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Walkthrough from Monsieur OUXX

This walkthrough doesn't necessarily give you the highest score.

You wake up in a dark room, and you have no idea where you are or what is happening.


Wake up
You're in a room with a couch: the STARTING ROOM
LOOK AT couch : now you know that a pillow is shifted
USE couch : you get a BUS TICKET
TALK TO pit : Nikee calls for her mother into a bottomless pit; this is your very first clue that this will be a game about memories, (sub)consciousness and inner exploration.
LOOK AT "LE", then LOOK AT "P" (above the doors) : more clues that this world is metaphorical; you don't immediately get what the letters mean, but they point out to some sort of weird organization in this place.

GO left through the "LE" door.
You're now in the room with two dead guys and their explosed brains: the BRAINBROS ROOM
USE right door of the cabinet (the right-hand-side piece of furniture) : you learn two things about tha Bodymapper: 1) it's self-powered, 2) if it's obstructed there is a self-cleaning feature
USE left door of the cabinet : nothing
USE upper part of the cabinet (shelves) : nothing
USE upper-left part of the cabinet : you get the BARTENDER's BLACK BOOK
USE bottom drawer : nothing
USE middle drawer of the writing desk : you find a note. You learn that N. Tesla conducted some experiment to connect the two dead brothers' brains. This teaches you that there must be things to do with brains and consciousness transfer.
USE top drawer: you get a REMOTE CONTROLLER

Exit to the left: you enter a room with a red door and a wooden floor, the RED DOOR ROOM
USE hole in the floor. nothing

USE door. you enter a room with a lot of junk, the STORAGE ROOM
USE box: the robot gets shown
USE robot: you learn that there is a cartridge slot in the robot.

Go back to RED DOOR ROOM
Exit left. You enter a room with a fridge and a big machine: the BODYMAPPER ROOM

USE frigde : brains!
USE left-hand jar: you get the BRAIN (this is the brain of Donatien A.F., better known as Marquis De Sade).
USE bodymapper : you get a TESLA CARTRIDGE. You understand from your earlier reading about the bodymapper's features in the manual that it probably contains Tesla's spirit. You need to find a body to host it.
USE bodymapper: you see there is a dead body inside. You read earlier in the manual that there is a self-cleaning feature.
USE bodymapper's green screen: the bodymapper is now clean (it will be needed later).

exit the room to the right. You're now in the RED DOOR ROOM.
exit to the north: you're now in the STORAGE ROOM

USE TESLA CARTIDGE ON ROBOT : the robot comes to life.
TALK TO robot : you learn more about Tesla's experiments. He doesn't know he's dead ;) He's surprised that the brothers' brains exploded. More importantly, you learn that the exit can be reached by climbing down the dumbwaiter int eh laboratory, but you'll need to find a pass first. It's supposed to be in his former-self pants.

exit to the south: you are in the RED DOOR ROOM
exit to the east: you are in the BRAINBROS ROOM

TALK TO brainbros : De Sade comes to life in Nietzsche's body and curses a lot ;) You learnt hat he can teach you many dirty things like he did to his semi-fictional character Juliette.

exit South to STARTING ROOM
exit West through "P" door
You are now in the FISHTANK ROOM

USE Sipwell: you drink a cup of water
USE tank: you get the FISH. That fish can talk and knows a lot about all the places you will visit. It is a handy advisor that you can carry around ;) Just use it on most objects to receive his knowledge. exit West

You are now in a room with a lot of apparatus : the LABORATORY
USE table; you get the OSCILLATOR
USE library: you get the KAMA SUTRA
USE coil : zap! ;)

The elevator
You start off in the LABORATORY
USE chain: you climb down
you are now in a room with a gateway like in the subway or bus station: the GATEWAY ROOM
LOOK AT gateway: you learn that you need a pass (as predicted by Tesla)
USE BUS TICKET ON GATEWAY : it opens! exit West
you are now in a room with a red carpet and loose wallpaper : the ELEVATOR ROOM
USE elevator : you see the floor-selection screen. You're currently on the middle-floor. Go to the lower floor (greenish button)

You are now in a gray room with a creepy sarcophagus that looks like it came straight of the mind of Giger: the SARCOPHAGUS ROOM
LOOK AT sarcophagus: creepy
LOOK AT handprints on the wall : super creepy
LOOK AT scribblings on the wall : super duper creepy!
USE SARCOPHAGUS : Nikee won't touch it.
repeat : USE SARCOPHAGUS again: Nikee still refuses to touch, but with a different message. What does that tell you in a point n' click? Just keep repeatign until something new happens.
USE SARCOPHAGUS, USE SARCOPHAGUS: Nikee opens and finds a dead kid with no face and his body entirely pierced by the iron maiden. Yuck!
USE dead kid : Nikee starting poking it (hilarious description) and ends up with the KID'S ARM in her inventory.

