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Wake up in the room and talk to your partner.  Eventually youíll be able to ask,
ďDo you know why are we here?Ē  At first Carl knows nothing.  Ask him again and
heíll reveal whoís behind this.  Finish asking everything you can.  You gain
control of Allan.  Check your inventory.  See that you have KEY 1 and TAPE 1. 
Pick up the PIECE OF PAPER lying under the pipes.  Read it.  Be sure to read all
the notes you find, failure to do so will result in the character not knowing
what to do.  Go to the bathtub.  Get the CORK lying on the faucet.  Look at the
odd colored BATH WALL and youíll find a wooden box inside with the AXE.  Get the
AXE.  Look in the sewer.  Youíll find a TAPE PLAYER.  Use the CORK on the TAPE
PLAYER ROPE to get it.  Now play the TAPE 1 that is already in your inventory. 
Talk to Carl and tell him to give you his TAPE 2.  Play TAPE 2.  Now look at the
only whole W.C.  This may take a few tries but eventually you will get a close
up look at it.  Get the open the BASIN and get the COVER.  Look at the W.C.
again and get the BAG inside.  Go into your inventory and look at the BAG to
open it.  Youíll receive a ROPE WITH HOOK, a SAW (UNCOMPLETE), a SHOTGUN, and
STONES.  Throw the STONES at the mirror and see that youíre being recorded.  Get
both GLASS SHARDS.  You can only use the bigger one.  Use the GLASS SHARD on
yourself and see that you have a number 7 on your neck.  After finding the
number on your neck, look at Carl and see he has a number 9 on his neck.  Go to
the NUMBERS BOX and enter the number 63 (Multiply your heads clue).  Push the
enter key Then push the blank key.  Get the ENVELOPE.  Open the ENVELOPE (look
at it in the inventory) and youíll get TAPE 3, KEY 2 and a BULLET.  Listen to
TAPE 3 on the TAPE PLAYER.  If you want to end the game now, load the GUN with
the BULLET to get a CHARGED SHOTGUN.  You can shoot Carl but youíll end up with
some trouble (for those of you who donít know Spanish he says, "Ok Allan I'll
give you the key to escape, no doubt you chose the easiest way, the key is
inside of Carl... will you be brave enough to cut him in little pieces?" [Thanks
to Joe Carl for the translation]).  If you decide to continue the game give Carl
KEYS 1 and 2 and the AXE, then switch characters.  Use the AXE on the CHAIN to
find out that the exit is still locked.  Look at the BOX for a close up.  Use
KEY 2 on the KEYHOLE to open it.  Switch the OPENED WATER KEY to get the water
started and turn off the lights (switch all the switches up).  Look at the BLUE
ROLLER and then touch it twice.  Youíll get another BOX.  Use KEY 1 on the BOX
the MOBILE PHONE to get a message from SAW.  Give the BROKEN PAPER, AXE, and SAW
LEAF to ALLAN.  Switch characters.  Use the SAW LEAF with the SAW (UNCOMPLETE)
to get the SAW.  Now go to the WASH BASIN.  Put the CORK in the WASH BASIN and
turn on the TAP.  The sink will flood revealing a FLOOR TILE.  Pick up the FLOOR
TILE and see that it reveals a brick floor.  Find the loose BRICK and pick it
up.  Youíll find a PAINTING and a NOTE.  Get them both.  In your inventory they
become MESSAGE 2 and BROKEN PAPER.  Combine both BROKEN PAPER pieces and look at
them to get a weird picture: __ ó ó __ ó.  Switch to Carl and go back to the
OPEN BOX.  Flip the switches so they match the picture.  EXIT the OPEN BOX and
look at it again.  Your character will now understand.  Look at the ARROW and
see that itís pointing up (and I do mean use the ďeyeĒ icon on the arrow
otherwise it doesnít work).  Now move your mouse a little higher to see the
ROOF.  This may be difficult since itís close to the point where you open the
top tool bar.  Once you have a close up of the ROOF look at the EXIT.  Switch to
ALLAN and go to the BATHTUB cover the DRAIN with the COVER and turn on the COLD
WATER.  Your characters will mention your plan to each other.  Go back to the
BATHTUB and turn on the COLD WATER.  Now use the AXE on the TUBE.  Next, use the
SAW on the T TUBE just between the WASH BASIN and the W.C.  Youíll get the T
TUBE.  Look at the T TUBE in your inventory to get KEY 3.  Give the AXE to Carl
and switch characters.  Use the AXE on the TUBE and switch back to Allan.  Use
the FLOOR TILE on the SEWER.  The room will flood but not all the way.  Switch
to Carl and give Allan the TORCH.  Switch back to Allan and give the ROPE WITH
HOOK to Carl.  Now look at the TAPE PLAYER to get the BATTERIES.  Use the
BATTERIES on the TORCH to get it to work.  Use the TORCH on the DARK EXIT to
light it up and see the LADDER.  Without moving Allan, switch to Carl.  Use the
ROPE WITH HOOK on the LADDER then grab the ROPE.  Carlís kind of a lazy jerk so
he has Allan pull the rope.  Something will fall into the water.  Carl still
wonít do whatís necessary so switch to Allan and touch the dirty water.  Youíll
get the DIRTY BOX.  Use KEY 3 on the DIRTY BOX to open it.  Youíll get a NOTE
and KEY 4.  Use KEY 4 on yourself then give it to Carl.  Switch characters and
use KEY 4 on Carl.  Now just grab the ladder youíve won!  ďCongratulations,
youíre still alive.  But now you appreciate it.Ē


