The Path of the Pumpkin

Skar the Pumpkin and his assistant Mr.FeeFee, are two well-know detectives fromTreshopolis.

One day, their dreary routine is shattered by an out-of-the-ordinary mission, that will take them on a hunt for a girl who as be kidnapped and forced to marry against her will.

The two "detectives" have to do their utmost, in order to bring the case to a conclusion, but... this is only the beginning of something much bigger and much more involved!

If you have a blackscreen at the beginning of the game open the winsetup file and try a different graphic filter (probably 32 bit work) or graphic driver.

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Prologue: A game of Dice

In this short section of the game there are two goals to be reached.
- First: Defeat Bistian.
- Second: Defeat Duke Dice.

To defeat Bistian, first you need to go into his lair, that is, go into the dark cell. Once inside, you need to use the Vacumpkin you have in the inventory on the unnamed object that's stuck in the bathtub.

After you've sucked it up, look at the contents of your full Vacumpkin and you'll find a notepad. Now leave the cell and give the notepad to the jack playing card so that he changes the score and plays some different music.

The new music will make Bistian more docile and he'll start swaying his head. Now that he's on his feet, you can see he has a button on his back. Press it and you'll get his head, as it's an ejector button.

Now to defeat Duke, all you need to do is throw Bistian's head at the balcony where Duke is sitting, which isn't very stable, thus bringing the prologue to a end while you enjoy the closing clip before the first chapter begins.

Chapter One: Out for a Walk in Trashopolis

This and the second chapter are among the longest and trickiest in the game, so keep your eyes peeled as in this chapter there are four goals to be reached.
- Find a festive outfit for Skar.
- Find a festive outfit for Mr Feefee.
- Find an invitation for Skar.
- Find an invitation for Mr Feefee.

After the long cutscene, which will explain a little of what you have to do, talk to Kika and ask him for some equipment. You will get a sweater from him... Then go back inside Skar's office. First examine his desk to get his PumpkinMegaphone, then examine the wastepaper basket to find one of Feefee's old magazines about capitals, and also look at Feefee's clothes to find a painting kit. Once these are in your inventory, click on the stairs to go up to the attic.

Here you will clearly see a broom leaning against the wall. Take it. Talk to Pablo Kockatiel, who is on the grooving machine, and ask him whether he has another nest.

You will thereby discover that Pablo Kockatiels are the natural enemies of the Diggers, which are big talking dogs. Leave the attic and the office, then go down the alley between the two stores. Now that you are in the alley, talk to TwinRay and ask him if anything has arrived... TwinRay will give you a desert capital, a rare object that might nevertheless be useful to you. Then by talking to him you will also discover that he doesn't want to be an informer any more because a certain Duke Braggart is better than him at the job.

Additionally while you are in the alley, interact with the slimy barrel and you will find a Pludding, a little alien in the shape of a pudding. Now head towards the square, where you will find Buttsmack, who is playing Drinken.

If you followed the cutscene, you will know that he is supposed to be getting the invitations for you, but it appears he has to beat a Galaxian who is a Drinken expert... So you need to give him a hand to win, but how?? Well, you should put the Pludding in Galaxis's Drinken glass so that the alien eats the dice and makes him lose.

Despite having done this, all you'll get is just some tickets for a magic show, so you need to find another way of getting the invitations. Now go east to the show. If you want to, talk to Spykie Spare for a while, who will obviously ask you for the tickets to see the show, so show him the tickets.

Now you can take part in the show. Feefee decides to be the assistant of Zorzan the magician, as he doesn't have one. He'll give you a dancing girl's costume if the show goes well.

Now that Skar is sitting down, you need to talk to Feefee on the stage and tell him to unleash the beast in himself. Feefee will then start dancing exotically and will get the audience excited. Once the show is over, you'll get the dancing girl's costume, which are what Feefee will wear at the wedding, so now you have found one of the four objects.

Now go to the Astromarket, where you will find yourself faced with Adgar and his friend Dongo the snake. If you talk to Adgar he will tell you his dream is to become a famous musical fakir, but if you have the dancing girl's costume in your inventory, you can also tell him that Zorzan the magician is looking for a musician. To thank you for the information, Adgar will give you a rukulele, an instrument that reproduces natural sounds.

