchange the fishing rod
- with Elliott, use the rod on Malcolm
- back to Ben, then exchange the stone
- with Elliott, use the stone on Malcolm to wake him up
- talk to the picture (Malcolm) and exhaust dialogue
- give the porn magazines to Malcolm to get an MP3-player
child's room:
- give the player to Trish to receive a record
- put the record in the record player to wake up the princess (Lyss)
- talk to Lyss and exhaust the dialogue
servant's room:
- examine the bookshelf and memorize the amount of ingredients you need for
a curry
- use the safe and enter the code (135427)
- you will then be knocked down and brought to the prison cell
- take the dagger off the bones
- take the plank
- talk to the picture (Gorky) and exhaust the dialogue
- exchange the plank to receive a key
- as Gorky, use the plank on the first pit and fetch the pickaxe
- as Ben, trade the watering can for the pickaxe
- use the pickaxe to break down the wall
- go upstais to the secret room
secret room/bedroom:
- take the hook
- use the hook on the door
- take the broken lantern
- exchange the lantern
- as Gorky, hang the lantern on the hook and fetch the bible
- as Ben, trade the watering can for the bible
- use the bible to fetch some of the oil
secret room/bedroom:
- use the oil on the lever
- pull the lever
- go through the secret passage into the bedroom
- fetch the plank
- exchange the plank
- as Gorky, use the plank on the second pit and fetch a mushroom
- as Ben, trade the watering can for the mushroom
secret room/bedroom:
- leave the bedroom
lower floor:
- open the door in the middle with the key received from Gorky
- enter to door to get in the library
- fetch the cheese in the mouse trao
dining room:
- talk to the picture (Brother Andrew)
- trade the bible for a leather bag
- exchange the cheese
- as Gorky, use the cheese on the mousehole to fetch the rat
- as Ben, trade the watering can for the rat
servant's room:
- talk to the picture (Zora)
- give the rat to Zora in exchange for a key part
- talk to Zora and exhaust the dialogues
upper floor:
- talk to Lucien and exhaust the dialogue
servant's room:
- talk to Zora again and exhaust the dialogue
- combine the fishing rod and the hook
- trade the modified fishing rod with a water sprayer
- combine the water sprayer and the salt
- as Malcolm, use the fishing rod to fetch the egg
- as Ben, trade the dagger for the egg
- when you have aspirin, the egg, fern, the whistle, the mushroom and the
leather bag, combine two of those items to put everything into the bag
servant's room:
- trade the bag for the enchanted whistle
- open the safe to obtain a topaz and a key part
upper floor:
- trade the enchanted whistle for the amethyst
- exchange the saltwater sprayer
- as Gorky, use the sprayer on the chest to get rid of the chains and to
obtain a sapphire
- as Ben, trade the watering can for the sapphire
dining room:
- when you have the topaz, the amethyst, the sapphire and the bag, combine
two of those items to put them all in the bag
- trade the bag with another key part
- if you have all three key parts, combine two of them to make the key
lower floor:
- unlock the rightmost door with the new made key
- enter the room
Watch the final cutscene.
by Stormbell Entertainment

in the tavern:
- take an apple
- take the pillow
- take the nail
- examine the pillow to get a down
- exhaust the dialogues with the barkeeper, the miss and the tired man
front of tavern:
- exhaust the dialogue with the beggar
- take the can
- talk to the tree and exhaust the dialogue
- give the can to the tree to receive a sleeping spell
- use the spell on the tired man to receive sleeping pills
outside the wizard's house:
- attach the nail to the windmill
the wizard's room:
- exhaust the dialogue with the wizard, until you can play chess against
- when he is looking to the window, put the pill into the blue cup
- play chess again, and now you'll win
- after the wizard fell into sleep, check your diary
- talk to the barkeeper to obtain a glass of water
- bury the can into the ground (in the lower right)
- use the glass of water on the buried can to get an iron bullet
front of tavern:
- exhaust the dialogue with the beggar
- knock at the neighbour's door and select dialog options 2, 2, 1 to get
some stew
- give the stew, the apple and the pillow to the beggar, and you will get a
- load the revolver with the iron bullet and shoot the demon
- take the staff the demon lost
- check the diary
- take another apple
- open the well with the staff
- use the staff on the well to receive a stone
- talk to the tree and exhaust the dialogue
- give the apple to the tree to receive some copper coins
the wizard's room:
- put the copper coins into the fire to get a copper bullet
- load the revolver with the bullet
- kill the demon with the revolver
- take the hook
- check the diary
the wizard's room:
- push the carpet aside
- open the trap door with the hook
- take a piece of coal
- combine the piece of coal with the down to receive a black bullet
- load the revolver with the black bullet
- kill the demon with the revolver
- check the diary
- after the cutscene, go to the mysterious miss at the crossroads and
exhaust the dialogue to get a silver ring
the wizard's room:
- take the black king
- take the white king
- smash the black king with the stone
- smash the white king with the stone
- combine one king with the silver ring, one with the silver coin to obtain
two silver bullets
- load the revolverwith one silver bullet
- kill the demon, and you will be transferred to the cliffs
- exhaust the dialogue with the miss
ending 1: leave the screen
ending 2: walk to the miss
ending 3: load the revolver with the silver bullet and shoot the miss
Watch the ending sequence. - nihilyst

A Day in the Future
Game made by sent by Jae
It's a pretty simple game. Your goals are to find your ID Card and somehow get out of the room, which will be fun because it requires 5 cts to get out, and you're flat broke (in fact, you're in debt to the state for a rather large sum of money!).

