Masks of Nyarlathotep - New York Chapter



January 1925. The mysterious message from an old friend sheds new light on the tragic fate of the Carlyle-Expedition,
that went missing in the African bush some years ago. Soon, the case evolves into a globe-trotting adventure to thwart the plans of an evil god.
'Masks of Nyarlathotep - New York Chapter' is the first part of a classic point'n'click adventure campaign, inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

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Day 1 - January 14th 1925
After you wake up, change into the clothes hanging over the paravent. Then pick up your
homework on the table, open the upper drawer and take the five dollar bill. Leave the
room through the door and walk to the bottom of the stairs, then pick up the telegram
on the cupboard and watch the cutscene about your friend Elias. Talk to Mrs. Castaigne
next and exhaust all dialog options regarding the Carlyle-Expedition, then get Erica
Carlyle's phone number from the drawer of the cupboard.
Leave the foyer through the main door. On Castaigne's front yard, enter the tool shed
in the background. Pick up the oil flask on the workbench, the rope from the wall and
the crowbar by the door, then leave again. Talk to Al Condillac by the car and ask him
to drive you into town. On the city map steer to the northern end to reach the next
location, Columbia University. At the university, enter the door to Professor Moon's
office. Give your homework to the professor, then ask him about the Carlyle-Expedition.
Leave his office and enter the library through the other door at the campus. Walk to
the news archive on the far right containing articles from the past decade and interact
with it. Search the drawers labeled '1919' and '1920' to receive the official backstory
of the expedition. Leave the library through the door you came in, and it should be
night time by now. Talk to Al to drive you back to Castaigne's estate, walk back to
your room, change into your pajamas and go to bed.

Day 2 - January 15th 1925
After you wake up, change into your clothes and make your way to the foyer. When reaching
the bottom of the stairs, a small cutscene with a phone call from Elias will follow. Leave
the house and speak to Al, who drives you into town again. On the city map, drive to the
Chelsea Hotel in the southeastern corner of Manhattan. Before entering the hotel proper,
walk off-screen to the left. You reach the backyard of the hotel with a wailing bum and
immediately return to the lobby. Open the glass door and (to save some time) interact with
it again to close it behind you. Talk to the portier, tell him about the bum in the
backyard and he will leave his desk for a short time. While he is gone, interact with the
key cabinet to attain Elias' room key and a letter from Harvard. Wait for the portier to
return, then leave the lobby to the upper floor.
In the hotel staircase, pick up the fire extinguisher and use Elias' room key (or the
crowbar) with the door. Watch the cutscene with the villains fleeing over the fire stairs.
Inside Elias' room, pick up the letter on the desk, the keys from his jacket and the business
card from the carpet, then look at his corpse. In the close-up window, interact with the scar
symbol and the breast pocket, then leave the close-up view. Use the radiator to climb out to
the fire stairs. Outside, take the brownsock from the clothesline, walk down and interact
with the flyer which gets stuck in the broken rain pipe. Walk down further and use the oil
with the mechanism of the fire ladder, then use the lever. Climb down the fire ladder, use
the old sock with the opening of the rain pipe, climb up again and interact with the tilted
rain pipe. Et voila, climb down the ladder one last time to retrieve the flyer from the sock,
the leave for the hotel lobby.
Use the small keys from Elias' jacket with his suitcase on the cart, and pick up the last
two clues at this location. Leave the lobby (just to make sure), then come back again and
use the phone receiver to alert the police (119). After a short discussion with officer
Poole, leave by talking to Al and head back to the estate. Walk back to your room and
inspect your inventory to catch up with the story. Change into pajamas, go to bed and
enjoy the bad guys cutscene.

Day 3 - January 16th 1925
After you wake up, change into your clothes and make your way to the foyer. Talk to Mrs.
Castaigne and she will offer to help you get in contact with Erica Carlyle. Use the drawer
of the cupboard to find the numbers of both Harvard and Miskatonic (36363 and 54680). Call
those numbers for more information regarding the case. Walk outside and talk to Al to drive
you into town. On the city map, visit Prospero Press first, located in the middle of Manhattan.
Open the door, walk to the upper floor and have a long talk with Jonah Kensington about Elias.
When finished, inspect the file cabinet behind you and read/collect all the different entries,
then leave again to the city map. Visit Emerson Imports now, located at the docks of the Hudson
River. At Emerson's, talk to the dock worker and learn when Mr. Emerson is expected to return.
Talk to Al, drive up to the university, show your sketch of the scar symbol to Prof. Moon.
When returning to the city map now, it should be night time and you have to visit Emerson
Imports once more. Use the crowbar with the crate outside on the left, only to find unsuspicious
knick-knacks. Leave to the city map and drive home for good. Walk to your room, change into your
pajamas and go to bed.