Now go into Ultimé Modé, the clothes store. Inside you'll find the Diggers and Rummy (an adult Digger) along with young Medusa and the store assistant, Selinda Shock. If you talk to young Medusa, you'll find out that she has an invitation for the wedding with her. Knowing that she has snakes for hair, you can then use the rukulele on her to mess it up, and she'll run off to have it redone, accidentally leaving her purse behind. Pick up the purse and look inside. You'll find an invitation for a girl. Knowing that Feefee is going to dress as a dancing girl, this invitation will be for him. You have now reached the second goal.

Now talk to Selinda Shock and ask her for some coupons. You don't get any coupons but do get some Choko Choko pralines, made of pure rock-hard chocolate! Leave the shop and head for Capital Street. Pick up the manhole cover near the workers who are on their break, then combine it with the Choko Choko pralines to make a giant metal cookie! Now go back to Ultimé Modé and give the giant cookie to Rummy. When he tries to eat it, the mutt will hurt his teeth, so Selinda will give you some more pralines for having made him quieten down, but she won't let you take him away if you try... How are you going to get him? Well, you just need to put the love sweater on him. After you have done that, Selinda will let you take him because it is out of fashion, and so you will get Loveheart Rummy. Now go back to the attic and use Rummy on Pablo Kockatiel.

Rummy will chase Pablo away, thereby freeing up the grooving machine. In addition you will have his eggs and a feather. Use the desert capital on the digesting tube and you will obtain a bust. Now go outside and back to the square. Take the balloons that are next to Buttsmack and combine them with the bust, then combine the bust and balloons with the broom to make a cheeky bust.

Use the eggs on Buttsmack. His feline body heat will make them hatch immediately and will leave you with two baby Pablo Kockatiels in the inventory. Now go back to Capital Street and use the painting kit on the rungs at the side of the mansion. Skar will then paint a Digger on it. Now use the baby Pablo Kockatiels on the mural and the rungs will take them up to the balcony of the mansion.

Now that you're on the balcony, put the sexy bust on the windowsill and this will make the workers think that Miss Jinnie (the lady who lives there) has returned to the house. This will make them a bit distracted and allow you to ask them to lend you a tool. They will immediately let you have a bouncy ball, which will straightaway be added to your inventory.

Now go to the Astro police station, which is to the east of Capital Street. If you want, talk to Agent Jolt for a while and you'll discover that Duke's body has a ticket (probably an invitation) in its pocket. Additionally, you'll discover that the only light source in the room is the LuminGlobe in the background.

Use the bouncy ball on the LuminGlobe, which will make everything go dark and will also infuriate Officer Jolt. Now that you can only see Skar, you need to feel around, trusting what he says he can see. Use Bistian's head on his headless body, thereby distracting the officer. With Bistian's help you'll get Duke's invitation, which will now be Skar's invitation! Now that you have reached the third goal, all you need is an outfit for Skar.

Go up to Wurm Mansion and talk to Miss Lora. She will only allow you in when you have all four things that you need, but if you ask her whether the prince has ever given her anything, she will give you a minicam in the shape of a butterfly. On the nearby column is the famous Duke Braggart, who can't hear you, so use the PumpkinMegaphone to talk to him. If you also have the minicam, you can catch him out by asking him where you can buy a title and record his reply.

Now that you have the minicam with the recording on it, show it to TwinRay, who will go back to work as an informer after being the priest at the wedding. He will give you his poet's outfit, which he doesn't need any more and is exactly what you need as a wedding outfit for Skar! Now that you have all four objects, you need only go back to Miss Lora and show her Duke's invitation, that is, Skar's! This being done, sit back and enjoy the next film clip, which will take you on to the second chapter!

Chapter Two: Guess Who I'm Inviting to the Wedding?

This is probably the trickiest chapter, but don't despair because there is also a secret object hidden here that can give you hints for the rest of the game (to get it, you need to use the feather on the strange objects in the bride's room). Anyway, here too there are four goals to be reached.

- Prepare a dramatic turn of events.
- Find the wedding ring.
- Make Feefee put on a show as a dancer during the wedding ceremony.
- Win the bride over.

You'll begin the chapter in the garden, when you can talk to the waiter, Sharaf, or to the fountain of Sminkio Sanchez. So talk to the waiter, Sharaf, and ask him for some flatware. By doing this, you'll get something better than any flatware - a candelabra! Additionally, you can discover that he is capable of preparing a drink for you, but he needs a container of foam and a stopper for the container.