First, go ahead and try getting out the door by using the doorpanel next to the door on the far-right of the room. You'll go through the conversation and finally you'll be told it's 5cts or bust. So let's do something about it! At the back of the room, you'll notice from left to right:

A vent over a bed
A computer screen
A closed door
A small panel
Another closed door.

Click on the first closed door from the left. This is your closet.
Go ahead and click on the top-most shelf, where you keep your toolbox. You'll need to repeat this action until you've gotten both your Screwdriver and your Pliers.
Examine the conents of the closet, until you get the idea that it's time to examine your sweater. Go ahead and take the sweater, then go into your inventory. Click on the hand, then the sweater. You'll find some weird, useless tissues that you'll put back along with the sweater.
Now click the bottom shelf to pick up some pants. Go into your inventory and use the hand to search the pants. You'll find your ID Card! Hoorah! You'll keep the ID card and put the pants back. Close the closet door, you've got everything you need from here. For no other reason than the fun of doing it, click on the gray button underneat the monitor to the left of the cloest. You'll get a CD.

Use the small panel next to the door in the middle of the closet and the front door. This is your bathroom. Walk inside. Once inside, take the dental floss from the sink (it's the squiggly white thing that almost looks like a crack in the sink) and return to your room.
Next, take your screwdriver and use it on the vent above the bed. Once this is done, go into your inventory and use the pliers on the screwdriver to get a magnet. Use the dental floss on the magnet. Now use the magnet on the string on the gap in the vent. Keep trying several times until you come up with a 5 cts coin! Great work!
Now use the panel to the RIGHT of the front door. Make sure you've got your ID Card equipped. Once you do, use your ID card to press the small button at the bottom right of the screen, just below the slot for the ID Card. You'll be presented with three options. Choose option 1. The computer will ask you for 5cts. Go ahead and tell it you have the 5cts. Now leave.
You'll find yourself in the garage of the building with only a single car there. Use the car. Finally, you'll find yourself inside the card. Use the computer screen just to the right of the controls and up on the dash. It's computer-screen shaped, so there should be no confusion. Next, click on the box that says "Work" on the map and click "Go!" at the top of the screen. You'll be treated to a really nifty little bit of animation and then the game is over.

MI5 Bob

-> EXIT and TALK to the kid, then EXIT once more
-> ENTER Richy's Records and TALK with Claudia, then EXIT
-> ENTER radio station (huge blue building) and TALK with Paul, then EXIT
-> ENTER the alley and TALK with bum, then EXIT
-> ENTER Realiser (red building) and TALK with Mika, GET the tape dispenser, then EXIT
-> TALK with the two stoned guys (in front of Yahtzeebrand store)
-> ENTER Yahtzeebrand store, GET tick tacks (on shelf) and TALK with clerk, then EXIT
-> ENTER Italian restaurant (to the far right) and talk with Italian chef, then EXIT
-> WALK all the way to the beach (EXIT the screen to the north by the alley between dominatrix pizza and Realiser)
-> TALK with death, EXIT the screen to the left
-> PICK UP torn up photograph (blue spots in front of the beach hut)
-> USE the tape dispenser with the torn up photograph and repair it
-> ENTER beach hut and show photograph to big wave Dave, you obtain a shovel and a beach magazine, then EXIT
-> EXIT the screen to the right and GIVE shovel to death, then EXIT the screen to the right
-> WALK all the way to the bum and give him the t-shirt, then EXIT
-> WALK back to the hospital and use grog on door, GET the empty pill box, then WALK back to the Realiser
-> USE empty pill box with tick tacks and give the full pill box to Mika, then EXIT
-> ENTER Yahtzeebrand store and GIVE beach magazine to the clerk, then EXIT
-> WALK back to the kid you spoke with at the beginning of the game and give him the apple pie
-> WALK back to the two stoned guys and give them the spoon
-> ENTER Italian restaurant (to the far right) and give pepper shaker to the Italian chef
-> USE dictaphone with the spaghetti covered in cabbage, then EXIT
-> ENTER radio station (huge blue building) and GIVE dictaphone to Paul, then EXIT
-> ENTER Richy's Records and GIVE the CD to Claudia, then EXIT
-> WALK back to your boss and give him the CD, then EXIT
-> WALK to the right and ENTER your apartment (building left of the Italian restaurant)
-> USE the remote control with the TV


The Phantom Inheritance

Use the door bell
- Go south 2 times and go to Town Hall
- Get the spoon and yoghurt from the desk
- Ask the mayor how to get rid of ghosts
- Get the red book from the western shelf, read it
- Put the book back
- Go to town Square
- Pick up the syringe
- Go to Yathzeebrand, buy water and get crumbs of cookie
- Talk to the clerk and pay for water
- Look at poster and ask him for a firework
- Get a plastic bag
- Go to the alley
- Talk to the bum about everything
- Use the crumbs with the hole in the fence
- Go to the bar
- Get cigarette from ashtray and use it with the firework
- Get whiskey bottle
- Talk to the bartender. Tell him you lost your museum tickets
- Ask bartender about root beer
- Give the bartender yoghurt and whiskey
- Go to the alley and use the bag on the mouse
- Give tickets to bum
- Get a key from the box
- Use keys on the car in the town Square
- Use wrench on jukebox in the alley
- Go to Yathzeebrand and use the mouse in the freezer
- Go to your mansion
- Use the frozen mouse with the trashcan
- Go north and use water on soil
- Use spoon on mud
- Go south and use syringe on cat
- Pick up the cat
- Show the cat to the dog
- Use syringe with dog spittle
- Go back to Town Square
- Give dog spittle and mud to the bartender
- Go to the mansion
- Use root beer with the guardian
- Enter the mansion
- Enter the door and use the CD with gramophone

