Beyond Eternity

Professors are disappearing out of thin air from West College. How long has this been happening?

Where are the Professors going? Why do they not admit facts that others plainly see?
You explore West College to solve the mysterious professor disappearances.

You must pay close attention to widely scattered clues.

Along the way, you pick up scientific knowledge that uncovers many pieces of the mystery.

Time and patience are needed to work through multiple challenging puzzles.

Unraveling the evidence could be more important to the future of our Earth than you ever imagined.

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Episode 1



Note that nothing in the game is on any long term timer. There are short timers for just a few puzzles. The characters can never die in the game.

And there is no way to lose this game. Even if you make a mistake, or do something wrong, it can always be fixed. You only lose if you give up playing.


pening scenes

Professor Jenkins meets with Rebecca and disappears during the conversation. Rebecca is knocked unconscious from the small explosion. The wall behind Jenkins is damaged in the explosion. The scene changes to Professor Hansen’s lecture. He gives a talk on climate change, then asks for questions. Blake is the center right front row student. He will raise his hand to ask a question. You are given five choices for questions to ask. Many of the questions will lead to other questions. Many, but not all, of the questions will disappear after being asked. The bottom selection of “No sir, no questions” will leave the conversation, where the Professor will disappear. None of the questions are required to be asked. All important information from the lecture will be available throughout the game. The wall will become damaged from the explosion. The scene will change to Blake’s bedroom where you will finally get to move around and explore.


Blake’s bedroom

Select the closet on the left side. Blake will walk over and open the closet. Select anywhere inside the closet to look at the locked box. This will place a note on the phone to speak to Rebecca about the locked box. Open the phone and choose the Notes app to see notes. The notes change automatically with important events, so keep checking them. Select the trophy on the shelf over the bed. Keep selecting until Blake walk over and takes the trophy. Open the inventory from the menu. Select the trophy and a note will appear. Notice that the note has a particular color. Select the note to see a number written on it. These will not be needed until later in the game. Select the books on the desk. Blake will not remember something in the books. You will have to come back later after speaking to an NPC (non-player character) to find an important item. Open the lower left drawer, then select the drawer again. This will place batteries in Blake’s inventory. These will not be used until much later in the game. No other drawers have anything of use. The batteries will always be available even if not taken immediately. Select the doorknob to attempt to exit the room. The phone will ring. Select the phone icon at the top left of the screen and the phone will open. You must select the green answer button in the lower left of the phone.


Rebecca is calling, and the two characters will carry on a conversation regarding the instructor disappearances. She asks you to meet her in Professor Hansen’s classroom. It is the same class you saw in the opening scene. The call introduces you to the top iconbar and the phone. Now is a good time for you to familiarize yourself with these controls. If you choose the control with Rebecca’s picture on it, you will then play as Rebecca. This will switch you to Jenkins Office which is discussed later in the walkthrough. Select the doorknob again to open it. Select the door or to its right to attempt to leave the room. If still carrying the trophy, Blake will put it back on the shelf. If the game player did not take the note, it will remain with the trophy, and the game player must get the note later in the game. When Blake puts the trophy back, he will say he can take a picture of it. Use the camera icon from the top menu, or the camera app on the phone to take pictures. The cursor changes to a camera when it’s in picture taking mode. Clicking on some items with the camera icon active will put a picture of the item onto the Photo app on your phone. Pictures on the phone can be used to ask questions of other NPCs. You select the Photo app on your phone to get a list of the pictures you have. Selecting one of the pictures changes your cursor to a picture icon. You then select another NPC with the picture active to ask him or her about it. Try taking a picture of the trophy, then asking Andy about it for fun. Once the trophy is back on the shelf, Blake can leave his room and enter the dorm upper floor hallway.


Dorm upper floor hallway

Walk to the right of the screen to continue down the hall. Blake’s room is at the end, and there is nothing else to the left of it. None of the decorations must be selected, but they are fun to choose. No rooms must be entered at this time. Andy’s room is never available for entry. Rebecca’s room can only be entered when she is present. It is suggested to go in the bathroom. The bathroom has a toilet picture on the door. Select the doorknob to open it. Select the dark background of the door area to enter. Inside the bathroom, there are many items to select. All four cabinet doors above the sink can be opened independently. Open both right side doors and find a container on the lower left shelf. Keep selecting the container until you obtain cotton swabs. These will be placed in inventory. They will be needed to get sample from the damaged classroom walls. Nothing else in the bathroom can be taken at this time. You will have to come back here again. An ‘EXIT’ sign appears at the bottom of the screen when the cursor moves to the bottom. Either choose the arrow, or select near the bottom of the screen to exit the bathroom. You will be back in the dorm upper hallway. Walk to the right of the screen. Go through the open door by selecting it or to its right. You will appear at steps that lead to the door lower floor.


Dorm lower floor hallway

Walk down the steps and to the left of the screen. There is nothing to the right. You will pass by a few items in the hall that can be selected for fun. You can take a photo of each founder of the school you see in order to get their names. These names are used in an optional puzzle which is not required to complete the game. The puzzle involves a password for confidential information at West College Source. The password is entered in the Setup app which activates text and e-mail capability. The first door has a picture of an umbrella and shoes. It is a storage closet that is locked. It will require a key which cannot be obtained until after you meet with Rebecca. The next door has a picture of billiard balls on it. You can bypass this room or enter at this time. Inside you will meet Andy, a fellow student. You can attempt to speak with Andy, but he will not help you. If you walk to the far right of the room, you will see something hanging on the wall. Those are binoculars, and you can pick them up at this time, or later. They will be needed, but not until after you meet with Rebecca.


The next door has a picture of food and drink on the door. This is the dining room with long tables in it. You can skip this room at this time, or enter. Inside are several portraits of school founders. There are also shakers of salt and pepper on one of the tables. You can take both the salt and the pepper, but they will not help you complete the game. In the center of the dining room is a door to the kitchen. This is an important room for the game. Inside is the cook Otto. He will not let you in the room. You will not be able to get into the kitchen until after you meet with Rebecca. Continue down the dorm lower hall to the left. At the end of the hall is a large wooden door. Select the door handle to open the door. Select the door or to its left to leave the dorms. You will then enter a map of the entire college campus.


College campus map

On the college map, you will be able to choose four destinations. The place where you came from is in yellow. Other possible selections will appear in blue upon mouse over. Until you meet Rebecca, you will not be able to go to two of the destinations. So choose the Class + Labs selection in the center of the screen.


Class-Lab hall

After leaving the map, you will enter the hall between the classroom and the laboratory. Go the right to find Professor Hansen’s classroom. Select the doorknob to open the door, and the door to enter. Note that the laboratory on the left is not accessible until you analyze the substance on the damaged walls.



