Lydia and the Mystery of Nellreno Manor

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The game starts in Lydia’s Cabin in Camp Mingo-Sun. 
* Pick up the Pocketknife near the bed. {Sprite Animation for Lydia: Picking up Item while standing (Facing left)}
* Exit the cabin through the door on the right.  This goes to the area outside the cabins.

As Lydia exits the first time, she remembers she wanted to talk her friends Denise and Kiki.
* Enter the next door nearest to Lydia’s Cabin.  This is Denise’s Cabin.
* Talk to Denise.  She tells you to meet her in the mess hall.  She also allows you to take the rope before she leaves.
* Pick up the Rope at the foot of the bed.
* Exit the cabin (go down).
* Go to the door just next to Denise’s Cabin—this leads to Kiki’s Cabin.  (If you try to go to Kiki’s Cabin before talking to Denise first, Lydia will say that she isn’t awake yet).
* Talk to Kiki.  Lydia will explain of her meeting with Denise.  Kiki will admit she understands, and says to meet her near the campfire circle after talking with Denise.  She also allows you to take her spare Flashlight  before she leaves.
* Take the Flashlight.
* Exit the Cabin (go down).
* Right next to Kiki’s Cabin is a large house—it’s the Mess Hall.  Go through the door.

In the Mess Hall
* Sit on the bench (click the Hand Icon to do so).  If you already spoke with Denise in her cabin, she will soon sit down next to you.
* Talk to Denise.
-Talk Topics:
--How she likes camp: Lydia asks how Denise likes camp so far.  Denise will reply that it has its moments, but she’s liking it.
--Kiki: Lydia talks about Kiki being at the campfire circle.  Denise says she likes the campfire—she always loves toasting marshmallows.  Both girls giggle.
--Outside Camp: Lydia asks what’s outside camp.  Denise mentions the forest, mountain and Nellreno Mansion.  This will unlock another topic.
--Nellreno Mansion (Again, this topic only appears after you talk about what’s outside camp):  Lydia asks for more about Nellreno Mansion.  Denise will tell you of a family that once lived there, and vanished under strange circumstances.  This will also unlock the option to say goodbye to her.
* After you’ve spoken to Denise, go ahead and tell her goodbye..  Pick up the Hot Sauce before you go (you’ll need it soon, trust me).
* Exit the Mess Hall.
* Leave to the right—this takes you to the campfire circle.

At the Campfire Circle
* If you already asked Denise about Nellreno Mansion, and already met with Kiki in her cabin earlier, sit down (click the Hand on the Stump next to Kiki).  Sitting on the stump automatically triggers a conversation.
-Talk Topics:
--How’s Camp?  (Lydia will ask how camp is so far.  Kiki will answer that it is great, but wonders why Lydia overdresses.  Lydia will answer that she does have a bikini for the lake, to which Kiki says “There you go.”)
--What Denise said (only appears if you spoke to Denise about Kiki): Lydia will talk to Kiki about Denise and how she learned Kiki likes toasting marshmallows.  Kiki admits she has a sweet tooth.
--Nellreno Mansion: Lydia asks Kiki about what she knows of Nellreno Mansion.  Kiki mentions that after many years of being abandoned, some new inhabitants moved in, and suspicious goings-on have been reported.  This will also unlock the option to say goodbye.
* After ending the conversation (i.e. telling her goodbye), Lydia will automatically stand up.  Go to the right to go to the Edge of Camp.
* Go up one screen.  If you already spoke to both Denise and Kiki about Nellreno Mansion, you’ll head into the forest, on “Trail A” on the map.  (If you try to go out of camp before talking to both Denise and Kiki, Lydia will turn back, saying “I don’t want to go out of camp… at least till I know where I want to go.”)

