Walkthrough solution for 'BLACK SECT REMAKE' 2012 by HandsFree

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The people of Issegeac believe that their good fortune depends on the spellbook
that has been in their village for over nine centuries. When the keeper of the
text, your grandfather, is killed and the Grimoire stolen, the villagers ask
your help. Now it is your task to find the Black Sect's hideout and return the
spellbook to Issegeac.


To make the game accessible to more players this remake features among other things:
- Timeflow based on player actions, so no dead ends
- Unlimited save slots (Well, I don't know that. More than 30 anyway)
- 2 action cursors
- Smart cursor that lights up over interactive areas
- Extra puzzles
- Changed puzzles to suit the new interface
- Updated hint system
- New sound and music
- In the original game you have only 3 days to solve the adventure, this remake has no time restriction

And kept from the original game:
- first person exploration
- Lankhor's art and animations (mostly)
- 31 locations to explore
- day and night cycle
- there are a few situations where you will have to wait for another character
to make his/her appearance. Walk around a bit (into another room) if this
doesn't seem to work.


The Village of Issegeac:
Click Shutters to open them
Click left bar to get the Bar
Click Inside to get the Cheese
>East [The Hanged Man]
Get the Coin
>West [The Village of Issegeac]
>North [The Bridge of Silence]
Click the 3 little pixels under the tree to get the Bar of soap
>East [The Cemetery]
When the bird isn't picking the skull, click the skull's left eye socket to get a Ring
>West [The Bridge of Silence]
>North [The Northern Passage]
Give Ring to Farmer
>North [The Serpent's vault]
Get Knife
>North [The Ancient Ruins]
Click Tramp
Give Cheese to Tramp
>South (4x)
Enter The Tavern
Talk to the bartender
Give Coin to the Bartender to get a bread
Leave The Tavern
Talk to The Musician
>East [The Hanged Man]
Use Knife on the Rope, the Knife seems to be too blunt.
>North (4x) [The Ancient Ruins
Click on the 3rth tile from the wall where the tramp was sitting
Click on the 4rth tile from the wall where the tramp was sitting
Use the Bar on 4th tile
Search Hole to get a glove
Use glove on The Bush left in the screen to get a small bottle
>North [The Accursed Chapel]
>East [The Devil's Well]
Get Pitchfork
>South [The Accursed Chapel]
>West [The Old Cross]
Get Coin
Click on the Base of the cross to get a small key.
>East [The Accursed Chapel]
>South (3x) [The Northern Passage]
>West [The Barren Lands]
Click on the trunk's opening
Use the Pitchfork on the trunk's opening to get a Sieve
>South [The Northern Passage]
>South [The Bridge of Silence]
If the Washer doesn't show up yet: go the the village and back to The Bridge of Silence.
When the washer appears: Give Soap to the Washer to get a Pin
>North [The Northern Passage]
If the farmer is there, give the blunt knife to the farmer.
He tells you it costs a piece of gold to sharpen the knife.
>West [The Barren Lands]
Use Sieve on the river (the area above the trunk en beneath the tree)
If you're in the right area you'll find a piece of Gold.
>South [The Northern Passage]
Give piece of Gold to Farmer
Give blunt knife to Farmer, he'll fix the knife.
>south (2x) [The Village of Issegeac]
>East [The Hanged Man]
Use knife on Hanging Man's rope
Use Glove on Dwarf to get a Piece Of Paper which is a Musical Score
>West [The Northern Passage]
Give score to musician to get The Missal Page.
Look at The Missal Page to read it
>North (4x) [The Ancient Ruins]
Wait until the Tramp shows up again
Give the Tramp the Bread to get a Tablet
Look at The Tablet to read it
>North [The Accursed Chapel]
Talk to the Priest to get the task to 'find some wine for the mass'
>South (5X) [The Village of Issegeac]
Enter The Tavern
Give a Coin tot the Bartender
Use the small Bottle on the Barrel to get Wine