Once you enter the classroom, you will not be able to leave until Rebecca joins you. Note that you are also Rebecca when you switch players. So you will have to switch and become Rebecca, then make your way to the classroom as you talked about on the phone. Here in the classroom, Blake can just wait for Rebecca to come, or he can explore a few things. It does not matter in which order these tasks are performed. Both players must be in the classroom before you can leave. Move the cursor to the top of the screen and select the player picture button to switch. In the classroom, there are three items to help with the game. Select the podium a few times until you go behind it to look at a picture. The device in the picture will become important towards the end of the game. Out amongst the chairs is a paper lying on the floor. Select it to read its contents, and listen to the player’s comment about the note. This note helps with gaining entry to Hansen’s Office. There is a mandatory step that must be done here. Either character (Blake or Rebecca) must obtain a sample of the oozing substance from the wall. It does not matter which character gets the sample. Use the cotton swabs obtained from the bathroom on the wall. Open the inventory from the upper menu. Find the cotton swabs and select them until the cursor becomes swabs. Then select the wall damage to get a sample. After obtaining a sample, you can click anywhere on the screen to change the cursor back. Open the inventory and select the swabs to read that you have a sample from the wall.


Jenkins office

When you switch players, you will become Rebecca in Jenkins’ Office. You can choose to immediately go find Blake, but you will have to come back to this office several times no matter what. On the desk is a folder. Select this folder to pick it up. Open the inventory to see the folder. Select it to look at it more closely in a blow-up view. Select the paper which Rebecca says is her class schedule. This will place some papers in Rebecca’s inventory. Select the papers from inventory to view them. There is Rebecca’s schedule with instructor names on it, and a copy of the periodic table of the elements. Professor Jenkins is a chemistry teacher who keeps copies of the periodic table everywhere. It is also a clue to the password to get into the machine in her office. Select the folder again from inventory to open it again. You will see a post-it note and a paper clip inside the folder. Choose each item in turn to place them in inventory. You will need these to gain entry into the machine. However, Rebecca is dazed from being unconscious and cannot see clearly at this time. You will have to wait until you meet with Blake to proceed further. Select the doorknob, then the door to leave Jenkins’ Office. You will be in the Office Hall.


To the left are the offices of Professor Wilson and Professor Norquist. Norquist is not there, and while you can interact with Wilson, it may be better to wait until later. Go to the right to proceed down the hall to the exit. The first door you pass is Hansen’s Office which is locked. The second door is Professor Greyling’s Office. She is there, and you can interact with her if choose to do so. Steps will be covered later in this walkthrough. Go all the way to the right and select the doorknob to open the door. Select the door to exit the offices and open the campus map. You cannot proceed anywhere else except the Class + Labs selection.



Now Rebecca joins Blake in Professor Hansen’s classroom. The players need to talk about the disappearances and their experiences. It’s best to switch players and hear views from both perspectives. If Blake looked in his closet, he can ask Rebecca about the locked box. If not, they can go back to Blake’s room and they can discuss it there. It’s best to get a sample of the oozing substance now from the wall. Either player can go back to the bathroom and get cotton swabs, then use them on the walls. A sample from both the classroom and the office will be required. It does not matter who gets the samples, the game knows when both samples have been taken. Upon leaving the classroom, either player can choose to have the other player follow. This is usually a good idea, but if players do not follow, you can always switch players and walk to where the other player is. Rebecca is no longer dazed and multiple ways of exploring are available from here on. Analyzing the sample opens up much more of the game, so that’s the logical place to go next.


Jenkins’ office

Jenkins’ Office is located in the Offices area of the Campus map. It is the third room in from the front door. Rebecca has the information needed to log in the machine, and cotton swabs will be needed (from either player). Have Rebecca use the paper clip to open the top desk drawer. Pick up Jenkins’ badge from the drawer. A PIN number will also be required. The PIN is different every game and requires searching on the phone. Select the post-it note to see three chemical elements. Open the phone and choose the Search app. Type in each of the element names to get their atomic numbers. You can use the keyboard, or you can select the phone keyboard to bring up a push button keyboard internal to the game. For the push button keyboard, click on each key to type and click “Enter” when done. No typing in this game is case sensitive. The three elements will give three different atomic numbers for five digits in all. Use the digits in sequence to make a 5-digit PIN. First make the badge active and select the machine.


A log in terminal will appear. You can enter the digits using a keyboard, or click just below the blinking cursor to bring up the push button keyboard. After logging into the machine, select option 1 for analyzing a sample. Option buttons are at the bottom center of the terminal. The instructions say the machine will accept cotton swabs. So close the terminal window using the X in the upper right corner to return to the office. If you attempt to analyze when you have taken just one wall sample, the machine will say that you do not have not enough sample. So you must get more sample from the other wall. Either player can make a swab active and get sample from the damaged wall. The analysis will work once you have samples from both walls. Rebecca must be present in the room, and she will do the analysis. Either player can make a cotton swab active and select the GC-MS machine. The terminal will reappear with a GC-MS analysis showing on the screen. You do not need to know what a GC-MS machine is at this time. The analysis will show several spikes of different abundances (amounts) and at different M/Z (mass to charge) levels. The GC-MS fragment names and abundance levels will be stored on your phone. Choose option 3 by typing or using the buttons at the bottom of the screen. The instructions will explain limitations in the analysis. Press options 3 again, and the potential compound matches will be listed. A message will appear telling you to take a picture of the results. Press the X to leave the terminal and return to the office.


Once in the office, make the camera active and select the terminal. This will take two pictures of both the report and the potential matches. The character will also tell you that the results are in your Chemist app on the phone. Open the phone and select the Chemist app. You will see the fragment names and amounts listed. Each of the fragment names will give more information when performing a Search. Select the Search app on the phone and type in “methyl”. The search result will show a fragment formula of CH3. Other formulas are available for all GC-MS fragments. The formulas and fragment amounts will be needed in order to put together the chemical compound later on. You can leave the office now and continue exploring. Select the “follow me” option from the Blake-Rebecca dialog for characters to follow each other. Select the doorknob to leave the room and the door to exit. Both characters will return to the office hall. Speed walking is now enabled. Moving the cursor to the edge of the screen, right or left, will cause the active player to walk fast.


Hansen office

Walk down the hall to the right to the next door. This is Hansen’s Office which is locked. Select the keypad next to the door which will expand to full screen size. Notice that the keys have both numbers and letters. In Hansen’s classroom you discovered that he spells out the word “PLUS” when students get 100% on a quiz. Enter “PLUS” or 7587. You can now open the door and enter the office. Select the right side drawer from the roll top desk. The player will walk over and open the drawer. Select the drawer again to pick up the highlighter. This will be needed later on. There is nothing in the left drawer. Now select the roll top desk covering until it opens. You will see a safe and a piece of paper inside. Select the piece of paper to expand it and read the text written on it. These words will be familiar if you were paying attention during the Q&A session from the lecture. If not, no worries, Blake recorded the lecture on his phone. Have Blake open the phone and select the Record app. He cannot play the recording at this time. Clues to the safe combination come from the words on the paper and from answered questions from the lecture. Professor Greyling will help you find the details of the lecture recording. Other items in the office are clues to the story. There is a server in the far lower left corner. This runs the West College Source search application. Turning it off will make phone searches not work. Later on, it will be possible to cause this server to go down. Then you would have to come back here to turn the server back on. If you want players to continue to follow each other, you will have to select the option from the dialog menu. Leave the office now and head over to Greyling’s Office next door.