* Go up two screens (to the four-way intersection).  Go left first.  You’ll arrive at the Elm Stump.
* You’ll see a Hatchet stuck in the Stump.  If you click the Hand on it, Lydia will say “It’s stick in there good.  I need something to pry it out.” {Sprite Animation for Lydia here: Struggling to get the Hatchet from the Stump. (Facing Left)}
* Click the Pocketknife on the Hatchet in the Stump.  The Hatchet will come loose, and Lydia will say so when it does.  {Sprite Animation for Lydia: Using the Pocketknife on the Hatchet. (Facing left)}
* After using the Pocketknife, click the Hand on the Hatchet again, and Lydia will now pick up the Hatchet.  {Sprite Animation for Lydia: Picking up item while standing, Facing left}
* Go back to the intersection, and this time go right (east).  You’ll head to the Thorny Thicket.
* This room of the map is aptly name, as there is a Thorny Thicket.  If you try to go into the thicket, or click the Hand on it, Lydia will turn to the player and say “And ruin my dress?  Get serious!”
* Click the Hatchet on the front patch of thorns and Lydia will chop enough away for you to see something.
* There’s a golden key in the thicket.  Pick it up.  The inventory will identify it as the “Mansion Key.”
* Return to the intersection.

Saving Denise
* Go up one to the three-way junction (with the horizontal fallen log).  Head right.
* Approach the hole.  Oh, no!  A bear has emerged!  Quickly, before it gets a chance to slash you, splash the Hot Sauce on it to drive it away!
* After the Bear is driven away, Lydia will hear someone call for help.  She recognizes it as Denise!  Use the Rope on the Sturdy Stump next to the hole.
* Click the Hand on the Rope to go down.
* It IS Denise down here!  Click the Hand on her to help her to her feet.   As thanks, she’ll give you the Gate Key (a silver key), and head back to camp.
* If you want, head back to camp and return to the mess hall to talk to her.
Talk Topics
--Denise: Denise is a bit sore, but she’ll be fine.
--Hot Sauce: Lydia will tell Denise she used the hot sauce
--Kiki: Denise will tell Lydia that Kiki was hunting for firewood... then remembers that she was close to Nellreno Mansion, and worries about her.
* Whether or not you spoke with Denise back at the Mess Hall, head back to the junction with the horizontal log.  Go up two more screens to reach the mountain.


You start out at the Bottom of the Mountain.
* Go up and up again to the Ravine.
* Be careful not to step too close to the edge!  It’s a LONG way down!  Go left.
* You start at the south end of the Ravine Bridge.  Some “fences” keep you from falling to your death.  The bridge is old, but stable.  Go up across the bridge.  (Some “invisible threads” keep you from falling off the bridge.  You’ll arrive at the north end of the Ravine Bridge, where more “fences” keep you from falling to your death.  Once you’ve crossed the bridge to the north end, go right.
* Now you’re on the other side of the Ravine.  This time, the dangerous edge is below.  Go up and up again.  You’re on top of the mountain, and the mansion isn’t far away.  Go toward the mansion.  You’ll arrive at the Mansion Grounds.

Outside Nellreno Mansion

Mansion Grounds
* Use the Gate Key (the silver key) to open the gate.
* Go through the gate

Front Doors
* You will meet a man outside the doors.  Talk to him.  His name is Pietro, the new inhabitant of the mansion.  Lydia will explain she found the two keys in the forest.  Pietro will then say he needs to talk to someone in the mansion, go inside, and lock the doors.
* DON’T USE THE MANSION KEY YET!!!  Two bad guys will ambush you.  Go left to the “Left Side” instead.