This doesn't sound easy, but we'll get there. Take one of the bam-boom canes on your right and head east into the fruit garden. Now in the bottom left-hand corner you will notice a strange fruit. Pick it up. Then if you like you can talk to Samango Napple, the Pineappurai, who will assure you that his powers are capable of even cutting through iron.

Talk to Mystiko the Galaxian on the rock too. He will give you some idea about the four goals and will also tell you that the lake in front of you contains bananofish, which are allergic to pepper. Then he will tell you that he is capable of lifting heavy objects. Go back inside the mansion. In the hall, you'll find Princess Clorophyll, Mr Gustav and Bonzo the plant dog. If you talk to the princess, she will tell you that Bonzo has lost his tongue and this makes her sad.

Now you can solve the problem by putting your Choko Choko pralines on the rug. You'll see that as he eats them, Bonzo goes over to Mr Gustav and eats him too, turning Mr Gustav into his tongue. Then he stops and drools on the ground... Now go west into the prince's room. After listening to his indecent discussions with Unnoble, interact with the valuable objects and you'll find a mini-trebuchet.

If you talk to the prince, he will tell you that he is thirsty and he isn't interested in Feefee putting on a show. Leave and from the hall go up the stairs on the left. You will end up in a starry corridor. Talk to Brother Starks, who will tell you about the formation of a new universe that will come about only after a very loud sound has been heard. He will also tell you that the nearby fountain has mystical powers on objects but works only once.

Use the candelabra on the fountain and it will be transformed into a trident with marine powers! Now go down to the hall and go back into the prince's room. Use the trident on Unnoble and his diving helmet will start to fill with water. He will take it off and run away, leaving it behind for you. Now you have the diving helmet. Go back into the hall and use the diving helmet on the drooling Bonzo, thereby filling it with drool.

Go up the stairs on the right and talk to Country Cuzzan. Ask him about stage tools. He'll give you a dancer's cushion. Put it in the helmet full of drool so that it acts as a stopper. Go back into the garden and give the stoppered helmet to Sharaf. He'll shake it and give you a dribbly cup (which must be some sort of drink...). Go back into the prince's room and give the dribbly cup to the prince, then watch the clip. After you've seen this peculiar scene, you'll obtain a pendant from the prince which he has given to Feefee. This shows that Feefee has won the prince over and can put on a show at the wedding. You have now achieved one of the goals. Now go back into the dancing girls' room and go west to the wedding hall. Talk to Father Ray and ask him for some priest's equipment. He'll give you an empty thurible. Also talk to the young lady, Queenie, and you'll discover that she can make origami from petals.

Go back into the hall and east into the kitchen. Use the twisty fruit that you found in the fruit garden on Toupet. The dog will lose his fur and so the chef will have to go get some more of the secret ingredient. Then you will get the wedding cake. Go back into the kitchen and use the censer (the thurible) on the mountain of pepper to fill it up.

Now go into the fruit garden and use the censer of pepper on the lake to bring a bananofish out into the open and capture it. Now go back into the garden next door and talk to Sminkio Sanchez. He will tell you that he will give you his suspenders only if you show him how to get down from there. Use the bananofish on him and it will spin towards him. He'll copy it and do the same, dropping the suspenders into your inventory.

Now go back into the wedding hall and use the suspenders on the chain. You'll see that Skar will put them in place for a dramatic incident, but Father Ray will put them back into your inventory, so you need to find a way of disguising them, but we'll come to this later. Now go back into the dancing girls' room and use the bam-boom cane with the cake so that it becomes a kind of straw. Now use the cake with the straw in it on Countess Smackumba, who will eat the filling and spit out the wedding ring that was hidden inside! Now that you have the wedding ring you have achieved the second goal. Now go into the bride's room and talk to the Black Viper. You need to make her angry to obtain an object. First of all, tell her she's a spoiled little girl, then say that she's aggressive, and finally tell her it's her face that makes her seem aggressive. Being absolutely furious, she will throw a bell at you, which you will put in your inventory.

Now go back to the fruit garden and use the bell on Mystiko, who will give you some earmuffs so that you don't hear the sound, then he will raise it and make it ring. This will make Brother Starks and Sister Lumis think they can start creating a new galaxy, and so they'll leave a tribute to the planet in the starry corridor. So go to the starry corridor and take the starry towel and you'll also get the comet.