III Spy Walkthrough by Netdroid9


1. Fumble with open resturaunt door (when you can get to it)
Good thing that was a dream, or else you'd be brainless...
2. Pick up Blue Cup
3. Leave the Realiser
Town Square
4. Follow the sign to the jail
5. Talk to Sherif
6. Pick 'If you could just let me in...'
7. Pick 'I just wanted to talk to the mayor.'
8. Pick 'Let me in, cowpoke, or else...'
9. Pick up Dry Bone
10. Talk to Mayor
11. Pick either of them.
12. Pick 'We have been through a lot, haven't we?'
13. Pick 'Remember when we shared a Mourge Drawer?'
14. Pick 'Thats enough reminising.'
15. Pick 'Thats all the questions I have for now.'
16. Use Dry Bone with Mayor
17. Use Meaty Bone with Mutt
18. Use Rubber Key with Bucket
19. Use Icy Key with Lock
20. Open the Cell Door
21. Walk out of the Cell
Inside Jail
From now on, I will refer to the avaliable options with numbers, no. 1 being the topmost.
22. Walk to the right exit
23. Walk north to DVE's Mansion
Outside Mansion
24. Pick up Garden Gnomes
25. Use Snail with Blue Cup
26. Knock on the front door
Inside Mansion
It seems the doctor's vision (or memory) is going...
27. Pick the first option
Look at the next two steps before continuing.
28. Pick any 'Look behind you...' option
29. (QUICKLY) open the 2nd bottom left drawer (If you missed it, click another option, if you missed it again, you will have to leave the mansion and re-enter.
30. Pick the last option
Outside Mansion
31. Use the Sweedish Army Knife with the cable box
32. Enter the Mansion
Inside Mansion
33. Pick the 3rd option
Mansion Basement
34. Open Coffin Lid
35. Wake Sleeping Vampire
36. Use Sweedish Army Knife with Flagpole
37. Use Broken Flagpole with Vampire
38. Search Vampire
39. Walk right
Outside Mansion
40. Go to the Town Square
41. Pick the 1st option
Town Square
42. Go left until you reach the Alley
43. Talk to the Bum
44. Pick any option
45. Pick the 1st option
46. Pick the 4th option
47. Go right to the Town Square
Town Square
48. Go into the General Store
General Store
49. Buy Fluorescent Paint
50. Go down to the Town Square
Town Square
51. Go left to the Launch Site
Launch Site
52. Talk to Elandra
53. Pick the 2nd option (How about a kiss)
54. Use the Fluorescent Paint with the payload
55. Get into the Truck
56. Turn the Knob
57. Kick the Flight Computer (Not the screen)
58. Walk down to leave
59. Go to the Alley
60. Go to the Launch Site
Launch Site
61. Talk to Elandra
62. Pick the 1st option (Unless you have already chosen 'What are you...')
63. Pick the 2nd option (Sure...)
64. Pick the 3rd option
65. Go to the Town Square
Town Square
66. Open the Resturant Door
67. Pick up the Salt Shaker
68. Go to the Town Square
Town Square
67. Open Door to Scid's
68. Open Door to Backroom
69. Pick the 4th option
70. Use the Garlic Bread on lane 2
71. Use the Salt Shaker on lane 1
72. Use the Hopped up Snail with Big Wave Dave
73. Talk to Big Wave Dave
74. Go to the Launch Site
Launch Site
75. Use Crate of Alchohol with Elandra
76. Talk to Elandra
77. Pick the 2nd option
78. Go to the Town Square
Town Square
79. Enter the Red Building next to the General Store
80. Pick the 3rd option
Cloudy Days
81. Talk to Ian Wulfie
82. Pick the 1st option
83. Pick the 2nd option
84. Pick the 4th option (Look outside...)

Ben Jordan Case 1 Deluxe  

After the intro.
Examine the body.
Pick up the hair in the dead ranger's hand.
Question the old ranger untill Ben gets a map.
Use the map and go to the ranger station.
Walk inside and question the ranger.
Ben need a charm.
Open the drawer on the right to get pills.
Leave and enter the tourist center.
Go inside the toilet and pick up the toilet paper.
Use the toilet paper on the toilet seat and the flush.
Leave the toilet.
Put the pills in the mug of the receptionist.
Now that the receptionist it outside, Ben can open the glass case and get the teeth.
Go outside and pick up the sign of the eviromentalist while he's yelling at the receptionist.
Use the map and go to the woods.
USe the sign on the tree to get sap then use the sap on the tree on the hair.
Use the sticky hair on the teeth to the an amulet.
Go back to the tourist center and walk right of the glass case to see an robot indian.
Use the amulet on the indian.
Use Ben's pen on the coin slot.
Pick up the coin in the coin slot and Ben finds an aerow head as well.
Use the coin on the coin slot to charm the amulet.
Go back to the ranger in the ranger station and give him the charm.
Ben ends up camping in the swamp.
Ben gets a compass from the ranger.
Get the nose spray in the backpack next to the thee log.
Go left to enter the maze.
Use the nose spray then click on the nose button and follow the direction of the smell.
Ben will find a cave.
Enter the cave.
Search the nest to get a stick.
Use the aerow head on the compass to get a spark.
Use the spark on the stick and put it in the hole.
There is a big cut scene and Ben runs away.
Go to the smoke and enter the house.
Then enter the room to the left.
There is another cut scene.
Throw the table. End