USE ladder down
You are now in a disgusting SEWER with a pond in the middle : the SEWERS
USE the little ladder to reach the lower part of the room
USE the right-hand-side shaft

You are now in a narrow passage: just crawl to the exit on the right.
You are now in a room with a naked guy on a bed. This is SYPH.

USE bed : you're being told that you can't look under the bed until you're remove Syph from it.
TALK TO Syph : you learn that he can give you tips on how to progress in your journey, but only if you give him amazing, never-seen-before sex.
TALK TO Syph: you learn what's needed to have sex with him : 1) Skills, 2) Protection, 3) An indecent sextoy. Notice how the second part of the dialog (starting off with "you make a mental checklist" will change as you collect the things that are needed to get ready. For now, it tells you that you lack the skills and the protection and the tools.
USE kamasutra ON Syph : you learn that even the Kama sutra is not enough for this twisted guy.
Open your inventory and LOOK AT oscillator. It "wobbles in a pleasant fashion". It sounds like it could be used as a vibrator.
USE oscillator onto Syph: nothing happens. That sextoy might not be indecent enough.
Open your inventory: USE oscillator ON dead kid's arm. They get combined. Now, THAT is a perverted sextoy.

Go back to the elevator. click on the upper button (the blue button that says "HOME")
You are now next to a statue with a huge dong. The STATUE ROOM.

LOOK AT plaque: you start getting acquainted to Steve Dunham.
USE fish on statue : might you be currently journeying in Steve's spirit or memories?

walk left. You're outside a big blue house. That's the TREE ROOM.
Enter the house. You are now in the house's LIVING ROOM.
USE newspaper : nothing.
USE shelves : "nothing worth taking along"
LOOK AT glyphs (upper part of the screen, upstairs): you learn that they probably have a meaning. According to Nikee, the right-hand side glyph is "somewhat obvious". It shows a bed and an arrow pointing to the right. Let's go there.

Exit the room to the right (the black wall on the right-hand-side upstairs -- yes, it's a passageway)
The glyph didn't lie. By going right, you entered the house's BEDROOM
USE fish on bed : it tells you that there is probably a secret passage somewhere. We'll see that later.
Go back to the LIVING ROOM.
Exit the room to the North.

You are now on the rooftop, where you'll find a gigantic marble ALTAR
LOOK AT girls statues, USE fish on altar: we learn more about Steve: he went to a rock festival in Goa and probably had a drug trip while watching a half-naked girl. He cherishes that memory.
USE brown pots: you get a pot of LATEX.

Go back to the LIVING ROOM.
Exit left (upstairs, the black wall is also a non-obvious passageway)
You are now in the house's BATHROOM.

USE latex with bathtub.
USE latex-filled bathtub: you get in and out, and you're now coated in latex. Talk about a condom!
Go back to the LIVING ROOM.

LOOK AT couch: oh noes! Ankou appears! He's nicer than expected and sits down in the couch, telling you he'd like a non-alcoholic drink.
USE alcohol cabinet : you see all the available bottles
Open your inventory and LOOK AT the black book of cocktails. Remember the recipe for the Four Horsemen : Gold Tequila, Hunstmaster liqueur, Peppermint liqueur, White Rum.
Close your inventory and add the ingredients in the same order (just don't confuse white rum with golden rum, etc.). If you failed, you'll get a sarcastic description of your mixture (e.g. "Mexican Hooker", "Gargle Blaster", etc.). If you succeed, you'll get a glass of the Four Horsemen in your inventory.
USE four horsemen ON Ankou : he gets drunk and falls asleep.
USE sleeping Ankou : you get a pair of PLIERS and one PEBBLE. According to Celtic mythology, the latter is supposed to contain the soul of one dead.

The attic
You start off in the blue house's LIVING ROOM.
Go back to the BEDROOM.

USE lightswitch: the wardrobe moves, reveling a secret passage.
USE passage/mouth : you get in
walk up the wooden stairs
exit to the right-hand-side.

You are now in a room with a huge robot thing pointing guns at you: the SELF-DEFENSE ROOM
TALK TO machine: it says it's Steve's center of self-defense. We're still navigating in Steve's spirit. He put up a lot of defenses around his mind!
USE remote controller ON machine: it gets deactivated

exit the room to the right-hand side. You're now in a room entirely covered in wood, with two locked panels in the background.
This is the WEAPONS ROOM

USE remote controller ON room : all the weapons appear.
USE weapons: you can't take any of them :'(
USE remote controller ON room (again) : this time a giant missile/rocket appears.
USE rocket : you get EVELYN'S SMELL CARTRIDGE (you can see that by looking at it in your inventory)
go back downstairs to the living rom, and exit the blue house.

Activating the electricity
You start off in the TREE ROOM (outside the blue house)
LOOK AT horizontal hole in the ground: Nikee tells you there's a ladder

USE ladder : you get down to a small ELECTRICITY ROOM.
USE pliers ON electric box (big red wire on the left-hand side) : you fix it. Now the electricity is back.

climb back up and go back to the elevator.
You see a new white button at the top. Go there.