Day 4 - January 17th 1925
After you wake up, change into your clothes and make your way to the foyer. Mrs. Castaigne has
arranged an invitation to one of Erica Carlyle's cocktail parties she's holding today. There is
a package from Prof. Cowles you need to pick up as well. Leave the estate for the city map and
drive to Carlyle's penthouse, located next to Central Park.
At her party, talk to Erica Carlyle but she's in too good of a mood to discuss her brother's
death. Walk over to the piano player and ask him about a sad piece. Give the five dollar bill
to the piano player and the music will change, then talk to Erica Carlyle again. Exhaust all
dialog options until she gives you a clue about forbidden books in her library. After that, walk
next to the staircase on the left side and wait for the guest to put down his glass after a short
while. Quickly pick up the glass, then use it with the plant right next to him. This will result
in the guest giving way to the upper floor and the library.
Inside the library, notice the one open lid with the trophy, while all the others are closed.
Arrange the movable stairs so you are able to close the lid, which then will open another one.
Close all required lids (and choose the romantic novels over the clock) to reveal the safe behind
the final panel. You need the combination from E.A. Poe's works (in-game) first, arrange the
movable stairs to reach them and write down the numbers (it's R4-L5-R1-L7). Then interact with
the safe and solve the mini-puzzle. After acquiring the books from the safe, open the door to the
balcony, use the rope with the railing and then use said rope to leave the place. Drive to the
university next and show all three books to Prof. Moon. Entering the city map now will trigger
night time, and there is nothing left to do than to drive home. Walk to your room, change into
your pajamas and go to bed.

Day 5 - January 18th 1925
After you wake up, change into your clothes and make your way to the foyer. Leave the estate and
drive to Emerson Imports on the city map. Enter Emerson's office in the back of the warehouse and
exhaust all dialog options with Mr. Emerson to learn about the Ju-Ju House in Harlem. Back on the
city map, drive to the new location in Harlem to the north. Here you may enter the store, look
around and talk to Silas N'Kwane, but it's not necessary. In the Harlem street, you need to walk
left and use the crowbar with the planks covering the pawn shop entrance. Use the ladder to reach
the second floor and walk right until you reach a gap. Interact with the loose cables to make your
way across, then inspect the chute and you will be advised to return after dark. Walk back to Al,
who has a new dialog option to drive around the block until night time, choose it.
At night, the store is closed but you are now able to enter through the chute after getting there
the same way as before. Inside the store, interact with the rug to reveal a trap door, then pick
up the coin jar and leave again by placing one of the bongo drums under the chute opening. Walk
back down to the Harlem Street and talk to Al to leave for the city map. Drive back to Castaigne's
estate, enter the tool shed, then use the coin jar with the vice and bust it open. Among the coins
is a key to the Ju-Ju trap door. Sou you leave the shed, talk to Al, drive back to Harlem and make
your way into the store (again, I know).
There you must use the Ju-Ju key with the trap door to enter the ritual room. (NOTE: The following
section has an arcade element and you are able to die, sou you might want to save the game here.)
Upon entering their ceremonial chamber, the steel door slams shut behind you. Inside the chamber,
before opening the curtain, you should lift the heavy stone plate by using the winch. Then open the
curtain and you will be chased by two (slow) zombies. You can lure them over here and there, but
most effectively you walk straight down to the lower right corner - wait there until the zombies
are approaching, then run to the upper right corner when the tentacle is absent. By forcing the
zombies through the narrow sacrificial spot, they are most likely to be devoured by the Chakota
inside the pit. When the zombies are gone, lower the stone plate again, pick up all the artefacts
(i.e. bowl, book, leopard fur and mask), then pull the hook to open the steel door.
Outside, you will meet officer Poole again, basically wrapping up the New York chapter. Talk to
Al, drive to the estate, walk to your room, change into your pajamas and go to bed.

Day 6 - January 19th 1925
After you wake up, change into your clothes and make your way to the foyer. Mrs. Castaigne has gone
to Elias' funeral as should you. Talk to Al, leave the estate and drive to the cemetery. Enjoy one
last cutscene setting stuff up for the sequels.




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