Sweet Dreams

Click on ‘Start Game’.
Hit Enter to page through the dialog.
Right-Click on Juliet’s door and select Open, then Open the door across the hallway. Left-click on the ground to walk into your bedroom.
Take the pillow and the rug.
Walk down to the bottom of the screen and walk left until you are stopped by a squeaky floorboard. Use the mouse cursor to find the floorboard (where the

Walk icon changes into an Examine icon).
You need to cover the board with something to prevent it from squeaking.
Select Use Item, then select the Rug.
Now you can walk to the left. Above you, you can see the hall monitor listening to music.

Ignore her and walk onto the stairs, which will take you down to the lower level.
Have a look around. The office you are searching for is in the lower left corner. The door is locked, but there is a window over the door.

How can you reach it to get it open?
Go into the library and pick up the chair. Now go back to the office door. Click on the ground near the door and select ‘Use Item’, then the chair, to set it down. Now click on the chair and climb it. From here you can open the window.
Of course, climbing head-first through a little window is slightly dangerous!
Use the pillow on the window to create a soft landing, then climb through. From here you can unlock and open the door.
Search the trash can. What’s that about?
Pick up the can of pencils from the desk, then walk over to the filing cabinet and search it to get Juliet’s folder.
Walk back to the staircase and up to the bedrooms. Return to Juliet’s room. Where’d she go?
Pick up the locket on the floor. Search Juliet’s dresser.
Go to the room where the hall monitor was earlier. It is now open and empty. Go inside and take the boombox.
Go downstairs and find the kitchen on the right side of the level. Stand next to (but not on top of) the trapdoor and open it. Climb down the ladder.
Talk to Ellen until she explains how to enter the dream world. Then click on the bed and select Lie Down.
You will land in a strange green place dressed as a fairytale character. Go up until you see an ant running around. There’s a fire! You need water!
Click on the ground and select ‘Wake Up’ to return to the school. Climb the ladder. Now look around the kitchen. Where might you find a source of water?

And once you find water, how can you carry it?
Use the can of pencils on the refrigerator’s ice dispenser. Now go back into the dream world and use the ice water on the fire.

The ant will give you some clues about the rest of your adventure.
Walk up until you encounter the rainbow bridge.
The trick to this puzzle is that you can only step on a tile that is “next to” the tile you are currently standing on.

The tile must not only be next to you physically, it must also be next to you in color.

If you are standing on the Yellow part of a rainbow, you can’t step from Yellow to Violet, because Violet is not next to Yellow.

You would have to step from Yellow to Green, from Green to Blue, from Blue to Indigo, and then from Indigo to Violet. (or the other way - yellow to orange, orange to red, red to violet) Use this information to cross the bridge.

Walk up and left until you see the ogre. He doesn’t want to let you pass.
Remember what the ant said? The ogre is bored and needs entertainment. What he really wants is some music to listen to.
Go back to the school and find the piano. You can play it, but it’s too big to carry to the ogre.
Use the boom box and blank tape on the piano to record yourself playing.
Now go back to the ogre and give him the boom box. He will let you pass.
There’s Juliet! Now, how do we reach her?
Remember what the ant said? Only Magic’s Bane can break the barrier.

If you know your fairy stories, you know that the bane of magic is - cold iron. But where can you find something made of iron?
Go back to the school and look at the fireplace in the entry hall. You will find an iron poker there.
Use this on the barrier to make it disappear.
Either Kiss or Wake Juliet (This makes a tiny difference in the ending text, but mostly doesn’t matter.)
Now, you can either give her the file folder that she asked for in the first place, or give her the locket that was her birthday present.

Either will convince her to leave the dream with you.
Congratulations, you have saved the day!

William Locker: the Bechers Museum (5,8 mb)

1. chapter
- tell sergeant you are detective;
- go to hotel and ask everithing possible;
- look into Henriet’s letter (with Right Mouse Button);
- explore the waste bin, you will find land map there;
- explore the receptionist’s desk, you will find pen and wire;
- explore coffee maker and get coffee;
- visit Henrieta, she will give you Becher’s seal;
- there are Becher’bottle and drawing ink, take it away;
- visit village square and take PlayBoy (near big stone);
- go to police and have a chat with captain;
- try to open the vicarage’s door at the square, then try to ring;
- use wire with ring, open the door;
- ask steward for official paper - you need second captain’s concession for it;
- the second concession give you the sergeant, bring it back to steward;
- in the hotel’s reception ask for stamp then give him the drawing ink;
- in the vicarage ask vicar for subscription, give him the pen;
- captain give you the first concession for sergeant now;
- go to sergeant;

