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The Visitor 1

The Visitor 2

The Visitor 3


The Visitor 1


Open the desk and take the glow stick, leave the room, read note
*Become the Alien*
Go into the laser room and open the cabinet, take the tape
go into the escape pod room and tape up the handle *loud explosion*
go into the laser room and take the pipe from the vent
go into escape pod room and take the hand from the freezer
put the pipe in the frozen hand
use the hand with pipe on the fire, get hot pipe
use the hotpipe on the disposal unit doors, get bent pipe
use bent pipe on crank mechanism, escape
*Become the human*
Open doors under sink, take plunger
go to foyer room, see key in the vent
take cactus needles from cactus in reading room
go to hallway outside Jimmy's room, use plunger on attic door, go in attic
walk to the right and open the crawl space door, use glow stick, get doorknob
use doorknob on door in kitchen, go in pantry
take Draino, turn on A.C. switch
unclog the tub using the Draino, lose ring
Go to foyer room and search the shoe rack, get basement key
use basement key on basement door, go in basement
take bent screwdriver
go to treehouse, use bent screwdriver on vise, get screwdriver
go to attic, use screwdriver on vent to go to Jimmy's room
use cactus needles on vaseline jar in desk
Take apple
go to kitchen *Alien is peeping in the window*
go to the side of the garage, use apple on worm, get apple with worm
use screwdriver on apple with worm, get worm
use worm on Tequila bottle in dining room, get Tequila worm
use Tequila worm on pirahna tank, get toolbox key
*go out front of the house, see Mrs. Williams*
use toolbox key on toolbox, get wrench
turn vavle in pantry to up position, hear water sound
go to basement, use wrench on pipe trap, get ring
use ring on cut wire in backyard, go in garage
take cat food can
use can on vise in treehouse, get open can
use open can on the cat, get fuse
use fuse on fusebox
*Become the Alien*
Scare cat from the dock
get leg of lamb from the garbage can in the kitchen
use leg of lamb on blender, get old meat, get bone
go to dining room, open cabinet doors, take hanger
take phone cord from the phone in the living room
go to attic and see the spider
go to the dock and use old meat on crab trap, get crab claw, get fish hook
use fish hook on phone cord, get fishing line
go to bathroom, take hairspray from under sink, use fishing line on pants, get room key
use room key on Jimmy's door, go in Jimmy's room
take pliers, open doors under fish tank, take rocket, take charger
go to treehouse, send cat to the attic
go to attic, take battery, use battery on pulley system, take lens from telescope
go to front of the house, use pliers on hole in hood of car, take jumper cables
go to treehouse, take battery from pulley system
use either the battery, hanger or cables on CB radio
take bowling ball, use bowling ball on treehouse ladder
leave treehouse, take taser from human
use charger on outlet in the living room, get charged taser
use charged taser on CB radio
go to garage, use hairspray on spider web
use lens on sticky spider web, leave garage
use crab claw on ropes, take rope
open desk, take matches, take bottle cap, take menu
use rope on rocket, get rocket with rope
use rocket with rope on nail, get nail
use menu on space under the door
use nail on keyhole, take menu, get key
use key on door




The Visitor 2


You can do a lot of little things that aren't mentioned here. There are signs scattered throughout the base, you can use these to quick travel a bit. You can't use the first sign until you reach the second one. Feel free to play the game as you wish, it's only at certain times that you will have to switch characters in order to proceed.

Try to open the locker on the right, it's stuck/ Talk to Scar/ Take his KNIFE from the left locker
Use the KNIFE on your locker and get the ACCESS CARD/ use the ACCESS CARD on the panel to enter the weapons room take the LASERS and the AMMO/ load the AMMO into the LASERS/ get LOADED LASERS talk to Slug about the mission/ Beam down/ walk right and go up
Avoid the car by hiding behind the tree/ walk left and see the soldiers/ you can now ***switch between characters***

*Switch to Scar*
Walk right and go downstairs/ see the key under the grate/ take the PILLS from the cabinet
Go left and see the scientist and go back to the roof/ pick up SKUNK
use the SKUNK on the AC unit that's working/ go back downstairs
Read the note on the wall/ take DVD from drawer/ watch DVD/ look at agent in the window
Go left and use control panel to move the alien over the outlet, use bottom left burner to have creature bust out of the tube
Go left and see the creature in the vent/ go downstairs/ go to the right and look at the monitor that is showing the road
*If Moss is next to the guard booth Scar will see him and try to help*
*If Moss is not next to the guard booth Scar will not see him on the monitor*
Once Scar has seen Moss he can now use the intercom system/ go left and down into storage room
Take the ACID/ open cabinet and take TELESCOPE/ use intercom to distract guards for Moss