First Room

You wake up in a room with a man, Zepp, chained to a bed. Start off by talking to him and exhausting every option you have. Now the trouble is that you need to get out of the chair. Thatís easy enough. Just go to your options and USE ROPE. Youíll break free and take the rope pieces. Okay, now that youíre free go and take the tape recorder off of Zepp. Thereís a piece of paper on the floor, it kind of looks like a drain but itís a piece of paper. PICK UP PAPER and youíll get a clue that youíll use later. Now go to the newspapers and PICK UP NEWSPAPER. LOOK AT NEWSPAPER and youíll get some information about where you are and a few shots from the previous game. Talk to Zepp but not much information comes from it. Youíll find a tape was hidden under the newspaper. PICK UP CASSETTE 1 and USE CASSETTE 1 WITH TAPE RECORDER. Okay, now we have a rough idea why Zepp is here and another clue. Okay, so you donít have any of the keys and neither does Jigsaw but Zepp does. LOOK AT ZEPP for a close-up and see that thereís a red object in his pocket (note that you can only do this AFTER you hear the tape) PICK UP RED OBJECT. Well, you found a key marked 1. However, it doesnít fit any of the shackles and the box on the wall wonít open either. Thatís fine, keep the key for now and donít worry about the box till later. Now youíll see thereís a hole in the wall. Thereís an object in it so PICK UP OBJECT. Itís a videotape, of course thereís no video player in this room so itís time to leave. The exit is on the bottom right corner of the room. Just walk to the door.


Okay, now you find yourself in a kitchen. Thereís another box that you canít use at this point so ignore it for now. However, you may note that thereís a small shovel in the corner so PICK UP SHOVEL. Look at the three drawers. LOOK AT DRAWER (the middle one) and youíll find that itís filled with knives so PICK UP DRAWER and youíll get a knife. Thereís a note on the refrigerator so PICK UP NOTE. You wonít automatically read it so go into your inventory and LOOK AT NOTE. You get yet another cryptic clue. Well, weíll figure that out later. In the bottom broken cabinet thereís a small box (you may have to search a little) PICK UP SMALL BOX. Yay, we got a box of matches. Okay, now weíve got the message to deal with. Follow the heat. Thatís simple enough; the oven is the hottest thing in the kitchen, so USE STOVE DOOR. Well, it looks like you found a hidden tunnel so LOOK AT HOLLOW to enter.


Youíll enter a room with a dead body chained to the wall. Thereís not much you can do for the guy now so donít worry about him. Right next to you, thereís a large box and some tools next to it. The only one you need is the saw so PICK UP SAW. Now that you have the saw, LOOK AT BOX (THE ONE ON THE WALL). Okay, I know you probably see only ďlook at doorĒ but just fiddle around with the mouse and youíll eventually get the option you want. This box has the number 1 on it. So USE KEY 1 WITH LOCK. Great, itís open! You find a triangle and a key so PICK UP TRIANGLE and PICK UP KEY then LOOK AT RETURN. You may notice a trail of some dark stuff. Thereís a video player in the room so now itís time to learn about your fate. USE TAPE 1 WITH VIDEO and youíll get a message. Suddenly Zepp will call you but heís not going anywhere so keep looking around here. LOOK AT SUBSTANCE and find itís gasoline. You canít light it alone no matter what you try so USE ROPE ON SUBSTANCE then USE MATCHES ON ROPE. After a cut scene you can now identify a marked brick (itís in the middle of a loop of the dark substance). USE MARKED BRICK to pull it out. Thereís a tape and a key in the hole. PICK UP CASSETTE and PICK UP KEY (the key may be a little hard to find so keep moving the mouse around). As always play the tape so USE CASSETTE 2 WITH TAPE RECORDER. Huh, another clue in the video. USE TAPE 1 WITH VIDEO again and youíll be prompted to type in the clue. The clue is 1=0. Okay, now letís look at Allen the dead guy. Heís got something in his hand. He wonít need it anymore so PICK UP ENVELOPE. Also note that thereís a single needle next to his free hand so PICK UP HYPODERMIC NEEDLE. Go into your inventory and LOOK AT ENVELOPE. Youíll get another tape so USE ALLAN CASSETTE WITH TAPE RECORDER. Okay, so thatís how he died. Well, you donít want Zepp to die since heís your key out of here so head back to him now (the exit is on the bottom left of the screen).