2. chapter
- talk things over with the receptionist; 
- on Deer’s hill have a chat with diggers, explore focus and take rope (near to tent);
- in the sguare ask for sunglasses and have a chat;
- give Leo glasses and try toexplore his bag;
- give Alex the Becher’s liquer and explore Leo’s bag again;
- look into Gabriel’s letter;
- visit Henrieta;
- ask vicar for commentary;
- ask steward for key;
- use knife with tree and then „special“ rope with well;
- give the key to vicar

3. chapter
- visit the mirror, the butler don’t let you in;
- in the reception try to explore the suit;
- give PlayBoy to receptionist and explore suit again;
- ask the digger Alex for jawelery;
- ask for ham in the sguare;
- eplore the badge in inventory and have a chat with captain;
- give the ham to Alex;
- chat with Eleonor;
- chat with captain;
- ask in the square for medicines;
- give coffee to captain;
- take the letter (it’s on the table)
- explore library;
- look inte Frobig’s diary;
- visit Henrieta;

4. chapter
- go to Eleonor, she need a gardnerer (Leo told he want to became a gardnerer);
- chat with Leo;
- ask receptionist for stamp;
- use letter with postbox;
- chat with diggers (both);
- chat with Eleonor;
- chat with Alex;
- ask for cook-book in the square;
- give the book to Alex;
- chat with Eleonor;
- try to open vicarige in the square´s door;
- use jemmy;
- in the vicarage take hammer;
- use seal with well;
- take Becher´s commentary;
- explore backfill;
- use stone with wall, then use hammer;
- use jemmy with big case;
- use knife with little case;
- exlore mull;
- use fuse with little case;
- use pincers with chain and pull crow;
- visit Henrieta;


The Deveron Murder Mystery:



1.Go in house
2. Get letter at fireplace
3.go left
4.go in door right infront of you
5.go right
6.get icecream cone
7.click on Mixer
8.get hammer
9.go back to fireplace room .
10 .go right
11 .click on first door on left
12 .read note on table
13 .click on answering machine listen to message
14 .leave room
15 . click on first door on right
16 .click right
17 . click on picture leave room
18 . click on plant
19 .click on second door get bottle
20 .click right take disk on table
21 .click right again
22 .click on Ddoors
23 . click on lamp
24 . pickup keys
25 . click right
26 . use key on door
27 .go down to basement
28  use hammer on backdoor
29 End


Long Expected Friday

Look at the cat
Caress the cat
Talk to the woman on the sofa
Hang her coat
Look at coffee mugs
Interact coffee mugs
Interact drawers
Interact cupboard
Interact fridge
Use spoon on ingredients
Pour milk
Give cup to Jess
Look at bookcase
Interact book
Talk to Jack
Take handbag
Look at handbag
Take second coat
Interact door
Use key on door
Walk towards entrance
Look at snake
Look at mobile
Interact sticks
Look at scroll
Use cat on snake
Enter Temple
After dialogue ends, walk around
Look at cat
Talk to cat in the room
Look at box
Walk to the light
Look at hieroglyphs
Interact knife-shaped hieroglyph
Use knife on sign of water
Use knife on sign of offering mat
Take loaf
Use loaf on heart
Look at new hieroglyph
Look at rock
Walk near rock
Use sticks on rock
Use coat on frame
Look at shelter
After fade-in walk around
Look at oasis
Look at mechanism
Use box on mechanism
Look at leaf
Interact scrub
Use flint on scrub
Use leaf on box
Use filled box on fire
Use second leaf on Jane
Walk –off left screen
Walk to the front door
Interact door
Use bronze key
Walk inside house
Give Jack the sandwich
Look at bookcase
Interact book
Look at book
Look at ticket
Interact picture on map
Talk to the woman
Look at the banner
Talk to the woman again
Use ticket on woman
Interact second picture on map
Talk to fisherman
Walk to the pool
Use fishing line on hook
Interact water
Use fishing rod on water
Take beer
Walk-off bottom screen
Go back to fisherman
Give him the fish
Go back home
Show puzzle to Jack
Go to bedroom
As Jack, talk to sleeping Jane
Talk to Jess
Interact computer
Interact keyboard
Fill in the adress
Fill in the subject
Fill in the message
As Jane, interact bedside table
Look inside drawer
Take coins
Take piece of paper
Take brochure
Take hairclip
Look at brochure
Walk to the left.
Look at riverboat
Talk to riverboat
Use coins on riverboat
Walk around
Use rod on water on the left
Use box on water
Walk towards top-left.
Look around spots
Interact plants
Use flint on branches
Use fish on fire
Use knife on fish
Use skinned fish on fire
Use filled box on fire
Use lunch on Jane
Walk around
Interact flower
Look at infected hand
Use tweezers on hand
Look at bandaged hand
Take pills
Walk towards end of jungle path
wait until next room
Walk around
Talk to the Guide
Go up the pre-Columbian temple
Come down
Walk off left
Interact plants
Interact pot
Use keys on locks
Interact door knob
Walk around
Look at the bird
Interact chair
Interact beer
Drink your drink
Give beer can to guide
Talk to the other genie
Show puzzle to guide
Go to moon gate
Interact wall
Look at box
Use thread on beads
Use blue bead on worry bead
Interact beads
guide – information
look at guides page
jess - madrouge
fisherman - yangzhou
boat driver- santa lucia
anubis - imenet
cat - bastet
look at cat’s page
interact failure
interact success
use rope on fence
use solved puzzle on wood
wait until intro room
the end