Greyling office

Upon leaving Hansen’s office, go right to the next door. Professor Greyling is inside and the door is open. Select the doorknob to open and the dark background to enter. Professor Greyling will greet you and ask you to sit on the couch. Rebecca can select the couch to sit down. Blake can sit if he is the only player in the room, otherwise he stands. Miss Greyling will walk over to sit with you. The room view pans over and you notice musical items around the room, plus a tablet on the desk. Select Miss Greyling to engage in conversation. When you ask her about her plant, she will tell about the fertilizer that the plant uses. This is required in order for you to gain access to the patio through the door behind her. You do not need to access the patio yet, as you will need a carton to hold the fertilizer. More dialog questions will become available as you progress through the sound path in the game. Click on the floor to stand up, then click to move over to the desk on the right. Select the tablet several times until Miss Greyling asks you to take it. The tablet will appear in your inventory, and you will need to find a phone cable for it before it can be used. Other items in the room provide clues, but nothing else is needed at this time. Leave Greyling’s office to return to the office hall. Then select the door to the right to exit the office building. In the map room, go back to the dorms as there are now several things to do there.



You know you need a phone cable, and both of the players have phones. So at least one of them probably has a cable. Since you already searched Blake’s room, Rebecca’s room is left to search. Walk down the hall to the right all the way to the end. Head up the stairs, then select to the left near the top of the stairs. You will appear upstairs. The first room is Rebecca’s bedroom. Rebecca must be present in order to enter the room. Once inside, there is a large armoire on the left, and a portrait, vase, and bed on the right.


Rebecca’s room

Select near the lower left drawers of the armoire and Rebecca will walk over and get her phone cable. The tablet and phone cable need to be in the inventory of the same player. If not, have one player give one of the items to the other player. Open the inventory and select the phone cable to activate it. Do not close the inventory. With the cursor showing the cable, select the tablet in inventory. The cable will be removed from inventory, and the tablet will show a phone connection. Select the tablet to verify that it is connected to the cable. If you select the armoire in the left center, Rebecca will say that she has cosmetics and nail polish. If you have performed the initial analysis of the wall sample, you will be able to get nail polish remover. You have to click several times to get it.

One of the clues in getting the nail polish remover is to check your phone for acetone. Open the phone and select the Search app. Type in acetone and the search results will return information about it, and a chemical formula. All compounds you find will have chemical formulas. These will be needed when proceed down the compound puzzle path. To the right of the room is a face tanner above the bed. You cannot get anything here until you know what you need. Now leave Rebecca’s room and head back downstairs. As you walk past the billiard room, you remember that you need to talk to Andy about the locked closet in Blake’s room. Since Andy will not divulge anything to Blake, Rebecca needs to talk to him. It’s better if Blake is present too.


Billiard room

Rebecca (at a minimum) enters the billiard room. Have Rebecca engage in conversation with Andy. Andy will tell you that the key to the locked box is inside a puzzle cube. Restart the conversation with Andy and ask him about the puzzle cube. Keep asking until he tells you how to track it down (Professor Greyling knows). If Blake asks about the puzzle cube, Andy tells Blake about a diagram. In either case, a note appears on the phone in the Notes app regarding the diagram. Andy will give two more clues from conversation. He will tell you that you cannot take the alcohol until you get rid of Otto in the kitchen. After you attempt to get in the vase, he will tell Rebecca to use soap to make her hands slippery. Blake will never be able to get in the vase because his hands are too big.


Blake’s bedroom

Return back upstairs for the diagram and to make Rebecca’s hands slippery. Head upstairs and all the way down the hall back to Blake’s bedroom. You will find the diagram when Blake selects his books on top of the desk. Open Blake’s inventory and look at the diagram. You should see that there are eight numbers on the diagram, while there were eight numbers on the note from the trophy. These will help when trying to solve the puzzle cube later (you have to find it first).



Now leave Blake’s room and go back down the hall to the bathroom. Both players need to be inside the bathroom together. Make Rebecca the active player and have her select the soap on the sink. This will put soap on her hands. Now switch to Blake. Have Blake ask Rebecca to follow him. Blake leaves the bathroom with Rebecca following. If Rebecca is in the bathroom alone, she will not be able to leave with soapy hands. You must either switch to Blake and send him to the bathroom, or have Rebecca wash her hands to remove the soap, and dry them afterward.


Billiard room

Go downstairs and straight to the billiard room. Blake leads the way for both players to enter. Once inside the billiard room, switch to Rebecca. Have Rebecca walk all the way to the right and select the vase. Rebecca will pick up the old key. Have Rebecca walk over to near Blake and give him the key. Rebecca cannot work the key with slippery hands. Switch to Blake. Only Blake can find items in the storage closet. Leave the billiard room and head next door to the storage closet. Activate the old key and use it on the doorknob. The door will unlock. Have Blake open the door and enter the storage closet.


Storage closet

Inside the storage closet, on the floor to the left, is a crowbar. Pick up the crowbar then activate it. Use the crowbar on the crates in the back left of the closet. The rear crate has nothing in it. The front left crate has a scraper. The front right crate has a screwdriver. Check inventory to make sure you picked up both items. To the right is a tanning bed. If you walk to the right and move your cursor over the opening, you will see something shimmering in the light. Keep selecting the area until you pick up a tanning bulb. You do not know what you need this for yet, and you can get it later too.


Dining room

Find the player who has the binoculars. They are on the far right wall of the billiard room if you don’t have them yet. Have that player (doesn’t matter which) go to the dining room. Enter the dining room and proceed to the middle of the room. If Rebecca’s hands are slippery, you can wash them off in the bathroom. However, everything can be done using Blake. Rebecca’s slippery hands will go away once any player leaves the dorms, or she washes them either in the bathroom or the kitchen.



Open the door to the kitchen and go in. Once inside the kitchen, do not move from the doorway. On the far right wall, out of sight, is a note that you need to look at. Open the inventory, find the binoculars, and select them twice which closes the inventory and makes them active. Carefully move the cursor to the right edge of the screen and the scene will pan to the right. You should see a note on the wall. When the cursor changes to show binoculars, select the note and it will blow up so you can read it. If you miss the selection, just repeat moving the cursor (showing binoculars) to the right and try to select the note again. Once the note has been blown up, Otto will appear as a contact on your phone. You cannot look at the phone until you leave the kitchen. Select the door to leave the kitchen after you’ve seen the note full size. There is no way to get by Otto yet. You need to call Otto on the phone to trick him into leaving the kitchen. You cannot do this in the dining room. You must go out in the hall. Also, he will recognize Blake’s voice no matter what, so only Rebecca can convince him to leave. If Rebecca does not have him as a contact yet, switch to Rebecca. Have Rebecca ask Blake how to get rid of Otto, and Otto will appear as a contact for Rebecca.


Dorm lower hall

Open Rebecca’s phone and select the green phone icon at the bottom. In the contacts list, find Otto. Select his picture to call him. A conversation will take place. You must use the correct sequence of selections to convince him to leave. “Hello, I’m from International Haulers. We’d like you to come in for an interview. Come right away, the job won’t last.”



Now go back into the kitchen where Otto is gone. It does not matter which character goes in or if both characters go in. In the kitchen, go back to the sink area near the cabinets. Rebecca can wash the soap off of her hands here, but her slippery hands will go away once either character leaves the dorms to find the campus map. Open the lower left cabinet door. Select inside a few times until you pick up the small jar. When you get the jar, you will also receive a note about a piece of paper. This is a page from Hansen’s journal which you likely not have gotten yet. If you have the journal already, you can now view another page from it. There is nothing in the lower right cabinet door. Open the upper left cabinet drawer. You will find many items inside. You can pick up a carton, a box of baking soda, vanilla and vinegar. You will only need the carton and the vinegar, so you can leave the other items there. You cannot take the baking soda out of the kitchen. You can put baking soda into the carton, but if you do, you will have to bring the carton back to the kitchen and put the baking soda back. You can also put baking soda in the jar, but you will then have to wash it out. You cannot obtain anything from the upper right cabinet door. In the lower right corner of the kitchen is a trash can. This is an adventure game, so there always seems to be something in the trash. You cannot get the cup that’s in there until you discover you need it, later in the game.


