The Station:


Walk straight ahead out of the station. On the right you can see the ticket booth. You can have a go and try to call someone but there will be no answer. Turn left and straight ahead. Youíre following the railway now. Thatís the way to Karabalta. Walk into the park and then straight ahead. On the left youíll see a building. Itís closed. A bit ahead the path goes two ways: one to the left, the hotel and one to the right, town. Since we had a long day, weíll go to the hotel first, so turn left. You can see it in the distance now. Walk twice forward to enter the hotel. Quite dark here.

The Hotel:

In the back is a man. Walk to him. The man behind the desk, hotelowner Saban Polat, turns on the light and welcomes you, gives you a KEY and the roomnumber: 206. Talk to Saban and ask him about the campers and the last time he saw them. Heíll give you their KEY of room 102. Say goodnight to Saban and turn right. In the back is the elevator. Push a button on the right and select the second floor. Select the left side of the hall and take the key of room 206 from the inventory. Enter the room and click on the chair to do some studying of the documents you brought with you. You can learn about the three campers and the three witnesses that saw them on their last day. After reading you go to bed.

The Nightmare:

After you hear the scream you open the door. In the hallway you can hear itís coming from room 201. Look at the door and open it. After a hard pull you can open it to discover one black room. Step inside. The door will be shut behind you. Itís very dark now. Touch in front of you in the dark. Try to open the door. Itís locked. Turn around and walk down the hall. A door to the left and a coffin in front of you. You canít do anything with the coffin. Look at the door. Try to open it. Thereís someone locked behind it. Look at the coffin again. Open the coffin. What are those stains? Turn around to see a passage. Enter it. Behind it is another door. Itís not closed. Enter the room and look at the bed. Turn around and look at the door.

Open the door to find yourself back in the hallway. Check the doors left and right. They are all closed. Turn around. Thereís the elevator again. Take the elevator to the lobby. Step forward and check out the mens room. Nothing special. Turn around and enter the ladies. Youíre just in time to see someone run off. Thereís Saban on the floor. Touch him. Heís cold. Go through the door and look at the rope. Take whateverís hanging on it. Itís your old BADGE. Turn around and open the door. Go to the mens room again. It has changed. Thereís blood and something in the sink. Take the envelope and open it. Thereís a KEY in it. Look up and look in the mirror. Turn around and youíre outside again. Look at the left. The manís not confused? Turn around twice to face the elevator.

Go to the first level. Look to the left side of the hall and try the middle door. Use the key you found in the toilet on the door and open it. YouíreÖ. outside? Walk ahead three screens until youíre in the room. Look at the skull. Touch the skull. The door is now unlocked. Go through the door to find another one. There are three skeletons. What is this place. Turn around and find a door. Itís locked. Turn around again andÖ.

Your room:

Thereís somebody at the door. Open the door and talk to Saban. When youíre outside, step forward to the elevator and go to the lobby. On the left is Saban. Talk to him. Aks him about the other two witnesses. When youíve heard enough, say goodbye and youíre outside. Time to go to town to investigate some more.

To Town:

Walk three screens straigh ahead. Look through the open window to find Saban. Heíll open the door. Talk to him about the other two witnesses and the campers. Ask him more about the date the camper went to the hotel. Leave Mr. Taner and turn around.

The Lake:

At the junction turn left. Walk past Efe market and youíll come to a building near the lake. Turn right here and then forward to the lake. Thereís a boat and the entrance to the building. The building is closed and thereís nobody to answer so turn around and get into the boat. Youíll end up on the other side of Lake Karebalta. Thereís someone standing near the lake. Talk to the person. Heíll ask you why you quit your job. Itís best to tell the truth. Follow the man to the rock the campers stayed last. Look at the rock and talk some more to the man. Aks him about the hut near the lake where Yalcin Sandal should live. Heíll take you there.

Talk to Yalcin. He isnít very friendly. Heíll tell you about the Lost One. Tell him about the campers and the murder of his two daughters. Heíll ask you where you got that information. Itís best not to tell him. Turn around and face Cagri again. Youíll get back to the other side of the lake. Since the Efe Market is still closed, you go back to town.

In Town:

Go back to the apartment of the judge again. Talk to him. Tell him you talked to Yalcin and heíll tell you about the Lost One. There are others who know more about it. After your conversation, turn back to the hotel.

The Hotel:

Talk to Saban again. Heíll tell you about the Lost One. Then heíll tell you about Mrs Cagri in room 106. Sheís worried about her husband. Go to the elevator and to the first floor. On the left side is room 106. Knock on the door and talk to Mrs. Cagri. Reassure her. Then leave her. Since youíre on this floor, you can have a look at room 102. Itís on the other side of the hall. Use the key from your inventory to open the door. Thereís nothing to be found here. Leave the room and go to your own room.

Use your bed to get some rest. When you hear a knock you get up and see a letter under the door. Pick up the LETTER. Open the door to see someone just using the elevator. Go after him. But you have to wait for the elevator. When youíre finally downstairs you can just see someone leaving through the front door. When you try to open the door, you hear Mr. Polat from the toilet where heís locked in. Help him or follow the man? Leave the man for now and help Mr. Polat. Youíll be sent to room 201. Go to the room and see the statue. Open the bottom drawer to find the red KEY. Look at the statue. Feel the statue. Leave the room and go back to the lobby. Use the key on the mens room and free Mr. Polat. Talk to him about the letter. Give the letter to Mr. Polat. He recognises the handwriting and advises you not to go. Of course you go. Youíre sure about that. Back on the street again, walk three times straight ahead to the boat. Use the boat. Three times straight ahead to use the boat.


