King's Quest 9: The Silver Lining


The Silver Lining free game opens at Rosella's wedding to her husband-to-be Edgar. During the opening sequence, fans of the King's Quest series will immediately recognize some of the locations and characters from previous games in the series.

(This very successfully strikes a nostalgic chord, but not one strong enough to make us forgive the game's other shortcomings.)

Suddenly, an ominous figure appears in a puff of smoke. He promptly casts a spell that puts Alexander (Rosella's brother) and Rosella into a coma, and then just as quickly disappears, leaving behind his cloak.

Graham, Rosella's and Alexander's father, sets out to discover the stranger's identity and rescue his cursed children.

(For those that don't know, the King's Quest games traditionally starred a different member of the family in each game, which is why Graham doesn't just order some lackey to go solve the problem.)

Episode 1 -What is Decreed Must Be

  1. Find Graham's adventuring clothes and change into them. Just keep wandering around and click on all the doors in the hallway where the game begins.
  2. Open the chest (in the same room with the clothes) and pick up his adventuring (inventory) bag.
  3. Find a coin on the balcony (through the doors from the room with his clothes) and pick it up. Yep, you just solved most of the game's puzzles, all in one room.
  4. Don't talk to Titania or the other fellow in the courtyard. The entire conversation is pointless and boring.
  5. Pick up the cloak, although it's not used for nothing in this game. We're not playing through again to find out what happens if you don't pick it up. Just trust us on this one.
  6. Exit the castle.
  7. Don't click on the strange man standing in town. Or the basket. Or any doors. None of them do or accomplish anything. And the narrator's dialog isn't clever enough to even make it entertaining.
  8. Just keep moving and ignore the fallen tree and the bird. There is nothing to see or do here.
  9. Walk right on by that pointless shack.
  10. Show the Ferry man the Daventry coin to prove you are the father of King Alexander.
  11. Pay the Ferry man with gold from the pouch so he'll take you where you want to go.
  12. Sit through a lot of long, non-interactive cut-scenes. Oh, and ignore that flower. It doesn't do anything.

Episode 2: Two Households

by kindofdoon

Isle of the Crown

-talk to Jollo, get fake arm
-talk to Ali, show Druid scroll to Ali
-buy a map
-buy candy
-use fake arm on Black Widow
-show map to Ali
-go to the Castle of the Crown
-pick up spray bottle in hall of courtyard
-pick up necklace under guard dog's statue
-go to docks
-give candy to kid, get fishing pole
-talk to Hassan, go to the Isle of the Sacred Mountain

Isle of the Sacred Mountain

-walk up steps, get Hole-in-the-Wall
-talk to Hassan, go to red circled area

Seanymph Rock

-combine necklace and fishing pole
-use fishing pole on sea, get magical bag and cape of invisibility
-give gold to seanymphs
-talk to Hassan, go to the Isle of Wonder

Isle of Wonder

-fill spray bottle with ocean water
-use sprayer on vines
-use gold on Mag-Gnat, lead Mag-Gnat to key
-get key
-use key on lock
-enter Chessboard Land
-put on cape of invisibility
-use Hole-in-the-Wall on glass case, get animated vessel
-talk to Hassan, go to the Castle of the Crown to finish


Episode 3: My Only Love Sprung From My Only Hate ???

Graham's quest continues as his world falls further apart and grows more mysterious: strange visions of old foes, the enigmatic Ranger's riddles, unexplained oddities in the Isles, and now Queen Valanice seems to have reached her breaking point.

Start out in King Graham & Valanice's room. Exit the room.

King Graham & Captain Dog Talk.
Go NORTH down hall.
Listen to Two Guard Dogs Talk.
( Go Check on Alexander and Rosella if you want. )
South down to main floor.
West into Garden/Kitchen Area.
"Take" Food ( Meat )
East. Back into Main Castle.
"Talk" to Lieutenant Dog.
Exit Conversation.
North all the way to Alexander and Rosella door.
Inventory - "Take" Meat
Put meat on Bench by door.
South back to Lieutenant Dog.
"Talk" to Lieutenant Dog.
Tell her to go to Cassima's room.
Go into Throne Room. (north)

"Take" Tile on east side of room.
Exit tile room.
Head to Town.