The Bar


Interact with vomit.
Interact with plant.
Interact with matches on bar.
Take string on chair.
Use match on joint (in inventory).
Talk to ghost until you get "give me the answer...".
Use string on coin (in inventory).
Use coin on quiz machine.
Talk to bartender and buy a beer.
Use pills on beer.
Talk to the drunk 4 times, choosing "cheers, mate!"
Give your beer to the drunk.
Take the screwdriver.
Look at the fusebox.
Use the screwdriver to remove the two screws.
Interact with the lid.
Take the key.
Give the key to the bartender.
Go back to the fusebox.
Use the knife on the loose wire.
Turn the switch. Go back.
Go through the kitchen door.
Kick the bottle.
Use the matches on the booze.


The Young Gabriel King Chronicles

Use pitch n putt sign - gets golf club
Use steps
Use golf hole - gets golf ball
Use coin (bright pixel on second arcade machine)
Use gum (pink pixels on fifth arcade machine)
Use sandcastle - gets spade
Talk to everyone
- Mrs Nakamura has the book
- Minnie will fry something for you
- Bud is hungry
Use mars bar with Minnie - gets deep fried mars bar
Use deep fried mars bar with Bud - Dude wakes up
Talk to Dude
Use spade with emu
Use steps with emu
Use golf club with ice cream sign - gets ice cream
Use ice cream with emu
Quickly Talk to dude, and ask to go on ride - gets ticket
Walk into tent - gets lighter
Use golf ball with tee
Use golf club with tee
Use golf ball
Use gum with golf club - gets weighted club
Use gum with Abbe - gets chewed gum
Use chewed gum with golf club - gets weighted club
Use golf ball with tee
Use weighted club with tee
Use stunned bird
Use golf hole
Use stunned bird with gas cylinder
Use lighter with gas cylinder
Use ball with water
Walk over next to Mrs Nakamura
Talk to Abbe in water - Mrs Nakamura should start towelling off
Use weighted club with gas cylinder - gets white hot club
Use white hot club with water
Use voodoo book with Mrs Nakamura

Amazing Adventures of Lucy Lavender

GO upstairs, enter your room and USE the cabinet's drawer, you'll notice that your diary is missing.
GO to your brother's room and TALK with him about everything.

Get something exiting
GO to the living room and USE the yellow carpet in order to get a key.
GO to the dining room and USE the key on the drawer of the cabinet standing below the tv and get a playboy magazine.
GO to your brother's room and GIVE him the magazine.
TALK with your brother about everything.

Repair the Nintari game pad
GO into the kitchen and OPEN the fridge to get a macaroni salad.
USE the macaroni salad with the microwave oven, you will obtain a single macaroni that's hard like plastic.
USE the single macaroni with the broken game pad in order to fix it.
GO to your brother's room and GIVE him the game pad.
TALK with your brother about everything.

Make a hot cherry drink
GO to the dining room and USE the dining table in order to get a mug.
Go to the kitchen and USE the mug on the sink to fill it with water.
USE the filled mug on the microwave oven and you obtain hot water.
USE the cherry powder package on the mug and you obtain a hot cherry drink.
GO to the bathroom and GET a shower gel from the basket left of the toilet.
GO to your room and GET the nail polish from the top of your cabinet.
GO to your brother's room and try to GIVE him the hot cherry drink, but you won't do it.
USE the shower gel with the hot cherry drink, but now it looks green, so USE the nail polish on it.
GIVE him the hot cherry drink, EXIT his room and GO downstairs.

Get your diary back
GO to your brother's room and USE the cabinet's drawer in order to get a compromising photo.
EXIT his room, the doorbell will ring.
GO to the dining room and USE the interphone hanging on the wall, SAY that you open the door.
GO to your brother's room and TALK about everything.
GO downstairs and TALK with the blue haired guy about everything.
GO to your brother's room and TALK about everything.
GO downstairs and GIVE the photo to the guy.


Dragon Tales

Prologue: The Birth Of A Dragon

-> FLY out and then right until you see chains hanging from a stone and TAKE them
-> FLY further to the right until your reach the wizard, TAKE the stick and then TALK to him
-> FLY to the right until you see a shield (cave riddle) and TOUCH it
-> the solution of the riddle:
     - "No, it isn't hard to say, what's the darker side of day!" -> the NIGHT
     - Now click the pictures below in sequence to the first letter of their names
     - Needle + Island + Grass + Horse + Tower -> in numbers counting from the top left 7 + 5 + 3 + 4 + 9
-> you will get a crystal ball, WALK left and GIVE it to the wizard
-> you will get a treasure and be transported to the dark forest