*Switch to Moss*
Use the KNIFE on the soldier/ take the GUN/ go left until you lose the gun/ walk left and read the work order near the crane/ continue left until you are stuck in the port-o-potty
Talk way out/ press button on the wall to raise the barrel/ go left to the tent
Take the ARROW from the tree/ go in the tent/ take the MAP and STRAP from the right cabinet/ leave the tent and use the sign to quick travel
Walk right and use the sign to quick travel to the cave/ look at map to see the large X/ enter cave
Take the BOTTLE/ look at the grate, we need a screwdriver/ leave cave and use the sign to quick walk/ walk left and use the ARROW on the fan/ get the SCREWDRIVER
Walk left to the tent and use the BOTTLE on the barbaque, the bird flies away/ use the sign to quick walk/ walk right until the bird lands in the nest/ interact with the bird nest/ take the KEY
Use the KEY on the crane panel/ use the KNIFE on the tube/ take the TUBE
Go to the port-o-potty room

*Switch to Scar*
Use the sign on the wall to go to the roof/ use the ACID on the lock to get the PLIERS/ use the PLIERS on the antenna/ take the ANTENNA
Use the PLIERS on the barrel, it's oil/ go downstairs to where the lasers were and use the ANTENNA on the ectoplasma/ get the STICKY ANTENNA
Use the STICKY ANTENNA on the grate to get the KEY/ go downstairs and go to the large bathroom/ look at the middle stall
Open the middle stall and take his CONDOM and GLASSES/ go to the command center and use the elevator now that you have the key
Kill the mice for fun/ read about the new mixture of DNA on the computer/ go right and wait next to the shutter

*Switch to Moss*
Use button to bring the barrel down/ use TUBE on oil/ get BOTTLE OF OIL/ use STRAP on generator/ use OIL on generator/ start generator
Go to the cave/ use the SCREWDRIVER on the grate/ Go all the way left and up the ladder
Go into the room on the right/ Look at the vent(See creature)
Go back into the first section of the basement and hear something fall into the furnace
Take the KEY RING from inside the furnace
Go back down in the sewer and up the middle ladder/ use KEYS on the door near the magnet/ go near the door senor, the shutter raises for Scar

*Switch to Scar*
Use GLASSES on TELESCOPE/ get WORKING TELESCOPE/ use TELESCOPE on window to see the license plate...814125
Type in 814125 into the panel next to the metal door/ go in the room and take the PAPER TOWEL/ go left and become Slug
*Watch Slug abduct the human*
Go down and see the dead agent/ open dumbwaiter/ the Doctor wants his meatball hero
Go to the kitchen and take the BREAD/ open the refrigerator and take the MEAT/ go back to the dead agent
Use PACKAGED SANDWICH on bucket/ something falls down the shaft/ we need to see if our plan worked
Take CAMERA from small computer

*Switch to Moss*
Go to basement and take HANDLE from dumbwaiter/ use HANDLE in small hole in the room to your right/ rise tanks
*Switch to Scar*
Go to blue room with black board and use CONDOM on tanks/ get HELIUM CONDOM/ use CAMERA on HELIUM CONDOM/ get SPY BALLOON
Use SPY BALLOON on dumbwaiter/ see Doctor passed out
*Use the slime*
Go down the grate on the left/ walk to the right and use the ledge/ see valve fall off/ walk to the right and go in vent
*Switch to Moss*
Pick up the VALVE on the floor near the cranes magnet/ use the VALVE on the pipe near the crane
The elevator now has pressure

*Switch to Scar*
Press the button for the elevator/ Scar is captured/ speak to agents and take the BRANDING IRON
Use the BRANDING IRON on the fire/ get HOT IRON/ use HOT IRON on cranes window/ oops wrong button/ go to the barrel
Press button and ride the barrel to the roof/ walk left and take the GUN from the magnet/ walk left and see helicopter
Go downstairs and walk left....

Here are the seven achievements. If you get them all you're told that you are a true Omega 1 special agent, if you don't you're told that you failed to get all the achievements. Nothing special.

1) Get the flashback on the saucer when you look at the laser security system
2) Fly the saucer
3) Carve a love message in the tree when you beam down (One room to the right)
4) find all 3 toy soldiers...one is in the trunk...one is behind the fan outside **Have Scar shut the fan off for Moss**...one is in the cabinet next to the bathroom **Use the pliers and than the antenna on the small door to get the soldier near the bathroom**
5) Drink from the dripping water in the sewer
6) Bless the dead alien on the operating table
7) Watch both DVD's on the DVD player



The Visitor 3

Go to your room and click on the computer, and look at Miss Universe.
Go talk to Slug and choose the bottom option for the dialog exit.
Go right and talk to Head. Get him to go to your room and fix the computer.
Go to your room and speak with Head, we need a USB cable.
Go to the droid room and click the laser button twice. Once you click it a second time, quickly walk left and switch to your interact icon and grab the USB CABLE on the cart.(Timing puzzle)
Go back to your room and give Head the USB CABLE. Go to the hallway outside of the droid room and get the USB CABLE from Head.
Go to the droid room and return the cable to him. Go back to see Slug, we found the ship.
**Control Head on top of the ship and work your way to the right. Avoid the asteroids and use the terminal. Moving up and down while working your way across should get you there without a problem.
**Go to the escape pod room and interact with the escape pod.