Head to blacksmith.
(Don't worry about butterfly.)
"Talk" to blacksmith
Inventory - Druid Scroll
Show Druid Scroll to Blacksmith.
Head to Docks.
"Talk" To Hassan
Sail to Isle of the Sacred Mountain

Take Night Shade (bottom of stairs).
Swim out "Talk" to Hassan
Sail to Isle of Mist

North on nearest path. (Big Stones and Fire pit.)
"Take" Stick on ground by fire pit.
West into Village

"Take" Animal skull with red and blue balls.
Go into the east house (Arch Druid House, Right Side of Screen)

"Look" at painting on wall.
"Talk" with Arch Druid
Ask about Fand's Candles
"Take" white Candle under painting
Leave (west up stairs).

Back to docks. East.
"Talk" to Hassan
Sail to Isle of Wonder.

Watch Red Checker. Follow
"Take" Shell.
Watch and Follow Red Checker.

Isle Of Wonder Gates__
Follow Red Checker
"Talk" to King Graham - Whistles
"Take" Iceberg lettuce.
Inventory - Iceberg Lettuce.
Use on Baby Cabbages.
Continue into Isle of Wonder through Gates.

"Take" shell from Red Checker.
"Look" at net below chopping block
"Talk" with Stick-in-the-mud & Rotten Tomato.
"Take" on Guillotine ( Chopping block ) ( Climbs up )
Inventory - Stick
Use Stick on Guillotine.
"Take" on knot (to untie)
"Take" Stick back.
Climb Down (Same way as getting up)
"Take" Net with Stick-in-the-mud & Rotten Tomato.
Continue down the Path. (North)

"Talk" with Hole-in-the-wall.
Help Hole in the wall.

3 checker pieces
place RED tile north 1. east 1. of white checker
try to "take" shell until white checker tosses to red pawns.

PICKUP red tile
Go into inventory and use "Hand" on red tile to make WHITE

place WHITE tile south 1. east 1. of red pawn
PICKUP white tile.

place WHITE tile north 1. east 1. of white pawn

Still having trouble? Look at picture provided.

South leave castle back to Isle of Wonder Gates
"Take" Pea bush by Chair
"Take" Sheers that almost kill you.
"Take" Pea from Bush.
Head to Docks.
"Talk" with Hassan.
Sail To Isle of The Crown.

Head to Village, Towards Blacksmith & Butterfly.
Inventory - Combine Stick with Net.
Use Stick&Net on Butterfly.
Head to Docks, Then back into Village
(Pawn Shop should be open)

Inventory - Crystallized Tear.
Use on Hakim for Web'B'Gone
Inventory - Combine Web'B'Gone With Butterfly
Exit & Head to Docks.
"Talk" to Hassan
Sail to Isle of Mist.

Head into the Village.
North-West (Top far left side of screen) Guardian Area.

Walk Towards Banshee be ready!
(wait for Crown icon to go away)
Quickly USE - inventory - Nightshade on Banshee.
Phew all gone!
Inventory - "Hand" on Skull with Blue&Red. Puts Balls in Eyes.
Use on Bird with Blue&Red eyes.
Phew all gone!
Inventory - Butterfly
Use on Stump by River. (Left side of screen)
Morrigan Guardian Bird goes away.
North into Forest.

"Take" Dryad Tree
Head back to the Docks
"Talk" to Hassan
Sail to Isle of Crown

Head to Castle.
Towards King Graham & Valanice's Room.
"Take" Crown off Valanice

--Note-- When it says to Dodge on right or left of screen be sure to have your mouse on either side. Same with everything else. Mouse ICON MUST be in the right area.

West Towards Tower
East Back to Horse.
Go into Wagon.
Open Drawers
"Take" Key
"Take" on back window (Breaks&Climbs out)
Run up Stairs to Door.
Inventory - Key
Use on Door.
"Take" on door to shut the door.
Run up Stairs
"Take" Torch
Use on Ghost.
Run up Stairs. Continue
KICK Ghost.
Climb UP.
Run up stairs.
Open Door. Shut Door Behind you.
"Take" on Mini Closet to block door.
Head back to the docks.
"Talk" To Hassan.
Sail to Isle of Mist.

Goto Dryad Tree
Inventory - Valanice Crown
Use on Rock.
Inventory - Frad's Candle
Use Frad's Candle on Blue Flames.
Head to Arch Druid House.