Walk twice forward to the restaurant. Use the door on the right. Look at the candle. Open the door to the kitchenÖ Meet Lost One. Tell him heís not your friend. Crawl through the opening. Walk three times forward, back to Leventís. There are three coffins. Look in each and take two TAROT CARDS from each coffin. After taking the last two you notice a red wall outside. Go over there and have a close look. You must put the correct card with the correct person: From left to right, top to bottom: The Hangman, The Strength, The Balance, The Empress, The Hermit and The Sun. To get your sight back, you must cut the fruit. Take the knife from the left side. Use the knife to kill The Lost One instead of the child. Look at Merve. Sheíll guide you to the light. Walk straight ahead and enter Leventís again. In front of you is a door taped shut by the police. Use your knife to cut the tape. Take your GUN from the box and enter through the door. Thereís a padlock on it. Use the gun to shoot the lock. Then you can move on until youíre at a mirror. Look at the reflection. Use your gun on the reflection. Point at it and shoot. Donít let the reflection talk you out of it. Leave your dark side behind and go through the opening. On a table are your SHOTGUN and your GLASSES. Look through the bars. Thereís Merve. Go back in and discover the body is gone, leaving a lot of blood. Go through the opening again. Open the unknown door and walk towards the end of the tunnel. Youíre out just in time to see Merve get shot. Shoot the Lost One with your shotgun several times. You should be able to see him fall. Shoot him one more time and heíll be dead. You walk back to Merve but sheís gone. It starts to snow.

The Graveyard:

Mr. Taner found you in a grave. Take his hand. Together you walk to his house. Open the door.

In Town:

When asked for a breakfast accept it. It doesnít matter if you accept the asperine or not. Talk to Mr. Taner about the day before and your lie. Then go back to the hotel.

The Hotel:

In the lobby is nobody. When walking to the elevator, Mrs. Efekan greets you. Talk to her. Ask her about Cagri and Saban. After talking go to the elevator and go to your room. Look at the walls. Go back downstairs again and talk to Mrs Efekan. Sheíll go with you to see for herself. Leave the apartment again and go downstairs. Leave the hotel and walk straight ahead to the apartment of Saban.

In Town:

Aks him about Yalcin Sandal, the twin and the text in your room. Heíll tell you more. Leave him and turn left at the crossing. Go back to the lake and take the boat to the other side. Go to Leventís and go inside.


Take the BAT from the table. Go to the kitchen to see what has changed. You canít take the shovel but it proves Yalcin was here. Leave the kitchen and leave Leventís. Walk to Yalcins hut. Knock on the door but no one will anser. Decide to go back to the hotel.

The hotel:

Saban is in the lobby. Talk to him. He ask you to go to the room of Cagri and Derya so take the elevator to the first floor. All blood. Take the elevator back to the lobby and talk to Saban again. You must go to the hut of Yalcin again to take the keys, then use these to get into Efeís Market to see whatís hidden there. You also shouldnít talk to Mr. Taner anymore. But first a good rest in room 205. Use the elevator and go to room 205. Use the bed but you canít sleep. Eventually youíll see Saban again in the lobby. Heíll give you a MUSIC BOX. You might need it. After getting the keys, come back to the hotel and donít talk to Mr. Taner. Leave the hotel and go to the lake.

Yalcinís Hut:

When in front of the hut, go to the right side of the hut. This way you can look through the window. Heís still there so you canít get the keys. Go to the other side of the hut and put the music box near the front door. That will make Yalcin leave and you can go in. Take the keys from the drawer and leave the house again. Then back to the hotel.

The Hotel:

Saban is not in the lobby but left a note. You must go to his room so take the elevator to the second floor and go to room 201. Saban is on his bed. Heíll give you a TORCH and a GUN. Now leave for Efeís Market.

Efeís Market:

Enter the market with the keys you got. Inside itís dark so you use the torch. Walk towards the depot and use the keys again on this lock. Walk towards the door and use the keys again. Follow the hallway to the next gate. [save your game here, you might die] Be careful. Take your gun out. Remember you only have one bullet. Look at the gate and whatís behind it. Someone finds you. Itís Yalcin. As soon as heís in front of you, shoot him otherwise heíll burn you. Now heís dead use the keys to open the gate and open the coffin. As soon as you know whatís in it, leave the market and go outside.

The Hotel:

Use the levator to go to the second floor. You find your room door open. Go in the room and find another letter on the floor. Read the letter. That explains a lot. Leave your room and go to room 201. ThereísÖ Cagri? Youíre in the elevator. Light go out. Walk to the two candles. Go in to the mens room. Thereís Saban again. Pull the curtains. Saban will tell you where the campers are and what happened to them. Together youíll go to room 103. Open the door. Youíll learn more about the campers. Youíll be taken to room 106. Derya Efekan is lying on the bed. She can become your wife: Cagri is dead. But you must return a favour.

Together you go to room 205. Alper Taner is tied to the bed. Look at him. He ask you to take your bat and hit Saban with it. Saban goes to the floor. Take your gun out and try to shoot himÖ you only had one bullet. Saban runs off. Follow him out the door and see how he escapes. Donít follow him but free Alper Taner first. Turn around and talk to Alper. Take the KNIFE out of the shoe. As the lights go out, take the torch from your inventory and light it. Leave the room use the staircase to go to room 103 to save the campers and room 106 to see Derya. Walk to her. Ask her if sheís alright. Turn around and talk to Alper. Leave the hotel from the lobby. Walk straight ahead to the graveyard.

The Graveyard:

Saban will come running at you as soon as you enter the graveyard. The moment he jumps, get the knife from the inventory and use it to kill him. This is where the investigation endsÖ