>North (5x) [The Accursed Chapel]
Give the Wine tot The Priest to get the Key to the Chapel
Use Key on the Chapel
>North [Inside The Chapel]
Get the Missal
Click at the Left Arm of the Statue
>South [The Accursed Chapel]
>East [The Devil's Well]
>Down [The Bottom Of The Well]
Look again at the Tablet, The 4 numbers represent the bars of the stair from top to down.
Click the 2nd bar from the top
Click the 1st bar from the top
Click the 3th bar from the top
Click the 8th bar from the top
Look in the Open Compartment to get a key.
>East [The Echo Chamber]
Use the golden Key on the door
>East [An Old Store Room]
Get the rope
Use pitchfork on the straw to get a piece of paper,
Click the right Horseshoe to expose a Small Hole
Use the Pin on the Small Hole
A Secret Compartment is now opened containing a crucifix
Get the Crucifix
>Down [The Echo Chamber]
>Down [The Bottom Of The Well]
>Up [The Devil's Well]
>Down [The Accursed Chapel]

>Up [Inside The Chapel]
Use Crucifix on the Small Cross
Click the Small Cross to expose stairs leading down
>Down [The Secret Sacristy]
Use the small key on the closet door to open the closet
Pickup the Cassock
Search under the closet.
You'll find a box with tree buttons.
Now first read the missal you are carrying, on page two there's a number sequence.
Use this sequence (1,3,3,2,1) on the buttons of the box in order to open the box.
Click inside the box to get a pentacle.
Click outside the box to place it back.
>Upstairs [Inside The Chapel]
>South (5x) [The Bridge Of Silence]
>East [The Cemetery]
Click on the pentacle you are carrying
It has 6 letters on it.
Change the letters to form the word MOLOCH and click outside the pentacle.
Now place the pentacle in the skulls mouth.
You will be brought to The Hall Of Shadows

Open the door at the right
>East [The Hall Of The Sentinel]
>East [The Dining Hall]
Click the guard, he'll tell you he will grand you passage in exchange for a gemstone.
>East [The Quiet Hall]
Open the trunk and search it, take the rope.
Click on the shield to reveal a compartment.
Click on the compartment to find a paper.
Use the candle holder to open the drawer
Search the drawer to get a brooch with a big stone on it.
>East [The Draped Hall]
>East [The Mysterious Gate]
Click on the Armor suit
Click on the bottom half of the Armor to get a key.
>West (2x) [The Quiet Hall]
Use the key on the locked door to open it.
Enter the chamber [The Prison]
Pick up the dish.
Search the straw to get a lighter
Click on the middle vertical bar to open another secret compartment.
Search the compartment to find a letter
Read the letter.
>South [The Quiet Hall]

>East [The Draped Hall]
Use the lighter on the fireplace.
Pick up the ring under the table
Click the curtain to find a key
Pick up the key
Click on the candle
Search the candle holder to find a scroll
Click the loose tile in front of the table
Search the hole to get the ring with the black stone
>West (3) [The Hall Of The Sentinel]
Wait until the guard leaves.
Fix the ring to the shield, the door at the left will be opened.
>West [The Hall Of Shadows]
Use the key found in the Draped Hall to open the chest
Search the chest to get a dagger.
>West [The Basement]
Use the rope on the pulley at the top right
Pull the rope
Take the shield
Look at the signs on the wooden beam at the top
Now look at the paper you found earlier, there's a sequence written on it: X, Square, Circle, Square, Triangle.
Pull the hams in the order of this sequence
>South [The Hall Of Shadows]
>East [The Hall Of The Sentinel]
The library door has been opened.
>North [The Library]
Look at the big opened book at the right and close it
Lift the green book (the book of Astharoth, mentioned in the prisoner's letter) on the bottom line of the shelf
Pick up the piece of paper
Read the piece of paper, this is the recipe
>South [The Hall Of The Sentinel]
Pick up the foxglove on the wall [1st part of the recipe]
>West (2x) [The basement]
Click on the left pillar, in the crack to get a little woodworm [3rth part of the recipe]
>South 3[The Dining Hall]
Give the brooch to the guard, he will take it and let you into the kitchen
While in the kitchen give the ring with the black stone to the cook
The cook will give you a medallion
Give the recipe to the cook
Give the foxglove and the woodworm to the cook
Open the cupboard in the back of the kitchen
Search the cupboard to get the chicken claw [2nd part of the recipe]
Give the chicken claw to the cook
>South [The Dining Hall]
>East (3) [The Mysterious Gate]
Use the medallion to the guard, He will open the door