Go back into the wedding hall and put the starry towel on the the suspenders, which will make them invisible. Use the suspenders on the chain and Father Ray won't notice them. Some star dust will then fall into your inventory and you will have set up the dramatic incident, thereby achieving the third goal. Now you need to convince the bride.

Go into the bride's room and give her the earmuffs. She will accept them because she heard the loud sound earlier (of the bell) and will give you a black petal. Now put the comet in the mini-trebuchet and go down to the fruit garden. Use the comet-launcher on Samango Napple, who will use his powers to cut the chain and send the comet into the sky right in front of the bride's room. Up there, the Viper will be enchanted and will drop a white petal into the garden. Pick it up.

Now go back into the wedding hall and give the white petal to Queenie. If you already have the black one, she'll make a heart out of the two petals. Go back into the bride's room and give the petal heart to the Black Viper as a gift. She'll then fall in love with Skar and agree to run away with him.

Now, having achieved this last goal, in order to conclude the chapter, go back into the wedding hall and give the ring to Father Ray, who had lost it. He will then start the wedding and also the umpteenth clip. Relax and watch it because it's the beginning of the third chapter.

Chapter Three: The Eye of the Capital

In this chapter, you will play as Mr Feefee without Skar. The chapter will be packed with craziness again but will be a bit more linear. In fact, here the goals will be achieved in order.

- Get into the temple
- Pass the first test
- Pass the second test
- Pass the final test

To start with, you'll find yourself on a mountain pass with a walking capital and a pumpkinbolas in your inventory. Beside you is a crate with a half-open lid. Feefee won't be able to open it with his bare hands, so you need to force it open with your walking capital. You will thereby obtain an inflatable Cuba... Then take the thirsty Sminkio that's nearby and head for the entrance to the temple.

After the cutscene, you'll discover that in order to get into the temple you need either to be as tall as the umbrellas that are guarding it or to be accompanied by someone as tall as them. Take the hammer that's leaning against the stall and then talk to Crook-O-Bot. Ask him for something quench your thirst and he will give you a turtle... Now go east to the springs. Once inside, you'll discover in front of you a spring that brings objects to life! But a living Guyser won't let you use it because it's his wife.

Use the thirsty Sminkio on him. Feefee will put it down next to him, but that's not enough because the Sminkio won't move. Give it a whack with your hammer, which will break, leaving only the handle. The thirsty Sminkio will then chase off the Guyser. Now use the inflatable Cuba on the spring of life and it will grow very tall in front of you! But it won't do what Feefee says, so you can't make it go with him... If you go back to the mountain pass and look in the crate you can study the instructions for the inflatable Cuba and discover that it becomes more animated if it's accompanied by an inflatable Mila, which is dressed in yellow.

Now go back to the thermal springs and use the Pumpkinbolas on the Frisbee that stuck in the tree, and you'll knock it down. Now combine the yellow Frisbee with the turtle, and you'll get a Frisbee turtle. Show it to Cuba who, on seeing the yellow shell, will think it's an inflatable Mila and get into your inventory. Now, on returning to the entrance, you need only show the talking Cuba to either Ponch or Jon and they will let Feefee in, giving him the pass, and then you'll be in the temple.

Talk to Oxy the duck and you'll discover that he's looking for someone to take over the cleaning from him. You have the ideal substitute in your inventory: use the talking Cuba on him and Oxy will give you his cleaning arm and will leave the cleaning to Cuba. Also talk to the Supreme Mina, who will explain to you that she can contact spirits, but only if you bring her a flame. Now go up the steps into the interior of the temple.

You'll find yourself before Master Toxy. Take the hooks that are hanging among the weaponry, then use the handle of the hammer on the burners to make a torch. Then talk to the master and tell him that you're ready for the first test. He'll give Feefee the magnetic card that opens the left-hand door outside the temple. Go outside and use the card on the door mechanism on the left. You will end up on a mountain peak with Clampo, a sculptor who has sculpted the nearby statue that's wearing pants. Your test is to sculpt the capital that is to be found there and to make a better statue than Clampo's. Talk to the pant-wearing statue, the Great Shroodness.

Ask him if he's a model and he will reveal to you that his dream is to be a comic actor, like his idol, Jemmy Louis and give you a photo of Jemmy Louis. Go back outside the temple and give the photo of Jemmy Louis to Mina. Now that you have the torch, you can contact him, so tell her you want to talk to Jemmy Louis. After a strange interchange, he will leave you the secret to being a comic, a jar full of laughter.

