The Lost Prince Of Lorden

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You are on your way to Bridgetown, a large and prosperous village on the northern shores of Lorden. There are four villages in all. One to the north, east, south and west points of the Isle. You have travelled South, from The Lore Lands across the river Yeatham, to hold council with Good King Aarion in his castle. He and his daughter, Princess Petal, command the four villages and the Isle of Lorden. Reaching the castle gate your trusty steed becomes suddenly spooked, obviously by a feeling only it can sense, and throws you, unceremoniously, from its back. You awake to find that you have no idea as to where you are or how you even ended up in this predicament.

Written By RetroJay.

Walk left from the Kingdom Gate.
Talk to man standing there about everything.
Continue to walk left.
Look at foreground bushes and notice that one section is darker. Examine this.
You will learn that a path continues under this bush.
You need something sharp to cut it away with.
Continue left into Fircombe Forest.
You will discover that it's too dark to continue any further, at this time.

Go back to the Kingdom Gate.
Look carefully and notice a longer 'blade' of grass has appeared by the road side.
Examine this and you will learn that it is extremely sharp. Pick it up.
This is the (play on words) blade you need to cut away the bush.
walk left until you reach the archway and use the blade of grass on the bush.
With the bush gone, walk down the path.
You are now in an overgrown area with trees hanging over the path. Walk right.

You are in a dark area among ruins.
You will notice mushrooms growing at the base of the ruins.
By all means look but don't touch these!
Walk left and make your way back to the Kingdom gate.
On the way you will encounter the man you spoke with earlier.
This isn't a pleasant meeting as he robs you of everything you own.
Annoying as this is continue to the Kingdom gate, you won't catch the thief.

Once at the Kingdom gate you will see a young boy fishing from the drawbridge.
Speak with him about everything.
He will agree to give you his net if you bring him two non-poisonous mushrooms.
When he explains the mushrooms required make a note of what he says.

Here they are.
You can collect them in any order.

"A short, thick, dark brown stem with two vertical grooves travelling the stems length.
A large, round, deep cap.
This is dark yellow in colour with three light green spots.
The gills on the underside of the cap are dark red in colour."

"A short, thin, dark green stem with four, light, red rings encircling the stems girth.
A small, oval, shallow cap.
This is light brown in colour with six dark brown stripes.
The gills on the underside of the cap are light yellow in colour."

Walk back to the ruins and examine each mushroom in turn (do NOT touch).
You should have made a note of the 2 mushrooms required.
When you are happy that a mushroom is identical to that on your notes. Pick it.
Now take both mushrooms back to the young boy at the Kingdom gate.
Speak with him again and you will swap the mushrooms for his net.
Go back to the ruins.

You will see that fireflies have appeared around a bush.
Speak with the fireflies (this seems strange but in part 2 or 3 all will be explained).
They will show you a way behind the ruins.
Follow the path they have lit.

You now find yourself in a spooky cemetery.
Look at the stain glass window.
An inscription reads "A key in place, you will find. Five down two in, it lies behind."
Look at the bricks underneath this window.
Count Five bricks down and Two bricks in (from the right).
Examine the brick and you should read about the mortar looking powdery.
Try pulling the brick from the wall.
Leave the cemetary and make your way back to Fircombe forest.

Enter the darkness of Fircombe to discover that you are being watched by many eyes.
You feel that something terrible has happened.
Leave Fircombe forest and make your way back to the Kingdom gate.

What is this. The road has been destroyed!
Standing at the edge of the destroyed road is a man. Speak with him about everything.
He will give you his trowel if you can bring him a knife.
Go back to the overgrown path where the trees overhang and look at the right tree.
You will notice a different coloured patch on the moss going up the tree.
Examine this and you will get a closeup of the tree where you will find a knife. Take it.
Look on the ground behind you and find the patch of moss that was cut from the tree.
Take the patch of moss and go back to the destroyed road.
Talk to man standing at the edge and you will swap the knife for his trowel.
Go back to the cemetery.

Use the trowel on the loose brick under the window and a rusty key will drop out.
Take the key and walk right until you come to the rusty gates of a crypt.
Use the key on the gates, they will open.
Enter the crypt.

Take the armour from the tomb and wear it.
Examine the tomb wall and find that you must find your stolen amulet.
Leave the crypt.
Go back to the overgrown path where the trees overhang the path.

Look at the left tree.
You will notice that this tree has a hollow stump.
Examine this stump and you will see something in it.
Interact with the stump and you will retrieve your stolen amulet.
Go back to the crypt.

Use the amulet on the tomb wall.
The tomb wall will drop down revealing a sword.
Take the sword.
Examine the mound of dirt at the back of the crypt, in different places.
You will, eventually, find a small X made from pebbles.
Use the trowel to dig a small hole here and you will find a pouch of gold pieces.
Leave the crypt.

Back in the cemetery examine the headstone of the grave underneath the owl.
Interact with the grave dirt and find you need a shovel.
Walk left and leave the cemetery.

Make your way back to Fircombe forest.
You will meet a man, if indeed that's what he is, selling goods.
Speak with him and purchase a shovel from him with the gold you found.

Go back to the cemetery and use the shovel on the grave dirt underneath the owl.
You will uncover a stash of empty whisky bottles and take one of them.
walk left and leave the cemetery.

Now use the net on the fireflies and catch some of them.
In the inventory use the net of fireflies with the empty bottle creating a torch.
walk left and make your way back to Fircombe forest.

Enter Fircombe forest.
Use the bottle full of fireflies on the darkness.
All becomes light.

If you haven't done so already, wear the armour.
you should have the sword and the patch of moss with you.
Walk left to venture into the depths of Fircombe.

The End.

Thank you for playing.
I do hope you enjoyed my first game.



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