Left Side
* Click the Hand on the Bush near the window.  Lydia will kneel behind it to hide and eavesdrop.
* In the conversation, Pietro is angry that the two henchmen dropped their keys in the forest.  Henchman 1 said he dropped it when catching a girl in the forest who he suspected spying on them.  Henchman 2 got spooked by a bear (the same bear that Lydia encountered when she found Denise).  From what Lydia overhears, Pietro is trying to revive his gang of drug runners and thieves, which originally disbanded when the previous family of the mansion defeated in a duel the original leader—Pietro’s own grandfather.  Since he doesn’t want any further screw-ups, Pietro assigns Henchman 1 to guard duty in the secret lookout in the observatory, and tells him to hide the entrance (so you don’t have to encounter him prematurely, player).  And Henchman 2 will guard the secret location, in case it does get discovered by Lydia.
(Note: If you spoke with Denise back at camp prior to arriving to the mansion, Lydia will say that she remembered Denise said Kiki was hunting firewood earlier.  If not, Lydia says something like “I found Denise, but not Kiki yet…”  In both cases, she’ll say “Uh oh!” knowing that Kiki’s in danger.)
* Click the Walk Icon anywhere to stand back up.  It’s now safe to use the Mansion Key to enter the Mansion.  Go back to the Front Doors.

Front Doors
* Now use the Mansion Key.  After using the key, you go in automatically.  Then next time you go out, click the Hand Icon to open the doors.

Inside Mansion, 1st Floor

You’ll be in the main hall.  Go right.  You’ll find the stairs to the basement.  Go down the stairs.  Now you’re in the basement.  You’ll notice a pile of scrap in the corner.  You can’t remove it right now.  For now just get the Crypt Key (it looks like a pale gray key with a skull).   Retrace your steps and go back outside.

Outside Nellreno Mansion

From the front doors screen, go right, then upwards till you get to the garden.  Go up again to reach the crypt.

Outside Crypt
* Use the Crypt Key to open the Crypt Door.
* Enter the Crypt.

Inside the Crypt
* Look at the child’s niche (click the Eye/Look icon on the smaller niche in the walls).  You learn he died from an accident involving his chemistry set.  You also learn he loved playing with marbles.
* Look at the mother’s niche (click the Eye/Look icon on the larger niche in the walls).  You’ll find a scrap of paper that has the woman’s favorite marble cake recipe (it appears in your inventory as the Marble Cake Recipe Card).
* Open the master sarcophagus in the center of the crypt (click the Hand Icon on it).  Look into it (click the Eye/Look icon into the open sarcophagus).  You learn that he was a former criminal, but reformed.  He was then marked for death for deserting his former clan… but he didn’t go down without a fight.  Lydia suspects that Pietro’s grandfather may have been this man’s opponent.
* Leave the crypt.

Outside areas
* Go back to the front doors and reenter.

Inside Mansion, 1st Floor

From the main hall, go up through the grand hall, then up through the doorway with the table in it to enter the dining area, go through the door in the dining area, and you’ll be in the kitchen.

* Click the Marble Cake Recipe Card anywhere in the kitchen room (or on Lydia while she’s in the kitchen).  Lydia will make some Marble Cupcakes.   These will automatically be added to the inventory.

Exit the kitchen and dining area, then cross the grand hall and go into the left to enter the den.

* There’s an unopened bottle of Whiskey.  Take it.

Exit the den, and then cross the grand hall again, enter the doorway on the right wall, and go up the stairs to the second floor.

Inside Mansion, 2nd Floor

Uh, oh!  At the top of the stairs is the first henchman (Henchman 1).  Quickly give him the Whiskey.  (If for some reason you don’t have the whiskey, click the hand on the stairway to make a quick escape.)  He’ll get drunk and crash down the stairs.  You won’t have to deal with him again, so it’s safe now on the first and second floors.

After dealing with Henchman 1, go left one screen to enter the first room of the first hall..  Go up one, and then go right to the Guest Bedroom.  (Click the hand on the door)

Guest Bedroom
* Pick up the scrap of paper on the bed.  It’s a formula for a strong dissolving agent.

Exit the Guest Bedroom, go up one and go right.  This is one of the bathrooms.

Bathroom 1
* There’s a makeup compact in the room (the pink object near the mirror).  Take it—there’s still some powdered makeup in it.