Billiard room

Now you can go back to the billiard room and get the alcohol that is there. Andy will now let you take it since Otto is gone.

Either player can take the alcohol at any time after Otto is gone.



Once you have the small jar, you can go back to the bathroom and obtain liquid items. In the bathroom you can take shampoo, drain cleaner, or bleach. You can only put one thing in the jar at a time. Only the bleach will be needed for the compound puzzle path. If you put shampoo or drain cleaner in the jar, you will have to eventually wash it out. You cannot put liquid items in the carton. Note that test tubes can also be used to hold liquid items. Test tubes are found in the laboratory, which is open once the wall sample is analyzed. Test tubes can only hold one dose of one item at a time. So using them can require a lot of leg work going back and forth from the bathroom to the laboratory. You now have all you get from the dorms at this time. You will have to come back later though.


Greyling office

Now that Greyling’s tablet is connected to a phone cable, you can go back to her office to split up Blake’s recording of the Hansen lecture. It’s best that both players go there together to complete several steps of the sound path. However, these steps can be done in stages and don’t have to be done at once.

In Greyling’s office, activate the tablet from inventory and use it on Professor Greyling. She will tell you to play your recording. Blake needs to be the active player. Open the phone and select the Record app. Then select the recording of the lecture. Greyling will then ask for Rebecca’s recording of the sound.

The recording on Blake’s phone will now be split into several entries. Have Blake open his black phone to see the multiple entries. The paper next to the safe in Hansen’s office said “ice sheet” “rejects” “carbon.” If you look at the phone entries, you will see three entries that have these words in them. Play each of the entries to hear the answer. This is the safe combination.


Switch to Rebecca, open her phone, and select the Record app. Select the one recording there, and it will play. Miss Greyling will then say that she has both recordings. The tablet will no longer be in inventory. If Greyling is sitting in the chair, you will have to leave the office and come back for the next step in the sound path. If she is at her desk, the tablet will appear back on the desk. If both players have played their recordings, and the tablet is back on the desk, select the tablet. A dialog will then appear where you can ask Greyling to improve the sound quality. The tablet will now be back in inventory. Activate the tablet from inventory and use it on Greyling again. You will gain a dialog question to ask how to get the best output sound. She will tell you where to find a digital to analog converter. If Greyling is in the chair in the center of the room, you will have to leave the room and come back in order for the table to appear on the desk.

After Andy tells you that Professor Greyling knows where the cube is, a new question will appear in the main dialog with Miss Greyling for either player. She will tell you that the puzzle cube is in the library. Miss Greyling can also identify founders of the school using phone pictures of their portraits. There are nine founders and the first letter of their last names plus the sequence of their birth years gives the password to use in the Setup app.


If you have the carton you can now get some fertilizer. This will be needed in the compound path. Go out the door onto the patio. Here you will see a poster on the back fence, a bug zapper on the left, and a bag of fertilizer on the right. You cannot do anything with the bug zapper until you speak to Professor Norquist in the laboratory. Selecting the poster will present a blow-up view of it. The poem contains clues about how to create the compound mixture. Activate the carton from inventory and select the bag of fertilizer. The player will walk over and put fertilizer in the carton. You can now leave the patio. You leave the patio like you did in the bathroom, through the exit arrow at the bottom of the screen. If you have the tablet, you can leave Greyling’s office. Otherwise pick up the tablet and ask her about it as mentioned above. You can come back after you find a digital to analog converter to confirm that the tablet is fully ready.


Hansen office

Now that you have the safe combination, you can open it. Return to Hansen’s office (the second office in) and select the safe a couple of times to have it appear full screen. Note that this is an old fashioned lock that requires you to circle around to input the combination numbers. Rotate the dial to the right (clockwise) past the number 4 twice (which is more than two full revolutions.) Next rotate to the left (CCW), past the number 1, and around to it again. Rotate to the right to the number 25. Select the handle to open the safe, and you will return to Hansen’s office. If you are having trouble with this, you will have to look on the internet for how old Master locks work (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAH8b63szYs). Back in Hansen’s office, select the open safe to obtain his journal. Open your inventory and select the journal to view it full screen. If you haven’t picked up any papers, you will see only two pages. If you have picked up other papers, you will see more pages. There are many more pages to find as you progress in the game.


Jenkins office

The next office as you walk to the left is for Professor Jenkins. As you enter this office, you will see that Professor Jenkins has returned. She returns after you perform the GC-MS analysis of the wall sample, then leave and come back. When you speak to her she will deny having disappeared, or knowing anything about the damaged wall. In the conversation, Miss Jenkins will tell you how a GC-MS works and what its limitations are. One of the players should have pictures of the report and potential matches from the analysis you did. Show these pictures to Jenkins for more information. She can also identify founders of the school from the phone pictures you have taken of portraits around the school. The purpose of the founders’ names is to obtain a password to West College Source confidential information. This is talked about in the journal. Select the wall damage to look at it again. The player will mention that there may be dried sample left. You will need both the scraper from the storage closet and a test tube from the lab to get dried sample. Dried sample flakes will be needed for more tests that are performed only in the laboratory. Mrs. Jenkins tells you about the flame test and the alkalinity test.


Wilson office

Continue down the hall to the next office which is for Professor Wilson. This is the fourth office from the entrance and the second from the end. This is office is open and you can go in without a code. You cannot take anything from this office at first. You can only walk to the back of the room and speak to Professor Wilson. He is on the couch in front of a fire with a laptop. Select Wilson to begin a dialog. Ask Wilson about the digital to analog converter (DAC) on his shelf. If you have the alcohol, you can exchange it with him for the DAC. Either set the alcohol inventory item as active and select Wilson, or select the DAC several times while having the alcohol in inventory. When you have the DAC, it needs to be in the inventory of the player who has the tablet. If this is not the active player, pass the DAC to the other player. You will not be able to connect the DAC to the tablet until you find a connecting cable. The cable is in this room, but you cannot get it while Wilson is awake. Now you leave the office knowing that he will drink the alcohol which will put him to sleep.


Laboratory initial tests

Go back down the long hall to the right all the way to the entrance. Go through the exit door to the campus map. You haven’t been to the Library or the Laboratory yet. These can be done in any order, but we’ll first run the other laboratory tests. These tests need to be done before you can get all of the compounds that are needed to mix together. From the campus map, select the Class + Labs location. Go left after coming out of the door. At the end of the hall is the laboratory which is open only after the oozing wall sample is analyzed. There would of course be many more classes and labs in this building, but you only have the two locations to make the game simpler. In the laboratory is Professor Norquist performing many experiments. Select him to start a dialog conversation. In the conversation you will learn that the flame test does not find all metals. So you will also need to do a magnetism test, giving you three total tests to perform. But you don’t have any more sample to do the tests.