First Room II

Aw, Zepp is a big baby! Thereís no danger in here, he just wanted to tell you about the timer (well thatís what that panel was about). Now that you know youíre being timed itís that much more important to get out of here. TALK TO ZEPP if you want but he still wonít talk about Allen. You can also USE KEY 1 WITH RIGHT LEG SHACKLE if you want but itís not necessary right now.

Kitchen II

Okay, now youíre back in the kitchen in the bottom center area youíll find thereís a door so WALK TO DOOR. This is a locked door and you donít know what to do but LOOK AT BACKGROUND to find itís like paper. Now that you know this, USE KNIFE ON BACKGROUND to note some interesting numbers. The clue pretty much means you ignore all the ones and add up the rest of the numbers. LOOK AT NUMERIC SEQUENCE and type in 56. Okay, LOOK AT BOX (the one in the center of the room) and hit the buttons 0 5 6. The right arrow will flash. WALK TO DOOR, USE SMALL METAL DOOR, USE OLD KEY WITH LOCK and USE RIGHT ARROW.

Surveillance Room

Youíve made it into a room filled with monitors and other such junk. You can look at the various objects if you want but most of it doesnít do anything for you. LOOK AT MODEL BATHROOM and youíll get a mobile phone. LOOK AT MOBILE PHONE and youíll get a close up of it. No numbers work right now but if you push the button between the red and green buttons youíll get another clue. LOOK AT BRIEFCASE to open it and youíll find itís filled with fake money. PICK UP DOCUMENTS, PICK UP DOCUMENT and PICK UP TAPE before you leave the briefcase scene. The pen and the money are useless so donít bother with them. In your inventory LOOK AT DOCUMENTS and just look through all four pages. Now thereís another clue. You can also look at the second document you have but this doesnít seem any bit useful. Itís time to leave here.

Kitchen 3

When you enter the kitchen you now find that you can interact with some of the tiles on the wall so LOOK AT WALL TILE then USE WALL TILE. Youíll see the number 468 on the wall so LOOK AT MOBILE PHONE and dial 4 6 8 and the green button. Now the closed box in the room opens. LOOK AT BOX and PICK UP KEY and PICK UP TRIANGLE. Thereís nothing more to do in this room right now so LOOK AT HOLLOW.

Dungeon 2

Now that youíve seen the map move the mouse over the bottom right corner and youíll find it says area (you may have seen it before but you canít interact with until you see the map). USE SHOVEL WITH AREA to dig up a key. PICK UP KEY and since youíre here USE TAPE 2 WITH VIDEO. Youíre done with this room.

First Room 3

Now youíll finally get to open that box in this room. LOOK AT BOX and USE KEY 3 WITH LOCK. By now you should know to PICK UP TRIANGLE and PICK UP KEY. Okay, now you have all the triangles you need (one of them has been in your inventory from the start). Leave this room for now.

Surveillance Room 2

Now that you have all the triangles, you can LOOK AT BOX and USE TRIANGLE WITH MECHANISM (do you really need me to tell you to do this with all four triangles?), then USE MECHANISM to open the door. PICK UP HYPODERMIC NEEDLE and PICK UP KEY. Leave the room

First Room 4

You finally have all four keys. Obviously you need to free Zepp. Just USE KEY WITH SHACKLE or CHAIN. If you need to save time, KEY 1 OPENS RIGHT LEG SHACKLE, KEY 2 OPENS LEFT FOOT SHACKLE, KEY 3 OPENS LEFT HAND SHACKLE and KEY 4 OPENS RIGHT HAND SHACKLE. Okay, now youíve freed Zepp, he opens the door and youíre free right?

Work Room

Wrong! You still have more to do. Zepp will start searching for a way out and is no help so youíre still on your own. It seems that James is here too. This may be a little frustrating but if you look to the right middle area of the door you should find a chain. Once again there may be some searching involved. USE SAW WITH CHAIN to open the door. Once youíre inside, USE BLOOD. Game Over.

You can't win. No matter what you do you die anyway. This killer is not the original Jigsaw Murderer. If you want to know more... watch SAW III.



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