( If you are having trouble, look at picture provided below! )
Inventory - Lit Candle.
Use on FIRST RED CANDLE next to you when coming down stairs.
Use on YELLOW CANDLE next to the red one you just lit.
Skip 2 candles and light the 2. Repeat Till you are back to the first red one lit.
Exit Head to Big Stones

Inventory - Night Shade
Use on Blue Aroma in fire pit.
Back to Arch Druid House

"Take" on lit candles (un-light)
Inventory - Lit Candle
Use on PURPLE CANDLE (next to the red one you lit)
Use on GREEN candle next to purple on you just lit.
Skip 2 candles and light the 2. Repeat till you are back to the first one lit.
Exit Head to Big Stones.

Inventory - Sheers
Use on Blue Aroma in fire pit.
Head to Dryad Tree.


Inventory - Leftover Wax
Use on Contestant Moon on Dryad Tree.
Head to Docks
"Talk" To Hassan
Sail to Isle of Crown.

Head to Blacksmith
Inventory - Wax Mold.
Use on Blacksmith
Head to Castle To Alexander and Rosella.

Inventory - Combine Enchanted Night Shade with Shell
Inventory - Pea on Rosella.
Inventory - Enchanted Night Shade & Shell
Use on Rosella
"Take" Rosella to get Pea.
Inventory - Enchanted Sheers.
Use on Alexander.
Head back to Blacksmith.
"Talk" to Blacksmith.


Episode 4: Tis In My Memory Locked. And You Yourself Shall Hold The Key Of It

Isle of the Crown - Castle:

Once the speech from Cassima has completed and Graham is standing in the main hall of the castle, you will want to go upstairs to Cassima’s bedroom. In here, you will want to take a look at the shelf next to Alexander’s side of the bed and pick up the flute and the tinderbox. Leave the bedroom and downstairs to the Inner Gardens of the castle. Once you are in the garden, head up the stairs and through the doorway to the walkway and talk with Pan. You will now need to give Pan the flute in exchange of the lute. You will now leave the gardens and exit the front of the castle and head toward the village.


Isle of the Crown - Village:

Head into the Book Shop and in the center of the room, pick up the book of poems sitting on the side table. Walk through the arch and toward the docks.


Isle of the Crown - Docks:

Walk to the boat and in the water there will be a Nymph swimming. Talk with the Nymph. Now talk with Hassan and sail to the Isle of the Beast.


Isle of the Beast - Maze:

Once you dock to the island, head up the path toward the castle. Open the gate and head into the maze. Walk to the wooden music platform near the castle. Pick up the golden baton sitting on the chair on the right. Now head to the right in the maze and go to the fountain. Here you will find a lamp lying on the ground that you will need to collect. Head back toward the music platform and head north slightly where there is a slight thinning of one of the hedge walls. Open your inventory and use your hedge clippers on this area of the hedge. Follow the path to the entrance of the castle and use your hand to knock on the door. After you are greeted and talk with the Prince and with Beauty, head back into the castle and open the door next to the fireplace. While standing on the dark staircase, open your inventory and use the tinderbox. Begin careful to avoid the grate on the ground, pick up the shovel leaning against the staircase. Now use the tinderbox with the barrels next to the claw marks on the floor. Head back up the stairs and take a look at the painting above the fireplace. Now try to take the painting. Head back to the boat, talk to Hassan and take the boat back to the Isle of the Crown and walk to the village.


Isle of the Crown - Village:

Talk to the men in the shop about their balloon. Once your conversation is over, talk to them again about the nymph and her desire to fly. They will give you a magic carpet for helping them to repair their balloon. Walk to the lamp trader and trade the lamp you found for the big lamp. Go back to the men at the shop and give them the big lamp you just traded for. Talk to Lydia the clothing maker in the shop and she will tell you she needs some magical thread. Open your inventory and click your hand on the magic carpet and you will now have the magic thread. Give the magic thread to Lydia and she will now help the men repair their balloon and give the Nymph a ride in the balloon. Go back to the docks and you will catch a ride on the balloon.


Isle of the Sacred Mountain:

You will land at the Isle of the Sacred Mountain. On the beach you will receive the Winged Shoes from the Nymph. Head up the stairs to the top of the cliff to the gates. Open your inventory and try to use the winged shoes on yourself. Now, open the inventory and use the shoes on the magic carpet

Open your inventory and use the shoes on the magic carpet and then use the shoes on yourself.

Fly to the Throne Room (the highest building on the left) and talk to the King and Queen.

Fly back to the Winged Gates and go down the cliffs and take the boat to the Isle of the Mist.