In the center of the lab is a rack with test tubes on it. Select the rack twice in order to pick up one of the test tubes. You should already have a scraper, so you can now get more sample. The same player needs to have the scraper and at least one test tube. The closest wall damaged area in is the classroom. You can also get sample from Jenkins office, but you only need to do one location or the other. Leave the classroom and head down the hall to the classroom at the other end. Inside the classroom, walk over to the damaged wall. Make the scraper active from inventory and use it on the wall damage. The player will now have wall sample flakes inside of a test tube. Return to the laboratory. The first test would logically be the flame test. There is a Bunsen burner on the counter in the center of the room. Select the burner until you turn on the flame. Now open inventory and make the test tube with wall sample active. Use the test tube on the flame. The player will then perform the flame test and see a yellow-orange flame. A flyer is located in the drawer just below the burner. It shows that sodium uses a yellow-orange flame, which is what you saw. You now know the sample contains sodium, but sodium is not magnetic. The other yellow flame in the chart, and most likely second metal, is iron, but you cannot be sure if you have just sodium or you have both iron and sodium. Next you can do the alkalinity test to check for carbonates. Professor Norquist gives instructions on how to do the test, and a kit is nearby the Bunsen burner. But you need a beaker to mix the sample in water, and an eyedropper to put drops from the solution into the kit.


Searching through drawers in the laboratory, you will find two beakers, plus a tall jar. And there is a beaker underneath the hood cabinet that is already clean. It does not matter which beaker you use, but the beakers from the drawers will have to be washed out in the sink first. You will have to wash beakers many times, so you can choose to use any of them. Select the tall jar in inventory and it will reveal an eyedropper that was inside it. Pick up one beaker, then make it active. Select the left side sink to wash it out. Now select the ride side sink that says “distilled water” to fill it with water. Select one of the counters to set the beaker down. Setting it down near the kit would be easiest, but it does not matter. If you miss the counter with your selection, the beaker will go away. Open inventory to make the beaker active again and select the center of a counter with the center of the beaker. Make the test tube with wall sample the active inventory item. Select the beaker on the counter and Norquist will give you a warning. It’s okay because you are mixing one item in water which can be done outside the hood cabinet. Select the beaker again with the wall sample test tube as the cursor. The sample will dissolve in the water.


Make the eyedropper the active item now. Select the beaker on the counter which will draw dissolved sample into the dropper. Now use the dropper on the kit. The player will say that the sample contains no carbonates. You must do this test even though it tells you not to use baking soda. Chemists must always confirm everything with certainty. The next test will be the magnetism test. There is a magnet on the counter right of the hood cabinet. You must isolated the metals and remove all liquids. This will require boiling away the water. Pick up the beaker on the counter that contains the wall sample. Open the door to the hood cabinet. Activate the beaker from inventory. Select the stand in the center top area of the cabinet opening. This will place the beaker on the stand where it can be heated. Close the hood cabinet by selecting just above the opening where it says “close door”. Select the switch just below the hood cabinet opening on the right. This switch works the burner inside the hood cabinet. A flame appears and the beaker contents are heated a small amount. The heating works in stages because different things can happen at each stage. Continue heating until you boil away the water. Water boils at 212 degree Fahrenheit, but the player will tell you when the liquid is all gone.


Pick up the beaker so it appears in inventory. Activate the beaker so it’s ready to use. Use the beaker on the magnet. The player will say that half the metals are magnetic (must be iron) and half the metals are not magnetic (must be sodium). The player will say that all tests are complete. After this, you can look inside the drawer where the flame test flyer was and pick up a page from Hansen’s journal. When you spoke to Jenkins about the GC-MS testing, she told you that samples had to be limited to 10% metals. If you add up the amounts from the Chemist app, you will see that you can only have 1 part sodium and 1 part iron (can’t have more than that or you exceed the 10%). You now have a complete picture to put together a compound mixture that duplicates the wall sample.

Each of the four puzzle paths (infrared, compound, ultraviolet, sound) can be worked in any order. Note that you have not yet been introduced to the ultraviolet path, as you need to find three journal pages first. The third journal page found gives you information about the measuring equipment that Norquist is fussing over. So you can now go to the library and get the puzzle cube, which will also give you another journal page.



The library is a very large and tall room. You cannot see all of it at once, so it’s hard at first to visualize what’s there. Walk to the center of the room to find the Librarian. Select him to start a conversation. It is okay to select the two buttons along the way and see what happens. You will need to find out what all the buttons in the room do anyway. The Librarian will tell you where the puzzle cube is, but you do not know how high you have to go. He will not help you until you find the puzzle cube on your own. It will require both players to work together. You will have to switch players back and forth a lot. “Follow me” is not available inside the library, but only near the door for when you leave. Complete ladder sequence (Blake and Rebecca can work either position):

  1. Blake pushes lower left most button and remains standing there.

  2. Switch to Rebecca who pushes lower right most button to lock first ladder.

  3. Rebecca moves out of the way of the moving path of lower right ladder.

  4. Switch to Blake who climbs ladder. Blake moves to left side and pushes button. He remains standing there.

  5. Switch to Rebecca who climbs ladder. Rebecca moves to left side and pushes button. She remains standing there.

  6. Switch to Blake who climbs nearby ladder on his left. Blake pushes button moving left half of gangway into place.
    Blake then climbs back down ladder and moves to right out of the moving path of the ladder.

  7. Switch to Rebecca who moves to right button and pushes it. This moves the other half of the gangway into place and locks it.

  8. Switch to Blake and push button on the left (same as step 4).

  9. Switch to Rebecca who climbs down ladder that just moved. Rebecca pushes button that is near the librarian, moving far upper left ladder into place.

  10. Switch to Blake and move to right side (same level) and push button on right. This locks the far upper left ladder in place.

  11. Blake moves back to left side (same level) and pushes button to move lower right ladder.

  12. Switch to Rebecca and climb back up the ladder to push the left second level left side button (same as step 5).

  13. Switch to Blake and climb both ladders all the way to the top left. Blake pushes button which moves ladder next to Rebecca.

  14. Switch to Rebecca and climb the ladder that just moved in place. Do NOT push the button at the top of this ladder (curse the evil puzzle designer).

  15. Rebecca walks across gangway to the left side and pushes the first button. This activates the button on the bottom floor, left of the Librarian.

  16. Rebecca continues walking to left to push far left button.
    Rebecca must then immediately walk all the way across the gangway, all the way to the right within 30 seconds.
    She pushes the far right button to lock the right top ladder in place.

  17. Rebecca climbs this ladder to reach the far right top level.
    Rebecca pushes the button inside the dark bookshelf, and a lever in the center of the room emerges.

  18. Rebecca moves directly down two ladders. Rebecca pushes the button that allows Blake to descend from the left side.

  19. Switch to Blake and push the button again to bring the ladder next to Rebecca back into place.

  20. Blake can now climb down the two left ladders to the second level. Blake moves to right to climb half-ladder and pull the lever.

  21. Switch to Rebecca and climb nearby ladder. Rebecca moves across the gangway to the left side.

  22. Rebecca climbs newly placed ladder to just beneath puzzle cube. Rebecca moves to right side of shelf to get out of way of top most ladder.

  23. Switch to Blake who climbs all the way to the bottom floor. Blake pushes button just in front of Librarian which moves ladder beneath puzzle cube.