You enter a room with a large portrait of Nikee and graphical glitches: it's the BUGGY ROOM.
LOOK AT "blue arrow down": Nikee tells you it's "rather clickable". USE it : it doesn't work. You'll need something special.
Go back to the BRAINBROS ROOM

Banging Syph
You start off in the BRAINBROS ROOM
If you've properly followed the previous steps of this walkthrough, then :
- you own the Oscillator+kid's arm sextoy
- your body is coated in latex
- you have talked to Syph and you are aware that "you don't know if you have the skills"

TALK TO brainbros: now, two things can happen :
- If you're using Ponderabilia 01.04.2013 or older: Sade might tell you "I'll teach you all I taught young Juliette, should you ever require it". It's not normal, because at this stage he should be willing to give you tips. That means you encountered a bug. You need to take an older saved game (possibly start over the game) and re-do all the things you did, but in a different order (for example, try putting the brain back into the head AFTER getting all set up for Syph). At the time this walkthrough was written, the exact event triggering the bug has not been found out yet. So fixing your game is a trial-and-error process.
- If everything goes properly: De Sade will start his teaching. What you must remember from it is the four sexual techniques he advised, in the right order. In my game, these were : 1) One Sole Job, 2) Australian Queen, 3) Sister Anne, 4) Floating Sieve
Go back to SYPH

TALK TO syph: The dialog starts off as usual (reminder of everything you need) but this time it concludes with "Let's do this".
8 sexual positions are displayed. You need to guess what pictogram matches what position De Sade named.
1) One Sole Job: my understanding is that it's about "one sole of a foot". If you look at the pictures, the second picture from the right on the lower row is the only one where the girl touches the giant penis with one foot. Click it.
2) Australian queen : my understanding is that she's Australian because she's upside-down: Click the second picture from the right, on the upper row.
3) Sister Anne: In the legend, Sister Anne is eagerly watching the skyline in the distance, to see if anyone is approaching. Click the most right-hand-side picutre of the upper row.
4) Floating Sieve: click the most left-hand-side picture of the upper row. (I'm not sure why).
Syph cums in the most outrageous and illustrated display of debauchery.

Syph gives you DILAUDID tablets (they appear in your inventory)
Now what you need to do is a near-death experience while on drugs: you will need to 1) take the drugs, and 2) kill yourself in a non-permanent manner :)

Read below how.

Near-death experience and game ending
You start off in SYPH'S ROOM.
What you need to do is a near-death experience while on drugs: you will need to 1) take the drugs, and 2) kill yourself in a non-permanent manner :) Read below how.
open your inventory. Select the Dilaudid. Close your inventory. USE Dilaudid ON Nikee (yourself). Now you're on drugs.
Now go back to the SEWERS. Use the ladder on the left and crawl through the passage. Exit the passage on the left by USING the opening in the upper-left-hand corner (above the pipes).
You are now in a room covered in white tiles with a steel machine on the left. This is the MEAT-GRINDER room

USE switch on the right-hand side of the room: Nikee says "you don't feel safe without some sort of... backup". That's because your goal is to do a near-death experience. If you turned on the machine now and jumped into it, you'd just be killed... permanently :'( So you need to do a backup of yourself. Doesn't that sound familiar? To the bodymapper!

Go back to the BODYMAPPER room.
open your inventory. LOOK AT evelyn's smell cartridge. Nikee says "may as well write something over it". That's a hint that you can use this cartridge for your own purpose. Let's do that backup now.
USE cartridge ON bodymapper's green screen. After a shirt claustrophobic episode, Nikee gets out. It's not obvious, but if you payed attention to the bodymapper's purpose, you know that it now holds a backup to yourself. Now let's go kill Nikee ;)

Go back to the MEAT GRINDER room.
USE switch on the wall: Nikee catches the kook and gets thrown into the grinder... and dies horribly :d
Now Nikee is travelling through death and meets some sort of shaman. Pass the dialog by clicking (be aware that you can skip your own sentences by clicking anywhere on-screen, but you need to click stricly on the shaman's text to skip it).
you got a POINTER (it's in your inventory)
go back to the BUGGY ROOM

USE pointer (the one in your inventory!) ON blue arrow. A door appears.
USE door : Nikee goes and opens it
You're now in a circular white room with a big tank at the top, containing a black sculpted face. The ORACLE ROOM

TALK TO black sculpted face : its eyes open and it says "trade me His essence for passage".
You need to give that guy the essence/spirit of Steve. If you remember what I said from the Ankou myth, then you have it right here in your pocket.
USE pebble ON black sculpted face : the left-hand-side door opens

exit to the left.
You're now in a dark room with a large screen in the center : the FINAL ROOM
TALK TO screen: it explains to you the whole story, and offers you the choice of bringing Steve back to life/consciousness (by pushing the red button), or to shut him down forever by not pushing the button.
USE red button: now the choice is yours: Select YES to revive Steve, or NO to let him die. Enjoy the two endings!




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