>North [The Northern Gate]
>West [The Master's Chamber]
Pickup the sword
Use the dagger on the pillow
Search the pillow to find a bottle
Place the shield on the shape on the wall, left of the bed
Now the small area under the bed will be opened.
Search the area under the bed to find another key
Take the gem and the pendant on top of the cupboard

>East [The Northern Gate]
>South [The Mysterious Gate]
Fix the sword on the armour, now the gate in the Northern coridor will be opened.
Use the small bottle on the empty scroll to make the letters on the scroll appear
Read the scroll, its a sequence of letters: CLINE
>West (6x) [The Basement]
Click on the 3 buttons on left of the drawer with the BS mousecursor
You now see 3 letters: button 1: S, button 2: N, button 3: I
Click on the 3 buttons on right of the drawer with the BS mousecursor
You now see 3 letters: button 4: E, button 5: L, button 6": C
Now click with the hand-cursor on the proper buttons to form the word CLINE:
The 6th button, the 5th button, the 3rth button, the 2nd button & the 4th button.
Not the drawer will be opened.
Search the drawer to get a small powder box [2nd part of the recipe]
>South [The Hallway Of Shadows]
>East (2) [The Dining Hall]
Give the gem to the guard the enter the kitchen
Give the powderbox to the cook
Give the dish to the cook
He now will prepare and give you a meal for the master

>East (3) [The Mysterious Gate]
>North [The Northern Corridor]
Use the meal on the priest (you may have to wait until the disciple appears), you now can go the the Hall Of Sacrifice
Use the meal on the white disciple, you will go back to The Northern Corridor
Talk to the priest to enter the Hall Of Sacrifice
Search the white disciple to get a bottle with acid.
>South (2) [The Mysterious Gate]
>West (3) [The Dining Hall]
Take the empty Jug
>West [The Hall Of The Sentinel]
>North [The Library]
Use the bottle with acid on the lock of the chest, it will destroy the lock
Open the chest
Search the chest to find an amulet
>East (4x) [The Mysterious Gate]
>North [The Northern Corridor]
Talk to the priest to enter the Hall Of Sacrifice
Use the amulet on the cavity above the white disciple, a secret doorway will be opened at the left
>West [The Spellbook]
Use the key found in the master's bedroom on the door at the left
Pick up the Spellbook
Now you can't reach the door at the left because of the trapdoor...
Place the spellbook back at the desk
Now you can go through the door but only without the spellbook...
Take a closer look at the three dots, they seem to represent three corncobs.
>East [The Hall Of Sacrifice]
>South (2x) [The Mysterious Gate]
>West (6x) [The Basement]
Click the sack behind the table to open the sack
Remember the 3 dots in the The Spellbook room?
Use the empty jug on the sack 3 times to get 3 liters of corn
>South [The Hallway of Shadows]
>East (5x) The Mysterious Gate]
>North [The Northern Corridor]
Talk to the priest to enter the Hallway Of Sacrifice
>West [The Spellbook]
Use the filled jug on the hook near the 3 dots
pick up the spellbook
>West (2) [The Village Of Issegeac]
Open the Tavern's door and enter the tavern
Give the spellbook to the innkeeper and watch the innkeepers story


Walkthrough by Arjon van Dam, 2012.


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