  24. Switch to Rebecca and climb ladder to get the puzzle cube.

  25. Switch to Blake who moves back up to pull the lever and reset the ladder that enable Rebecca to climb down.

  26. Switch to Rebecca who climbs down and crosses gangway to right side. Rebecca then climbs down the second level.

  27. Switch to Blake who moves to left side to restore ladder that lets Rebecca climb down.

Once one of the players has the puzzle cube, the Librarian will become more helpful. However, he wants you ask specific questions and you may not know what to ask yet. Showing compounds to Professor Jenkins will help you learn more about the compounds that might actually work. Jenkins will also tell you the specific items to ask the Librarian about.


Puzzle Cube

When you first look at the puzzle cube, the player will tell you that Rebecca needs to ask Andy how to solve it. So go back to the dorms and the billiard room to speak to Andy. Keep asking Andy questions until he give you all the instructions on how to solve it. These instructions will appear as notes on your phone after asking. The initial cube tile locations, the trophy note color, and the trophy note sequence are different for every game. Open Blake’s inventory to notice the color of the note that came from the trophy. Then select the puzzle cube from inventory to blow it up full screen. Turn the cube using arrows beneath it until the center tile that has the same color as the trophy note is on the top face of the cube. Next you need to make all of the tiles on the top face of the cube to be one color. You don’t have to do any more than the top face – no other tiles matter. This usually works best by first getting each of the four center tiles (that have two colors) in place, then getting the four corner tiles (that have three colors) in place one at a time. Now close the puzzle cube window and open the inventory again. The diagram (cube with numbers on top) gives the number locations for the various tiles. The note from the trophy give the sequence with which to press the tiles. Note that tiles light up as you press them correctly, and a buzzer sounds if you press them incorrectly. Open the cube again and press the tiles in sequence. A light will fade in and out and a confirmation sound will be heard as the selection is correct. Each time an incorrect tile is selected, the cube resets, and you have to start over from the beginning. After performing eight correct selections, you can select the center tile to expose the key. Don’t forget to take the key by selecting it. If you are having trouble getting the top side all one color, there is another way to select the tiles in sequence. Keep the center tile in place on top of the cube. Do not rotate the entire cube (large arrows beneath the cube) and do not rotate the top row horizontally. You can turn any of the four sides as well as the bottom two horizontal rows without resetting the sequence. In this way, you can manipulate a tile side of the right color into the right place, press it, then manipulate the next tile in place and press it, and so on.


Getting all of the compounds

If you have followed the walkthrough to here, you should have nail polish remover, bleach, fertilizer, and vinegar.

You can search on either player’s phone to discover the chemical formulas for these.

  • Nail polish remover = acetone + water

    • Formula: CH3C=O * CH3

    • This is composed of GC-MS fragments for acetyl and methyl

  • Bleach = sodium hypochlorite + water

    • Formula: Na * Cl * OH

    • This is composed of sodium plus GC-MS fragments chloride and hydroxyl

  • Fertilizer = ammonium nitrate

    • Formula: NH4 * NO2 * O

    • This is composed of GC-MS fragments ammonium, nitrite, monoxide

  • Vinegar = acetic acid + water

    • Formula: CH3 * CO * OH

    • This is composed of GC-MS fragments methyl, carbon monoxide, hydroxyl

Open the Chemist app and see that you are missing acetylene. A search for acetylene says it is in butane, which can be found in cigarette lighters. Also you do not have any iron. But you’ve been hearing about rusting statues. A search for rust show that it is also called iron hydroxide (you need more hydroxyl anyway). You will need the butane lighter and some rust flakes. Go back to the dorms where the statues are. The statue in the lower hall near the storage closet was rusting. The player who has a scraper and test tube can get rust flakes. Note that you cannot get rust flakes until you complete all three of the lab tests listed in the Laboratory section above. Go back to Wilson’s office for the butane. When you get there he will be asleep because of the alcohol you gave him. In his office you will need to take back the alcohol. You need the lighter on the fireplace. He gave you a DAC before and you needed a cable to hook it to the tablet. A search in his desk finds the cable. Have one player connect the cable to the tablet.


Go back to Jenkins office to ask her about all of the compounds you have. You need to place the nail polish remover into active inventory and then select Jenkins. She will tell you about a flyer on the safe mixing of bleach. Then do the same with butane. She will tell you about a book in the library. Notes will be added to your phone. Start a dialog and ask her if you have enough compounds to begin mixing. She will say yes if you have all six needed compounds.

Since you’re in the offices, you might as well go see Miss Greyling. She we confirm that you have all you need to make the best sound. But you still don’t know where to plug it in. That will come in a while. There are two logical places to go next. You have the key to the locked box in Blake’s room. Also, the Library has books and a flyer that Jenkins talked about. You can call the librarian on the phone to get the book information. He will tell you to come to the library for the flyer on the safe mixing of bleach.


Infrared measurements

Go to Blake’s bedroom which is in the dorms, upstairs, at the far end of the hall. Open the closet and select the locked box inside. One of the players will get the infrared spectrometer. It does not have any power, so you will have to use the batteries on the unit in your inventory. You do not know how to use it at this time, so you will have to find out. Professor Wilson is the infrared expert, so go back to his office. If you have taken everything you need to take, he will be awake again. Ask him how to use the infrared spectrometer. Now you can go and measure the infrared wavelengths on the damaged walls. Go to both Hansen’s classroom and Jenkins office. Use the IR spectrometer on each of the walls. Each one will list the wavelength on the phone in the Notes app. One is 3.8 micrometers, the other is 4.2 micrometers.


Preparation for chemical mixing

Go to the librarian to ask him about substances and safe mixing of bleach. The flyer on the safe mixing of bleach is in the papers on his desk. Select the papers on the desk to get the flyer. Open inventory and selects the papers to see the flyer. You also should ask him about butane and ammonium nitrate. The answers will put notes on your phone. Now you can check the information you have on mixing. Open the Chemist app and check the fragment quantities again. You should be able to deduce that you will need two ammonium nitrates (fertilizer) and two acetic acids (vinegar). You will need only one of everything else. If you try to use salt for chloride, you will find that you will be short one hydroxyl. If you try to use drain cleaner for the hydroxyl, you will get too much sodium. Your only choice for chloride is hypochloric acid from bleach. From your phone searches and inquiries, you know the following:

  • A sample for GC-MS analysis cannot contain any water.

  • The only thing you have to dissolve rust is vinegar.

  • Vinegar dissolves ammonium nitrate, but only if you apply some heat.

  • Alcohol has methylene which is not in the wall sample.

  • Bleach will create chlorine gas unless you follow the flyer instructions.

  • The bleach flyer process will create chloroform, but no water.

  • Butane will combine with chloroform to bring original compounds back and allow further mixing
    (yeah maybe stretching reality a bit here for the sake of the game).

  • Butane is flammable and will evaporate quickly.


The clue that you can have no water in the end should lead you to the conclusion that you must mix compounds in separate beakers, one with water and one without. In the first run, perform the bleach acetone test, mixing bleach with nail polish remover. Then add butane to the produced chloroform mixture at room temperature. In a separate beaker, mix two vinegars with one rust and two fertilizers. Then heat this mixture to dissolve fertilizer and boil water away. Then the two beaker contents can be mixed together to form a compound that matches the wall sample. Since you must perform the bleached acetone test, you will need a polystyrene cup to seal the beaker and a tube to carry the condensed liquid. Tubes are in a drawer in the lab. The cup is in the trash can in the kitchen. You need to have the bleach flyer before you can get the cup.