Using the access card on the door mechanism, go back to the slope and give the secret to being a comic to the Great Shroodness. He will give you the fashionable pants in exchange. Now leave the temple and go to the stall. Give the jeans to Crook-O-Bot and he will give you a special bag in return. Examine the bag in the inventory and you will find a dumbbell?! Go back up to the slope to sculpt the capital. Put the hooks on the capital, then use the dumbbell on the capital and it will collapse, creating the statue.

Clampo decides that you've succeeded in beating him not least because his statue has gone, and gives you the access card number two. Now you have passed the first test. Use the vacuum arm on the rubble that came from the capital and you will pick up a parasitron (a parasite that eats columns). Go back outside the temple and use the access card two on the door on the left (next to the Supreme Mina).

You are in a dark cavern and and need to make a mysterious woman come out from the darkness into the open, but how? First use the walking capital on the shape in the darkness. Feefee will aim it to hit her, but will miss. Now use the parasitron on the capital, which is stuck in the rock, and the woman will be terrified by the insect and come out into the open! She will give you a darko note that is the proof Master Toxy needs to introduce you to the third and final test. So, after having passed the second test, go to Master Toxy and show him the darko note.

He will take you into the spirit room, which will transform into Feefee's worst nightmare! Now you will have to defeat the flabby dark side of Feefee, who is dancing non-stop in a smoke-filled room. Take the bar from the table on the right. Then throw the turtle at Master Toxy. He will deflect it towards the dark side, who will grab the turtle in his teeth. Now you'll have a turtle shell in the inventory because the turtle will have retreated inside it. Put the rice bar in the shell and throw it at the master again. He will deflect it and when the dark side grabs it, he will eat the diet bar, which will destroy him, bringing the third test to an end.

Now the master will give you a katanga and the chosen one's wakisashi and elasticated belt and will leave the room, but this isn't the end of the story, because now the evil Mozkiton wants the tiara that Feefee got hold of during the clip. Mozkiton will freeze Feefee's legs and Feefee will have to defeat him.

First throw the katanga at him. He will freeze it on the ground. Then throw the wakisashi and it will freeze on the ground as well. Now attach the pink belt to the two swords to make a catapult, and finally use the turtle on the catapult to fire it and start the clip that ends the chapter.

Chapter Four: Escape from Cold Freeze

Now you are Skar again with a new look. As in the previous chapter, this is all linear and the only goal to be achieved is to get through the chapter.

- Get out of Cold Freeze

In this chapter, you will immediately be locked up in your frozen cell. You therefore need to find a way to get out with the help of Skar's three cellmates and some of the objects in the room. Additionally, Skar already has a prison ball in the inventory.

To begin with, pick up a piece of crystal from the fresh crystals in the centre of the cell. Then talk to Pomme DeTerre and ask him for his tomato sauce. He will give it to you but will explain that it won't be hyperspicy unless it has carrot extract in it. So you need some carrot extract... Hence use the prison ball on Carotid the carrot, and you will obtain one of his tears. Use the tear on the sauce and you will have hyperspicy sauce! If you talk to Carotid, you'll also discover that he used to be an inventor and that he invented some cheese wings. This information will be useful to you.

Now use the icicle on Jimmy Pod, the frozen pea pod, and Skar will make a hole in him. Use the hyperspicy sauce on Jimmy, who, on drinking it, will melt the ice that's covering him, and you'll now have the pod in your inventory. However, if you try to open it, it won't open... So interact with the apple wearing pants and the zipper will break off. Now use the zipper on the pod and you'll get it open, ending up with five frozen peas and an empty pod. Put the prison ball in the pod to make a pod cannon.

Use the pod cannon on the cheap plastic wall and Skar will open up a huge hole that will allow him to escape from the cell. Leave and you will end up in a frozen waiting room, obviously. Now to move on there's a ladder, but there's a sheet of ice that makes it inaccessible. Before solving this problem, however, take the frozen yeti's tongue. Now use the frozen peas on the tip of the stalactite so that Skar throws one and makes the tip fall and break the sheet of ice. Now you can use the ladder. Go down and you'll end up in the meat cell, where you'll find the body of Bistian, an old acquaintance.