Isle of the Mist:

From the shore, head left toward the village. Pick up the drum on the ground near the fire pit and go to the northwest toward the sanctuary where the tree is. You will have a conversation with the ranger and a cutscene will happen. After the story has finished, the tree will offer you a fruit from the tree. Click your hand on the emerald. Head back to the shore, talk to Hassan and head to the Isle of Wonder.


Isle of the Wonder:

From the shore, head north and then through the gates toward the chessboard land castle and talk with the Queens. You will accept the task of finding the missing king, so they can continue their game. Head back to the boat, talk to Hassan and go to the Isle of the Crown and into the village.


Isle of the Crown - Village:

Head into the Pawn Shop and look at the piece of wood and try to take it. Talk to Hakim and ask about the wood. He will offer you the wood for nothing. Collect the wood. Head back to the docks, talk to Hassan and go to the Isle of the Beast.


Isle of the Beast - Castle:

In the main hall, use the emerald on the painting. Now head into the garden and pick up the white rose on the ground. Open your inventory and click your hand on the rose. Go back inside and go into the basement. Walk over to the barrels on the left side of the screen (remember to be careful with the grate in the floor). Open your inventory and select the block of wood and click it on the termites. You will now have a replica of the missing King. Head to the docks, talk to Hassan and go to the Isle of the Sacred Mountain.


Isle of the Sacred Mountain:

From the shore, head up the stairs and use your shoes. Fly to the Artist Boulevard and talk to the 3 Muses by the building on the left. After your conversation, give the book of Poems to Erato. Once the other two muses are distracted by the poetry reading, you can pick up the harp from the ground. Now go talk to the painter and give him the unpainted King. Head back to the boat, and go to the Isle of the Crown and head to the castle.


Isle of the Crown - Castle:

Once inside the castle, go into the throne room and on the ground is a bucket. Dip the golden baton in the glue bucket. Now open your inventory and combine the beast fur with the glue dipped golden baton. You have now created the golden brush that the painter requested. Head back to the docks, take the boat to the Isle of the Sacred Mountain.


Isle of the Sacred Mountain:

Head too the the Artist Boulevard and give the golden brush to the artist. Leave the screen and come back (until it is finished). Talk to the artist and pick up your now painted chess piece. Now use your emerald on the painter. Leave the scene and come back and talk to the painter to retrieve the painting. Head back to the boat and go to the Isle of the Beast and go to the castle.


Isle of the Beast - Castle:

Once you are in the castle, use the replica painting with the one original painting hanging above the fireplace. Once you acquire the painting, open your inventory, use your hand on the painting. Now, in your inventory, combine all four of the instruments ( in any order) until they are all 1 inventory item. Take the boat back to the Isle of Wonder.


Isle of the Wonder:

Once on the shore, head back toward the chessboard. At the guillotine, combine the stick in the mud and rotten tomato with the king. After the scene completes, take the boat back to the Isle of the Sacred Mountain.


Isle of the Sacred Mountain:

Head up the mountain and use your winged shoes. Now fly to the big wall behind the city. You will now use the group of four instruments with the wall. Fly through the hole in the wall and pick up the golden fruit from the tree. Go back to the boat and go to the Isle of the Beast Maze.


Isle of the Beast - Maze:

You will now need to find two items buried in the maze. First you will need to go to the statue in the middle of the maze and look at the statue.


Item 1) Go past the statue circle at the top. Go the path at the T intersection and then go right. At the new T intersection turn right, skip the next intersection and then turn right at the next one. At the corner at the end of this path, use the shovel to get the key.


Item 2) Now go to the hedge you cut with the clippers and go left through the opening, turn right and go up, turn and left and then turn left and go to the corner

use the shovel and collect the lock.



After these two items have been collected, go back to the statue and look at the plaque. Use the lock on the plaque. Now use the key collected from the other hole on the lock. You will now collect the black rose. Now combine the black rose with the blood covered white rose. Head back to the Isle of the Crown and go to the castle and into the inner garden.


Isle of the Crown - Castle:

Once you are in the inner garden, climb the stairs and talk to Shamir. Head back to the dock and go to the Isle of Mist.


Isle of the Mist:

Head to the the Arch Druids hut and use the ingredients list on the Arch Druid. After the movie sequence you will be presented with a puzzle. Match four items in the circles to create each symbol on the box. (The puzzle progressively gets harder). After you solve the puzzle, you will fight Shadrack. . After the fight, sit back and enjoy your accomplishments!!



Episode 5: A Thousand Times Goodnight





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