Laboratory mixing

At this point in the walkthrough, the sound path and infrared path are mostly complete. You need to find Professor Hansen’s device from his photos to fully complete those paths. The compound path and the ultraviolet path remain to be completed. This section will focus on finishing the completed mixture for the compound path. It’s easier for one player to have all the compounds, but it’s not required. You can transfer items between players. First, prepare beakers for the bleached acetone test. Two beakers are needed and they must be clean and empty. Use the left sink to clean them if needed. You can only work with one beaker at a time. Open the door to the hood cabinet by selecting it. Activate a clean beaker and select the left front shelf area to place it there. There must also be a clean empty beaker on the right front shelf. There was one there at the beginning of the game. Find the small jar in one of the player’s inventory. Select it to see that it has bleach. If it does, walk over to near the rack of tubes near the distilled water. Make the small jar active and select the rack of tubes. This will put bleach into a test tube. Select the rack of tubes to pick up this test tube. Select the black tube in inventory to make sure it has bleach. Optionally, you can take a test tube to the bathroom and get bleach right out the bottle to use for mixing. Activate the black test tube with bleach and use it on the armature inside the hood cabinet. The armature is just above the left side beaker. The player will walk over and place the tube on the arm. Close the door to the cabinet.


On the left side of the cabinet, just past the end, is a lever to turn the arm. Select this lever to empty the test tube contents into the beaker. Have the player with the nail polish remover walk over near the test tube rack. Activate the remover and use it on the tube rack. Then select the tube rack to pick up the tube. Check inventory to be sure it has nail polish remover. Activate the remover and use it on the arm inside the cabinet. You do not have to remove existing tubes, they will exchange automatically. Also you do not have to clean test tubes. Do not pull the lever (unless you want to see a gas cloud and clean up the mess afterward). Have the player with the cup walk over to the center of the room near the alkalinity kit. The center drawer beneath contains plastic tubes. Open the drawer and use the cup (as active inventory) on the drawer. This will add a tube to the cup. With the cup as active inventory, use the cup on the beaker on the left front shelf. The player will walk over and the cup and tube will appear inside the cabinet. Either player can now close the cabinet door. Have one of the players attempt to pull the lever on the left side of the cabinet. The players will then talk about the steps they need to perform for the bleached acetone test. You must have the correct player perform each of the steps in the sequence they say. The last few steps of this test, after Rebecca pulls the lever, are timed and must be done in 10 seconds.

  1. Rebecca opens the cabinet door

  2. Blake picks up the cup and tube

  3. Blake closes the cabinet door

  4. Rebecca pulls the lever

  5. Rebecca opens the cabinet door

  6. Blake activates the cup and puts it on the beaker

  7. Blake closes the door

If the test is performed correctly, Blake will say that liquid condensed in the right beaker. This is the chloroform mixture. If the test is not done correctly, warning lights will flash, warning sound will play, and a gas cloud will appear for a short while. The players must then clean beakers and perform the test until they are successful. Open the cabinet door. Have the player with the lighter set it as active inventory. Select the right side beaker (which contains the chloroform mixture). This will mix butane with the chloroform. Be careful not to disturb this beaker after mixing.

The mixture will show Acetone (1), Butane (1), Bleach - no water (1)


The beaker on the left side now contains only water. Since the chemicals that will be added to it contain water, it does not have to be cleaned. It won’t hurt anything to clean it though. You can grab the empty test tube from the arm if you are out of empty tubes. Empty test tubes must be on the rack in order to put compounds in them. All compounds except butane must be in test tubes to mix. Have the player with vinegar place it in active inventory. Perform the same steps of putting the vinegar into a test tube, then placing the test tube on the arm inside the cabinet. Close the door and pour the vinegar into the beaker. Repeat the steps using another test tube of vinegar to get two vinegars in the beaker. Have the player with the carton check the carton to be sure it has fertilizer in it. Activate the carton and use it on the tube rack. Pick up the tube, place it on the arm, close the door, and use the lever to add it to the vinegar. The player will say that the fertilizer partially dissolved. Repeat the process with another tube of fertilizer to get a total of two tubes of fertilizer mixed with two vinegars. Repeat the mixing process using rust. You want to mix one rust with the vinegar/fertilizer mixture. Note that the mixture of these five test tubes worth of substances can be done in any order. In the end you want one rust, two vinegar, and two fertilizer.

The mixture will show Acetic Acid (2), Rust - dissolved, Fertilizer (2) - dissolved.


Pick up this beaker from its shelf on the left side of the cabinet. Open inventory to activate this beaker. Select the stand just above the burner. This will place the beaker on the stand, ready to be heated. Close the cabinet door afterward. Select the switch on the right side just below the cabinet door. This will heat the beaker in stages. The players check each stage to see if something happened. Note that butane will evaporate on the first heating stage, so a beaker with butane should never be heated. The second heating stage could cause other issues with the wrong chemicals. The third heating stage will dissolve the fertilizer. The fourth heating stage (212 degrees F) will boil away water. It is here where you want to stop heating. Vinegar has a higher boiling point than water, and it will remain in the beaker. If you heat too much, all liquid will be gone and you will have clean the beaker and start over. The heated beaker will be too hot to pick up right away. However, you can keep selecting the beaker and you’ll eventually be able to pick it up, or you can wait for it to cool. You can then pour the contents of one beaker into the other. Players will confirm that the beaker contents mixed okay.


Analyzing the mixture

Have the player with the tall jar set the jar on one of the counters. Use the fully mixed beaker on the jar to pour the contents into it. Set the now empty beaker on a counter and pick up the tall jar. You can now leave the lab to go get the new mixture analyzed. Go back to Jenkins office and use the tall jar on the GC-MS machine. The terminal will appear and a yellow chart will be displayed. Select button 4 until you get to the compare menu. Enter the sample number (probably 1), and the machine will play a tune while displaying that the mixture matches exactly. If anything was not mixed correctly, the terminal will display the fragment difference between the new mixture and the original sample. A verified mixture can now be used on the “device” when you find it. If your newly created mixture is not correct, it can sometimes be repaired. It depends on what the problem is. You can take the jar back to the lab and pour the contents into a beaker to work with it again. Remember that many compounds contain water, so if add these and reheat, you will lose the butane. Sometimes you can combine substances in a different clean beaker, heat them to remove water, then add them to the mixture to add things that were missed. If the compound you created has too much of anything, you will have to start over. You can always get more of all substances, they never run out.


Beginning the Ultraviolet path

Once you have found three pages of Hansen’s journal, you can read about how Norquist set up measuring equipment in the laboratory. You can now ask Norquist questions about the measurements. If you ask for readings from the recent episodes, Norquist will give you a paper. Select the papers in inventory to see the chart. It contains many lines at different frequencies and intensities. Norquist will explain about the different types of UV light these lines represent.

Norquist will tell you that you can make your own black light. You will need a small jar with a lid and a highlighter. You likely have been using a small jar with a lid to hold bleach. If you have verified the mixture, you can wash out this jar in the sink. If not, you may want to finish the compound mixing first. You can go ahead and create the black light before mixing is done. You would then have to use test tubes to hold the bleach you need for mixing.