Exit the bathroom and then go up to the Master Bedroom.

Master Bedroom
* Pick up the book on the bedside table if you want—it’s Pietro’s Diary.  Lydia will read it.  It confirms her suspicions that Pietro is of the clan that killed the original master of the mansion before it was disbanded itself.  He plans to revive the criminal clan in a new way.
* Enter the next door—it leads to the Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom
* You’ll find a bottle of Plumbing Cleaner (the green jar near the toilet).  Get it.

Retrace your steps back to start of the first hall (the room nearest the stairs leading down), cross the corridor to the second hall, go up one, and then go right to enter the Child’s Bedroom.  (Use the hand on the door).

Child’s Bedroom
* Pick up the bag on the bed—it contains Marbles.
* Pick up the Chemistry Set—weirdly enough, there are still some useful chemicals in it!

Exit the Child’s Bedroom, go up one, and then go right to the second bathroom.

Bathroom 2:
* There’s an empty vial here on top of the toilet.  Get it.
* In your Inventory, click the Dissolving Agent Formula on the Empty Vial to turn it into the Ready Vial.  Then click the Chemistry Set on the Plumbing Cleaner (or the other way around, doesn’t matter).  You’ll now have the Dissolving Agent.

Exit Bathroom 2, then go up one more to enter the Observatory.

* You can look at the telescope if you like—prepare for some puns on astronomy, though.
* There are some Knockout Drops here.  Get them.
* In your Inventory, click the Knockout Drops on the Marble Cupcakes.  They will change into Treated Marble Cupcakes.
* Look at the star chart.  Lydia can see behind it a blueprint of the mansion, and where the pile of scrap is in the basement is a hidden door!  Lydia will say “So THAT’S why there’s a pile of scrap there—to conceal a hidden door!  How Pietro and his men get past it, I guess only God knows.”
* Retrace your steps through the second and first floors back to the basement.

* Use the Dissolving Agent on the Pile of Scrap.
* The door is now open.  Enter it and you’ll be in a dark cavern.

It’s quite dark in the cavern, so turn on the Flashlight.  (Click the Flashlight on yourself while on this first part of the cavern.)  Lydia won’t go any further unless you do—we didn’t want to do that cheap death of falling down in the dark here.

Once you’ve gotten all the way down the stairs, down one screen, and turned left inside the main cavern, the lights (hidden lamps in the cavern ceiling) turn on, so Lydia turns the flashlight off at this point.  But the reason—the second henchman (Henchman 2) appears!  Give him the Treated Marble Cupcakes!   After he passes out, it’s now safe to explore.  The lights will be on with the stairs in case you forgot to get something on the upper floors.

Cross the Cavern and open the vault door to enter the Treasury.

* Oh no!  Kiki’s here, and she’s tied up and gagged!  Use the Pocketknife to untie Kiki. 
* Kiki thanks you.  If you already spoke with Denise at camp after helping her, Lydia said Denise told her of Kiki hunting for wood, and Kiki said she recognized the goons and tried to run.  If you didn’t talk to Denise, Kiki will explain she was getting firewood when two goons she recognized grabbed her.  She tells that one wall of the treasury is exposed because it leads to Pietro’s room, which he calls the Bandit’s Lair.  Then she’ll leave the area.
* Use the Makeup Compact on the exposed wall to reveal a door.  If you didn’t get the Marbles from the child’s bedroom, get them now.  Then use the Hand Icon on the door outline to open it.

Bandit’s Lair (Endgame):
* Uh-oh!  Pietro turns around and sees you.  And he’s decided that now that you’ve found him and know his secrets, you know too much.  And is that a knife in his hand?!
* Quick—throw the Marbles!  This will trip up Pietro.  He’ll flail about and slam the knife he’s holding into an electrical outlet and electrocute himself!
* After Pietro is dead, go up to the control console.  Click the Hand Icon on it to contact the authorities.  You win!


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