Controlling Leech larson

**Control Leech Larson. Go right and talk to the droid. Go down and take THE JAR and the BROKEN PIPE.
Go to our cell and use the BROKEN PIPE on the left clamp. Take CLAMP.
Combine the CLAMP and BROKEN PIPE to get..PIPE WITH CLAMP.
Use the PIPE WITH CLAMP on the droid to seal the pipe.
Use the PIPE WITH CLAMP on the pipe connection and use the generators switch.
Go all the way left and use the wall panel near your cell.
Use the computer and click C3. Go to the freezer room and take the HUMAN FINGER.
Go back to the computer and click C1. Go to the sharpener room and use the HUMAN FINGER on the sharpener. Get POINTY FINGER.
Go back to the computer and click C2. Use the POINTY FINGER on the metal box and get the WRENCH.
Go see Sly and take the CREATURE on the floor.
Use the Wrench on the floor plate near the generator. We need to loosen the bolts.
Use the JAR on the asteroid goo, and get JAR WITH GOO.
Use the JAR WITH GOO on the floor plate. Now use the WRENCH on the floor plate.
Go to the elevator room and use the CREATURE on the leaking pipe. Now press the button for the cleaning bot.
**Control the bot and go left...Lost signal. Go down and drive over the grate on the floor. Get BATTERIES. Return back to the small door.
**Control Leech Larson and open the chute on the wall. Take the BATTERIES.
Use the BATTERIES on the CONTROLLER. Get WORKING CONTROLLER. Go left and use the CONTROLLER on the door sensor to gain access to the Command Center.

**Control Moss and go near the door sensor. Head squeezes through.
**Control Head. Go left and get attacked by the creature. Go see Moss and TALK to him through the door. The creature jumps onto Moss.
<You can now switch between the two characters>
**Control Head and go all the way left. We need to use the terminals to open the door for Moss.
Use the two terminals to find a connection. There is one combination of the two that will have 5 green lights in a row.
The terminal on the right should be 2 and 5
The terminal in the left room should be 1,3 and 4. The connection will be made and the door opens for Moss.
**Control Moss and go in the room that opened. Stay there.
**Control Head and go in the open vent near the terminal. See the Agents Head and go up in the elevator shaft.
Head needs to get into the elevator but the grate is blocking the way. Go up and interact with the sensor.
Go down into the elevator and press the button. Did I hear a creature? Go back to where the creature was and go right.
**Control Moss and TALK to the door. Head says the recording of Commander Moss saying his name. The door opens and you talk to the Medical droid.
**Control Head and go back to the elevator. Let's try the button again.
**Control Moss and go to the room with the sinks.
Take the FORK from the glass cabinet.
Go to the room where the Agent got pulled up into the vent.

Using the hand

Go right and press the button when the electricity sparks. Walk right and stand on top of the small device near the edge of the vent. Make the Hand jump and spark the device under it.
Interact with the repair bot twice. Walk left near him to make the pipes fall so that the panel for the door opens.
Interact with the repair bot again so that it flys over to the panel that says, Door. The other panels open. Interact with the manual override system.
Choose Heating core and high priority. Go look in the broken vent.
Go right and go back up the vent.
**Switch to Head**
**Control Head and go left to speak with the droid. Go left and see the creature. Go right and use the cleaning bot by pressing the button near the elevator.
**Control the cleaning bot and go left....Signal Lost. Return back to the small door. Head needs some parts.
take the WIRE from the damaged droid body. Use the cleaning bot again.
Head places the antenna on the cleaning bot.
**Control the cleaning bot and go left to the creature. He grabs it and leaves.
**Control Head and go left to the Command Center. See the dead agent. Head grabs the FUSE.
Go to the generator room and use the FUSE on the fuse box. Now use the fuse box.
The hand will rise and drop back down if it isn't in the right place.
Make sure the hand is able to rise up to the next vent level by standing all the way to the right in the far right room on the light bridge.
**Switch to the hand**
Walk left and press the button to turn on the electricity.
**Control Moss and turn the fuse ON in the room with the black sack. Go to the elevator, it's open. Go inside and interact with the machine.
The repair bot will fly down and accidently turn on the next light bridge for the hand.
**Switch to the hand**
Go down and turn on the two generators to complete the connection.
**Switch back to Moss**
Leave the elevator and turn the fuse box OFF.
Now go back to the elevator shaft and use the FORK on the vent override switch.
Enter the vent and see the egg hatch.
Quickly use your laser to kill the face hugger.
Use the panel on the wall twice to make the main power connection.
Take the CARD from the panel.
Go back to the pod room and see the medical droid leave.
Go into the medical droids room and use the card on the wall panel that is now functional.
**Control Head and press the button when the Alien Head is over the grate. It will fall through it when it jumps.
Go right and up and use the PEPPERMINT on the BOTTOM PART OF THE VENT SHAFT to cause a distraction.
Go down the vent at the bottom of the screen.

Game Over



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