Black Light

Activate the small jar from inventory and use it on the right sink to put distilled water in it. The highlighter came from a drawer in the roll top desk in Hansen’s office. You can place the jar on a counter and use the highlighter on it. Also, you can use the highlighter on the jar directly in inventory. Either way the jar will turn fluorescent yellow. In the back of the lab is a unit for measuring ultraviolet light in the black light range. The player with the yellow jar should also have the eyedropper and the alcohol. These will be needed to adjust the wavelength of the light (Norquist tells you this). Have the player with the yellow jar walk back to the measuring unit and put the jar inside the unit by using it on the door on the left. Select the button on the right to turn it on, and select the button again to see the wavelength. It will initially say 370 nanometers. You must change the wavelength to 389 nanometers using drops of alcohol. Select the yellow jar to remove it from the tester. Activate the yellow jar from inventory and use it on a nearby counter to place it there. In inventory, use the dropper on the alcohol to draw some liquid. Activate the dropper and use it on the jar on the counter. It will ask how many drops. One drop increases wavelength 3 nanometers. Two drops increases wavelength 5 nanometers. Three drops increases wavelength 6 nanometers. If you exceed 389 nanometers, you must wash out the jar. This will place the highlighter back in inventory. You must then put water and the highlighter back in the jar, and repeat the adding of alcohol drops until you get the correct wavelength. You must put the jar in the tester and push the button to verify you have the correct wavelength. The yellow jar with the correct frequency will need to be used in Hansen’s device. You still don’t know where it is, but you can deduce it’s probably behind that door next to the UV tester.


Tanning bulbs

The drawer next to Norquist contains tanning bulbs. Select the drawer to place an 80 watt bulb in inventory. Norquist says the machine uses bulbs of 100 watts or more, so you will need other bulbs. There was a face tanner in Rebecca’s room, a tanning bed in the storage closet, and a bug zapper on Greyling’s patio.

You should have a screwdriver that came from a crate in the storage closet. Go back to Rebecca’s room. Use the screwdriver on the face tanner. This gives you a 120 watt tanning bulb. The tanning bed in the storage room has a 180 watt bulb. The 180 wall bulb is shimmering in the light at the end of the tanning bed.

The last bulb you can find comes from the patio in Greyling’s office. You must have picked up an 80 watt bulb and you must have the screwdriver. On Greyling’s patio, use the screwdriver on the bug zapper. The player will walk over and exchange the 80 watt bulb with the 100 watt bulb in the bug zapper.

Now return to the laboratory. You cannot find any more bulbs of 100 watts or more. You must go back to the drawer next to Norquist and get another 80 watt bulb. You will now have an unlimited supply of 80 watt bulbs.


Chamber room

Ask Norquist how long he is going to stay in the lab. He will tell you that the keypad near his office will page him if someone tries to enter. Have one player (doesn’t matter which one) go back to the offices and to the end of the long hall. The other player must stay in the lab. Have the player near the Norquist office select the keypad. Enter any four digit sequence into the keypad. Do this four times to see three yellow lights and one red light. Norquist will get paged and he will leave the lab to return to his office. Now that Norquist is gone you can check inside the drawer he was blocking. You will find a piece of paper with his name on it. His middle name “WADE” is the code to get in the chamber. Walk to the far right of the lab, select the keypad, and enter the code. The chamber room door will open. Inside the chamber is a panel and a large metal door. Blake is the player who will work the panel. If Rebecca selects the panel, Norquist will return to the lab, and Rebecca will go back to the lab to watch him. She will then remain in the lab until Blake finishes everything or Blake leaves the chamber room. If Blake selects the panel, Rebecca will stay in the chamber room near the door to watch for Norquist, but Norquist won’t come back to the lab. Blake should have the key from the locked box, plus the tablet and DAC, before working on the panel. Use this key on the keyhole to activate power for the panel. Turn on the switch just above the key. Do not flip any of the toggle switches yet (although no harm will come if you do). If you push the red button, Blake will describe what is not complete yet. The four puzzles paths must be complete before this button works.


Open inventory and select either the tablet or DAC. Use one of these on the audio jacks and wires will hook up to the unit. This completes the sound path.

Exit the panel using the X in the upper right corner. Walk to the right and select the door to open it. You will finally see Hansen’s “device”. The funnel will take the compound mixture you created. An enclosure will open up to reveal a receptacle that hold tanning bulbs. A monitor will expand to show dials that adjust UV-B wavelengths. The tray in the center of the device will hold the black light in the yellow jar. Just to the right of the tray and below the monitor is the infrared calibration. If you have the IR wavelengths, either player can select this area to calibrate the IR unit, completing the infrared path. Have the player with the yellow jar place in on the tray in the center. You will see it on the tray when done. One player should have all of the tanning bulbs. You must have three bulbs of watts of 100 watts or more. Transfer bulbs from one player to the other if this is not so yet. Have the player with all the bulbs select the enclosure to open it viewing the receptacle. Open inventory and make the bulbs active.


Use the bulbs on any receptacle four times to have all the bulbs placed in the proper position. Note that if you are missing any of the three 100+ watt bulbs, an 80 watt bulb will be placed in the receptacle instead. An 80 watt bulb in a receptacle other than the upper left must be broken by turning the dial past 75, and then it must be replaced with a 100+ watt bulb. Push the red button to turn power on. Other buttons check whether individual bulbs are working. Select the X in the upper right corner to return to the chamber room. Select the monitor to view it full screen. Now you must adjust the dials to get the intensities to match intensities from the measurements that you got from Norquist. For any receptacle that has an 80 watt bulb, if you turn that dial past 75, the 80 watt bulb will break. Readings will drop. You must then return to the receptacle, remove the bulb, and put another bulb in the unit. 100+ watt bulbs will never break. As you adjust the dials, any individual wavelength intensity above 100 will cause the unit to lose power. You simply return to the receptacle and turn the power back on. The following are the dial settings:

  • Upper left: 75

  • Lower left: 90

  • Upper right: 60

  • Lower right: 50

Once the black light is on the tray, and the UV-B intensities are correct (with the power on), the ultraviolet path will be complete. Have the player with the tall jar containing a verified mixture work next. Use the tall jar on the funnel to pour mixture into the funnel. This completes the compound path, and the last path should be complete. Close the door to the chamber. Have Blake select the panel to the left of the door. Push the red button and the message should be different now. You are ready to set the final readings. The infrared wavelength will be an average of the two measurements, or 4.0 micrometers. From the paper that Norquist gave you, the UV-A intensity is 30 and the UV-C intensity is 48. Next, throw the toggle switches from left to right. Push the red button when all lights are green. You will see the final sequence and be done!



This is my first game and I'm sure I need to improve. Being the creator of a game it is hard for me to see from your perspective.

Some things might be obvious about how the game plays that I'm completely not seeing because I'm too close to it.

Please send a PM to MyEakinBack at the adventure game studio website.

  • Did you find any of the puzzles to be unfair? Which Ones?

  • Were some puzzles so annoying that you quit playing for a while? Which ones?

  • Did you feel like there were too many puzzles or the game was too long?

  • Would you like to see a continuation of the story?




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