Chapter 1: Journey Through The Dark Forest

-> FLY right until you see the grim reaper and TALK to him
-> FLY back to the tomb stone and USE the chains on it
-> FLY back to the grim reaper and TALK to him about Archibald Grombindag's grave
-> the grim reaper will vanish and you may continue on your quest, so FLY right and enter the dark forest
-> after talking to the two guys (which will happen automatically) FLY further right (a bee will follow you)
-> FLY right until you reach a house and knock the door, but they won't let you in with that bee following you
-> FLY back to the two guys, TALK to them, buy an insect spray and use it on the bee
-> FLY back to the house and KNOCK the door once more, after getting in TALK to the witch and you get a compass
-> EXIT the house and FLY right (if you find a telescope you may get it, but it is of no use)
-> after reaching the exit sign USE the compass on it and you are given the "dark forest riddle"
-> the solution of the riddle:
     - "When you have nothing more to loose, think again and read the..." -> NEWS
     - click the compass in sequence to the first letter of each direction
     - North + East + West + South -> for those who were very bad in school: press UP + RIGHT + LEFT + DOWN
-> FLY north and take the left path and you will reach the Dungeons of Minestrola

Chapter 2: Deep In The Dungeons Of Minestrola

-> GIVE your treasure to the knight and he will let you pass through, FLY right to enter the cave
-> FLY to the upper middle corridor and TAKE the magic book, EXIT the room
-> FLY to the bottom left corridor and USE the stick on the lever
-> FLY to the crack in order to enter it, TALK to the imp and you will get the shoes, now EXIT (don't bother taking the gargoyle, you won't need it)
-> FLY back to the upper middle corridor
-> GIVE the shoes to the old man and get some jam, now EXIT and FLY to the upper left corridor
-> GIVE the jam to the troll and he will open the gate for you
-> EXIT and FLY through the right corridor and you get to a new basement
-> FLY to the bottom right corridor and try to open the door, then EXIT (don't bother taking the ritual mask, you won't need it)
-> FLY to the upper left corridor and TALK to the strange creature selecting YES to play his game
-> the solution of the game:
     - it doesn’t really matter which questions you ask
     - at the second question you may ask "Is it green?" or "Is it a living creature?" to get a hint
     - choose "Is it a dragon?", you will obtain the key for the locked door
-> EXIT and FLY to the bottom right corridor and USE the key with the door, you will enter the room
-> USE the crack in the wall (upper left) and get a potion
-> USE the potion with your magic book and learn it is an invisibility potion, EXIT to the corridor
-> FLY to the right corridor,  USE the potion on yourself and become invisible
-> FLY further right and you enter the evil wizard's lair

Chapter 3: The Final Fight

-> TOUCH the evil wizard in order to start a magic fight
-> the solution of the fight:
     - think backwards !
     - if you read the wizard's spells from right to left you may understand what they mean
     - now choose the matching answer (they can be read from right to left as well)
     - if you didn't figure it out by yourself, pick the following answers: 1 + 3 + 1 + 4


A very special dog

Lew's go out for a walk
-> WALK through the left door and LICK Paul twice, he leaves the room
-> TAKE the line from the sofa, WALK through the north door and enter the kitchen
-> BARK at Norah and she tells you to bring her the line
-> TAKE the line to Norah and she follows you as you WALK outside
-> WALK out by the front door and then to the right until you reach the traffic lights
-> BARK at the button, Norah presses it, waits for the green light and starts crossing the street

Save Norah after her being overrun by a red car
-> LICK Norah and BARK at her, but she won't regain consciousness
-> WALK back to the house and BARK at the front door in order to enter the house
-> WALK through the right door, BARK at Paul and he follows you
-> WALK back to the traffic lights where Paul calls the ambulance

Find the red car
-> TAKE the red lacquer from the street, SMELL it and you follow the trace
-> SMELL the red car in the garage, a man comes in, and offers you some poisoned meat
-> BITE the man, he leaves the garage and you have to get out quick or else he kills you
-> TAKE the rope from the wall and using it you now can TAKE the chest
-> TAKE the chest to the window and you place it beneath
-> TAKE the poisoned meat and TAKE the chest in order to jump out of the window
-> WALK left until you reach the police man and TAKE the poisoned meat to him, he follows you now
-> WALK right until the police man reaches the garage and walks towards the house

Visit Norah at the hospital
-> WALK back to your house, BARK at the front door in order to enter the house
-> WALK to the kitchen and TAKE the cloth, then WALK to the bedroom
-> TAKE the cloth to the basket in the left corner, now you have a basket with cloth
-> WALK back to the traffic lights and cross the street
-> WALK left, enter the baker's shop and you get some cake, now you have a basket/cloth with cake
-> WALK right and up the street heading north, you reach the entrance to the hospital
-> TAKE the basket/cloth with cake and he will leave the door
-> WALK through the hospital’s front door and you visit Norah's room


Ben Jordan, Case 1 - In search of the Skunk Ape

Talk to the old ranger inside the Ranger Station. Exhaust all dialogs (17/100). Open the refrigerator and you'll get a sandwich (19/100). Open the drawer of the desk at the right side of the room to obtain a brochure about the park (21/100). Exit the Ranger Station.

Talk to the young ranger outside the Ranger Station. Exhaust all dialogs (24/100). Walk to the left. Take the right photo of Marjory Stoneman from the wall of the house (27/100). Talk to the bearded man. Use the computer at the left side of the bearded man.

Insert the park's brochure into the Foto Slot (28/100). Insert the photo of Marjory Stoneman into the Foto Slot (34/100). Click on the display case at the left side of the computer. Notice that the receptionist won't allow you to touch the display case. Talk to the receptionist.

Walk to the right. Turn around the corner of the house. Walk to the green field. Put the sandwich on the ground (37/100). Walk back to the house and immediate return to the green field. Look  what is left of the sandwich. Pick it up (41/100).