The room is full of objects. Of these, take the alien salami hanging on the hooks, then interact with the bottles to find a bottle cap and also take the record from the frozen record-player. Now go on to the ice bridge. Here you'll find JawJaw the guard, who fortunately has his back to you. You need to knock him out somehow... By talking to him, you'll discover that music makes him want to shoot. Now use the bottle cap on him and Skar will block up his gun.

Go back into the meat cell and put the record on the frozen Bistian. He will become a human record-player, but this is not enough: you need to move him... Use the two alien salamis on the meat press and you'll obtain two squashed alien salamis. Use them on Bistian and they'll function as skis. Now watch the cutscene that leads to the defeat of JawJaw. After the cutscene, there'll be a bullet in the inventory and the guard's jaw will have fallen on the ground. Pick it up and interact with the steps to move on to the dairy cell. Here there's the umpteenth problem... The path is half broken and has no bridge, so you can't move forward... But there is an alternative. Use the jaw on the assorted cheeses to break off a piece of cheese.

Go back into the meat cell and use the cheese on the meat roller, and you'll obtain some flattened cheese. Then go see Carotid and give him the cheese. He will modify it and make you some cheese wings! Now go back to the dairy cell and use the wings on the opposite bank. You are in front of a wall of cheese now, and at the top is Brunhilda, another guard. She is the last thing in the way of leaving the prison.

The problem is getting past the wall. The wings aren't enough... First examine the heap of cheese on the ground and you'll find a string of mozzarella. Combine it with the yeti's tongue and you'll have a tongued harpoon! Use the tongued harpoon on Brunhilda and you'll get her hat and make her faint with fright.

If you examine the hat you'll find that it contains many others. Use the hat on the river and you'll thus create a tower of hats. Interact with them and Skar will kick them to turn them into a staircase of hats. Use it to get to the entrance of the penitentiary. Here Skar will meet another of his old acquaintances, the penitentiary boss, Eggand! Now you need to defeat Eggand in a giant frying pan. Use the remaining frozen peas on the frying pan. They will thaw and make a puddle of water.

Now look at Brunhilda's last hat and you'll find a packet of capital sugar. Use the sugar on the puddle and you'll make a sheet of caramel that will trap both Skar and Eggand. Finally, use the jaw on the caramel to escape and enjoy the clip that ends the chapter.

Chapter Five: Same Old Sun, Same Old Desert

Finally our two heroes are reuinted, but is this the end of the story? No, because there's also a chapter six, so as you've come this far, no doubt you'll be able to get all the way to the end.

- Beat Saturn Hood
- Escape through the caves
- Get into the temple

We are trapped and Feefee is unconscious. What can Skar do now? First of all, pick up the bold apple and the carrot skeleton that are lying on the ground, then look closely at Feefee's body and examine his pockets. You'll find a large-size high-calorie drink. Give it to Jimmy to drink and he will melt! Combine Jimmy with the cheese wings to get winged Jimmy, then use winged Jimmy on Saturn Hood.

Jimmy will put Saturn Hood off his aim but will also attrack the ferocious Rybbits, making Saturn Hood take flight and drop his Zapper on the high ground. Now use the carrot skeleton on the apple to make a hole in in, and then look at the apple with a hole in it to obtain a little worm. Use the worm on the Zapper in order to get it down. Finally, combine the Zapper with the bullet and use the loaded Zapper on the crack in the ice, which will make Skar and Feefee fall through it.

Now you're in the lair of another Rybbit and the only way of getting out is to find the right tunnel to escape through, but there are four and only one of them doesn't belong to a Rybbit... You therefore need to examine the Rybbit's footprint by moving it. Take a candy cane from among the ones on the right.

Talk to Mr Candy and ask him if he has anything he doesn't need. He'll give you his house keys, which aren't much use in a cave. Talk to Feefee and ask him for something. After a whiny conversation, he'll give you a file. Use the file on the piece of candy cane to make it thinner, then put the candy cane in the Zapper and use it on the Rybbit to knock it out with the poisoned candy.

It works and the Rybbit falls over, but on top of its paw print... You need to move it. Use the keys and it will instinctively roll over, finally revealing the paw print. Now Skar and Feefee analyze the tunnels and take the right one. But in doing so you will end up in the cavern of the scorminkions! The lovely scorminkions won't let you escape until you have sung for them using the karaoke machine... But the microphone is on the ground as they cut it off by mistake, so you need to fix it.