Examine the remains in your inventory to see that these are some kind of hairs. Walk back to the house. Show the photo of Marjory Stoneman to the bearded man (45/100). Since the receptionist is distracted quickly take a fossilized shark tooth from the display case (47/100).

Walk back to the Ranger Station. In inventory combine the hair with the shark tooth to make an amulet. Show the amulet to the young ranger outside the Ranger Station (57/100). The both of you will go to the dense forest later that afternoon.

Walk to the left. Pick up the stick in front of the cave (59/100). Enter the cave and look around. Try to stick your hand into the dark pit at the center of the cave. Hmmm... it's far to dark. Return to the young ranger and talk to him. Exhaust all dialogs to obtain a stainless steel compass (61/100). Head back into the cave.

Place the stick on the ground near the back wall of the cave (66/100). Use the compass on the back wall of the cave. Pick up the burning stick (69/100). Stick the burning stick into the dark brown pit at the center of the cave (84/100). A few hours later you discuss things with the young ranger.

When you wake up at 2 a.m. in the morning you'll notice that the young ranger has gone, including your gun! Head back to the cave. See how the brave young ranger is pointing your gun on the Skunk Ape and a drugs dealer. Unfortunately things aren't going to well for the brave ranger.

Inside the house examine the couch to obtain the remote control for the TV (86/100). Switch on the TV with the remote control (90/100). Place the compass on the TV and watch the end scene (100/100).


The Hamlet

-> PICK UP note from front door
-> USE note in inventory with Alan's letter'
-> KNOCK DOWN front door
-> OPEN door to office
-> SEARCH left drawer, you get a letter shred
-> Exit the house and walk east
-> OPEN tool shed
-> SEARCH tool shed interior twice, you get a knife and axe
-> Walk east and EXAMINE window
-> KNOCK window, talk about all topics
-> Walk east and RING doorbell, talk about all topics
-> Return back to the ranch and enter the house
-> OPEN door to living room, a very short cutscene will follow
-> Walk east until you reach the house with the doorbell
-> OPEN door
-> USE axe with the right door
-> SEARCH the bodies, you get the second letter shred
-> USE second letter shred in inventory with letter shred, you obtain a business letter
-> EXAMINE business letter
-> Exit the house and walk west
-> Walk to the little red barn at the right side of the screen
-> HIDE in hay bane
-> CLIMB ladder
-> You need to walk to the other side, but mind the noisy floorboard
-> The best way is to go alongside the wall
-> USE knife with the rope (hanging bale)


Intergalactic Life 2.0

-> GET the credit card (little square at the right of the mouse hole)
-> exit the cabinet (USE the exit at the far right of the mouse hole)
-> USE the credit card with the pink toilet paper and obtain a pink credit card
-> USE the pink credit card on the clerk and obtain a pair of scissors
-> TALK to the clerk and select: "Can I enter the backdoor please?"
-> USE the box to get a donut
-> USE the donut with the chicken
-> exit the backroom (GO up the stairs)
-> exit the shop (GO south)
-> GO east until you exit the screen
-> GO to the church
-> GET the coin (yellow spot at the far left of the church)
-> USE the scissors with the bush (directly to the south of the location you took the coin from),  you will obtain the red hot chili sauce
-> GO west until you exit the screen
-> GO west until you reach the alley
-> GIVE the coin to the bum and you will obtain a book
-> GO east and enter the store
-> GIVE book to the clerk and you will obtain some cheese
-> enter the cabinet (USE cabinet door, it looks like a freezer though)
-> USE the cheese with the hole and you will get a mouse
-> exit the cabinet (USE the exit at the far right of the mouse hole)
-> TALK to the clerk and select: "Can I enter the backdoor please?"
-> USE the mouse with the hole and you will get some pills
-> USE the pills with the chicken and you will get a key
-> exit the backroom (GO up the stairs)
-> exit the shop (GO south)
-> GO east until you exit the screen
-> GO to the church
-> GO east until you reach the house
-> USE the key with the door and obtain a DNA mask
-> GO west and enter the church
-> GIVE the red hot chili sauce to the doctor and obtain a can of fuel
-> enter the door (USE door)
-> go to your space ship (USE red thing outside)


Timothy Lande

From your position on the cliff go down to the beach and pick up some TNT from the big pile. Now talk to the man on the beach and keep talking until he gives you a magnifiying glass with no lense. Go behind the fence to the Cafe. Try to pick up the rock you will get some yellow gooey stuff. Also break the TNT on the rock to get the explosive powder. Go inside the Cafe and swap your goo with John's cheese. Now use the cheese on the mouse hole. Now you have a magnet. Use it on the garbage bin outside. Now use the key to open the Kitchen door inside the cafe. Tap the window and pick up the empty shaker and string which fall down. Use the explosive powder in the shaker. Now swap your shaker ful of gun powder with the shaker next to the woman. Go out of the kitchen and use the pepper on the man at the table. Now get his monicle. Go back to the beach. Put your monocle into the magnifying glass frame and pick up some more TNT. Put it in the tree and use the magnifying glass on it. Now pick up the sword and use it on the plank. Use the plank on the water. Now use the string on the ocean around you. Use your new rope on the sword. Now use your rope sword on the island you need to get too.


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