Pick up the detached microphone and combine it with the worm to make a new microphone. Before using it on the karaoke machine, however, ask the minkion chief for information about the song because there's a different punchline for each verse... You need to follow one of these. The solution here is to say a list of things after having used the repaired microphone on the karaoke machine.


- Yahtzee?
- Look at the karaoke machine
- I like short shorts, especially really short shorts!
- Byron Sexo, you know Lucy will come baaack...


- I like short shorts, especially really short shorts!
- Byron Sexo, you know Lucy will come baaack...
- Yahtzee?
- Look at the karaoke machine


- Look at the karaoke machine
- I like short shorts, especially really short shorts!
- Byron Sexo, you know Lucy will come baaack...
- Yahtzee?

After having solved this weird puzzle, there'll be a clip. After the clip you find yourself in the desert in front of an oasis of chewing gum. Take some chewing gum from the oasis and go south down the windy path. You'll find yourself in front of an enormous tornado with someone screaming inside it. Skar decides he wants to go inside it, but how? Well, there's a door spinning around the tornado. If you pull it down, you'll be able to get inside. Take the give way sign and go back up to the oasis.

Go west up there a bit. Now you'll find the path is blocked by a giant worm and a ninja who speaks to you. The giant worm is surrounded by treasure and stupid objects. You can take the spray can of shaving foam from the bath full of gold. But you can't take anything else because Shinobido the ninja says that the worm is his master and the Master always says no.

Use the shaving foam on the sign and Skar will make an OK sign! Give the OK sign to the Jambalian worm, who will now say OK to everything, allowing you to have a razor, one of his great treasures. Go back to the oasis and use the razor on the bark of the palm tree to obtain a piece of bark. Combine it with the chewing gum to make a lasso. Now go back to the tornado and use the lasso on the spinning door. It will take some skill to get it as it's spinning round. Once Skar captures it with the lasso, the door will fall to the ground. Interact with it to get into the tornado.

Here you will meet Aytch Two, a big water-container who needs to fill up the oasis. Now you need to get him and yourselves out of the tornado. There are two ways of getting out: either you make yourselves heavier, or you make yourselves lighter, and obviously you need to get Feefee out before Skar. Take the flying desert stingray and combine it with the lasso to create a kite. Give the kite to Feefee, who will fly away. Now pick up Aytch Two, to weigh Skar down. Skar will get out along with Aytch Two, who will be in the inventory.

Now go back to the oasis and you'll see Aytch refilling it. Out of the oasis comes Mrs Aquaria, the queen of the sparkling waters, who is indebted to you and can give Skar an object. Talk to her and ask her for sparkling water. You will obtain some gasol water, the gassiest water in the universe. Now use the worm-microphone on the oasis as a fishing line and you'll catch a drill fish. Use the Zapper on the oasis too to obtain a Zapper full of water.

Now go west up there a bit to where the giant Jambalian worm is and use the drill fish on him, thereby making a hole in his belly. Now use the bottle of gasol on the worm with a hole, which will make him bloat to the point that he'll fly away and clear the path. Use the interact command to head on towards the inscribed slab.

You are now in front of a stele (an inscribed slab) with a hole in it. For now, there's nothing you can do, so interact with the temple on the horizon to head towards it. Now you'll find yourself at the entrance of the temple with little Calippo. If you talk to him, you'll discover that he is hunting for metallorius, a mineral in the form of a tangled ball, and that he would do anything to have it.

Hence use the keys on the hungry statue, which will spit out a yukky ball of metal. Give it to Calippo and he will swap it for some iron oven mitts. Now you just need to take the serpent's eye that's attached the door, only it's stuck, so use the Zapper loaded with water to make it fall out. Now that's it's fallen out, you can't pick it up because it's scorching hot, so use the iron oven mitts on the eye. Now go back to the stele and use the serpent's eye on the hole. Watch the clip and prepare yourself for the final chapter!

Chapter Six: The Return of a King

You've got this far?? Really? You? In that case, you can't stop now. You're nearly at the finishing line and Skar is about to bring his adventure to a close, so fire up your mouse because now the action's about to start!

- Answer the first question.
- Answer the second question.
- Win the battle of the Bridge of the End.
- Win the final battle.

You start off in the room full of gold where Feefee is transfixed by a golden capital and won't follow Skar. You therefore need to find a way of bringing him out of his daze. Additionally, Calippo is with you, swimming in the gold.

If you look closely at the top right, there's a gold spray you can pick up, while at the bottom right you'll find a carton of milk to be picked up. If you talk to Calippo, he'll tell you that he has found a statue, but he'll only give it to you in exchange for a machine that makes some materials that he can sell. Go into the test room, where, in a cutscene, you'll be asked a question on capitals and Skar will end up falling into yet another room.

Now you're trapped along with Rafačl the treasure-hunter, who will immediately give you El Porco, his faithful sniffer pig. Skar can't reach the steps and has to find a way of getting there. Take the bridge that fell down along with you and use it on Rafačl. Skar will then be able to walk over it and escape the trap, ending up in the hall of monsters.

In the hall of monsters there are two empty pillars. For now, you can't do anything with them, so examine the statue of the monster Scaccolus and you'll discover that it's allergic to milk. Use the carton of milk on him and he'll sneeze an ice tray out at you. Now go back up to the test room and then back to the gold room.

Now use El Porco on the capital to make Feefee see it's a fake, but he's not interested. So use El Porco on Feefee. He'll hit Feefee and bring him round. Now there'll be a cutscene in which Feefee will answer the first question immediately, however this will take him to the second question, which asks what King Dune's natural enemy is.

Now you need to find the answer. Go back into the gold room and give Calippo the ice tray. All enthusiastic, he'll give you the statue of Bistianapolis, an ancient warrior. Now go back into the test room and use the gold spray on the painting of King Dune. The painting will melt and you'll find a statue of King Dune behind it. Now go down into the hall of monsters and put the statue of King Dune on the pillar in the middle and the statue of Bistianapolis on the left-hand pillar.

Now that you've done this, the King Dune statue will fire a beam at the other statue, knocking its head off. Pick up Bistianapolis's head as proof for the second question. Show the head of Bistianapolis to Aloysius the Lamassu, showing him that Bistianapolis was the natural enemy of King Dune. Now you can cross the Bridge of the End.

Watch the final cutscene and immediately afterwards prepare yourself for battle. To solve this puzzle, you need to consult the parchment that you have the inventory and work out the combination of moves that beat your opponent's colors. To make all this easier, here is the solution and the moves you need to use one after the other for each color:

To defeat the blue bullet:

- Mother-in-law's scream!
- Hellenistic punch!
- Chicken kick!

To defeat the orange bullet:

- Eyes on the cleavage!
- Hellenistic punch!
- Eyes on the cleavage!

To defeat the pink bullet:

- Chicken kick!
- Eyes on the cleavage!
- Mother-in-law's scream!

To defeat the green bullet:

- Hellenistic punch!
- Chicken kick!
- Hellenistic punch!

After winning the final round, the second-to-last clip of the game will play. After the clip you'll find yourself face to face with Saturn Hood again.

Begin by rummaging in Saturn Hood's bag and you'll find a mask and a pair of nail clippers. Then use the nail clippers on the dancing scale at the bottom left to cut it off, and then you'll see some mysterious slime. Now use the spray on the mysterious slime, thus creating a sticky orange slime. Use the mask on the sticky slime and you'll get a sticky mask.

Give the mask to Saturn Hood, and Skar, playing a very simple psychological trick, will make him put it on. Now you just need to deal Saturn Hood the coup de grâce. Take a feather from King Dune's feathery wing and use it on Saturn Hood to make him fall down in a faint.

Take his suction boots and use the interact command to go towards King Dune's head. You are on King Dune's head and now you must face the real villain of the story. To avoid spoiling the surprise, I won't say who it is.

Anyway, after a conversation between the mysterious villain and Skar, you need to use the nail clippers on King Dune's mustache to cut off one of his whiskers. Then talk to the villain about your old friendship, thereby obtaining a golf ball. Throw it at him and the villain will put you on the alert by revealing to you that it's a bomb. Attach the bomb to the whisker, then put one of the suction boots on the King's crown.

Put the bomb that's tied to a whisker into the boot. Pull the string and, after the explosion, the ruby next to the crown will tilt, blinding the villain and making him fall off. After falling, the mysterious villain will leave a club behind on the crown. Take it and examine it to discover that it has a blade. Use the blade on the large pillow and prepare for the final clip, ladies and gentlemen.

Congratulations, you have completed one of the zaniest adventure games ever!
Thanks to Paolo for the translation


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