A Tale of a Legacy



Dery Marlon, a young vagabond who has just settled in a camp on the outskirts of the city of Zippar, receives a misterious letter in which an unknown man gives him a considerable part of his inheritance.
In order to collect the inheritance, he will have to travel far and wide across the Kingdom of Arval, traversing many villages and regions of the kingdom.

This adventure will lead him to discover who the mysterious Feyer Golesh is and the motives behind leaving him the riches.
Love, betrayal, mystery, tension and entertainment blend together in this adventure that will delight the fans of classic graphic adventures.
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Inventory and main menu: move the mouse cursor at the top of the screen.


In the camp, take the knife on the ground of the camp. Go to the dock.

Take the rope and the hammer in the boxes next to the watchtower of the port.

Speak to the harbour master.

Ask him if we can use the boat and offer him something in exchange for using the boat.

He will ask us for some novels from the library.
Go to the main square. Talk to the librarian and ask for the books. Ask her who he is.

Ask her about the harbour master. She will tell us that we need a Zippar citizenship certificate.
Speak to the official in front of the library. Ask him what we need to get the certificate.

He tells us that we have to answer some questions. We answer anything to the first question.
Go to the tavern. Take the jar on the bench. Talk to the drunk.

Ask for personal information (name, place of birth, date of birth and address in Zippar.

When he ask us why we want to know, we have to tell him that a friend wants to send mead to his home.
Speak to the official again and answer his questions with the information the drunk gave us.

He asks us to pay a fee to give us the certificate. We do not have money.
Go to the market and talk to the florist.

 Ask about her interests and all the dialog options about the insects that interest her.

Speak to the merchant and ask for sugar. We also call it a compliment.

She asks for an ointment in order to give us the sugar. She gives us a bowl to prepare it.

Go to the forest. Use the knife with the white flowers (Floris Maris).

Put the flowers on the stump and crush them with the hammer.

Use the Floris Maris extract with the bowl. Use the bowl with the river water in the forest.

Go to camp and use bowl with mixture on the bonfire to heat it.
Go to the market. Give the ointment to the merchant and she will give us the sugar.

Use sugar with the jar. Go to camp. Use the jar with sugar on the insects to catch them.
Go to the market. Use the jar with insects in the vases to distract the florist. Take coins on the table.
Go to the square. Answer the official's questions and tell him we have the money. We get the certificate.
Give the certificate to the librarian and she will give us the books.
Go to the dock. Give books to the harbour master. He tells us that we will need paddles and a navigation map.

The navigation map is kept by the innkeeper. Go to the tavern.


Speak to the innkeeper. We asked him for the map and we told him that the port chief told us.

Answer the questions: name of the librarian and name of the harbour master (the librarian told us before if we asked her about it) and about the compliments that the merchant likes the least (before we told the merchant a compliment that she did not like).

He give us the map. Go to the market.

Talk to the carpenter and ask him for some oars. In exchange he asks us for rum and fish.
Go to the tavern. Use the knife on the rum barrel. Use the rope on the knife.

Pull the rope to remove the plug. We have the rum.
Go to the market. Talk to the merchant. Ask him for something to eat.

Insist him politely until he gives us the bread.
Go to the dock. Try to scare the seagull over the fish basket (click on it).

The harbour master tells us that they like bread. Use the bread on the river water to throw it away.

The seagull is leaving. Catch the fish basket.
Go to the market. Give the rum and fish to the carpenter in order to get the oars.
Go to the dock and tell the master we have the oars and the navigation map. He let us use the boat.

On the beach, take the plank on the ground. Go to the forest.
On the first screen, take a wooden disc in the bush to the right of the big rock. Go the way up.
On the second screen (crossroads), go along the path to the left.
On the third screen (grave), pick up another wooden disk in the pot to the left of the grave. Look at the grave.

The poem that has been written will give us clues for later. Go left again.
In the fourth screen (hole), we take the third wooden disk on the dry tree. Put the plank over the hole and go left.
In the little house, we look at the monolith. We remember the poem we saw in the grave:
Blood flows north ... (Blood = red / North = above)
... to the east the river merges ... (River = blue / East = right)
... and to the south, what dark future awaits him? (Dark = black / South = bottom).
We place the smallest disc on the red top axis. The median disc on the blue right axis.

The big disc on the black bottom axis. We press the button to activate the mechanism.

On Main Street, take the bucket. Go to the road to the Fair. Talk to Mony and ask her what's wrong.

 He will tell us about the rock barrier that we will have to burst.
Go to Main Street. Talk to the merchant and ask for gunpowder. Ask him the price of the powder.

 It tells us about the explosive liquid. Ask how the business is going.
Go to the park. Talk to the inspector. Ask him if he knows the merchant on Main Street.

Ask him if he would like to catch him again and what we would have if we discover a rat plague in his business.

He asks us for a proof. Take the box. Go to Main Steet. Talk to the grocer. Ask him about her perfume.
Talk to the perfumer. Ask her if he could create a perfume from a sample.

She gives us a handkerchief to take the sample.
Talk to the merchant. Tell him that there is an inspector behind him to mislead him.

Use handkerchief in the perfume to collect sample.
Give the handkerchief with the sample to the perfumer.

She asks us for an ingredient for the perfume: pomelard fruit.
Go to the alley in the Plaza Mayor.


Take small barrel. Pick up a wooden spoon with holes in the containers on the left.

Try to catch the rat (click on it).
Go to the precipice. Take the net hooked to the bush on the right.

Use knife in the bush on the left to catch a branch.

Pick up the feather on the ground. Use the net with the holed spoon.

Use the invention with the rock under the tree. Shake the tree (click on it) to drop the fruits into the picker.
Go to Main Street. Give the fruit to the perfumer and give us the perfume.
Go to the road to the Fair. Ask Mony for some cheese. She asks for a perfume for her as a gift.
Go to Main Street. Talk to the perfumer. Tell her that we want perfume for a person we love, that the person is determined and brave and that he is like the rough sea. She gives us a perfume.
Go to the way of the Fair and give Mony perfume. She gives us the cheese.
Go to the alley of Main Street. Use the cheese with box.

Put the box with the cheese on the hole under the alley ladder. Click on the rat. It gets into the box.

 Using merchant perfume on the rat. Go to the park. Give the inspector the rat.
Go to Main Steet. Use the bucket with a barrel of explosive liquid.
Go to the way of the Fair. Put the small barrel on the stone barrier.

Use bucket with explosive liquid in the barrel. We need more liquid.
Go to Main Street and use the bucket again on the barrel. Go back to the road and empty the bucket again.

Pick up the twine on the wheel of Mony's wagon. Use the string in the barrel (wick). We need fire for the wick.
Go to the alley of Main Street. Use branch on fire.
Go to the way of the Fair. Use the torch on the wick to explode the barrier.
Go to the Fairground and talk to Mony. Ask her to help us get to Duruk.

Talk to the soldier and ask him about Dery Marlon. He tells us that he does not have a portrait to identify him.
Go to the park. Talk to the artist. Ask him for a self-portrait.

Insulting him and comparing him to a parrot (2 times). He gives us the portrait.
Go to the Fairground and give the portrait to the soldier. It tells us that it is not officially signed.

Talk to the soldier again and ask him to see some official Duruk document. He says no.

Talk to Mony and ask for help in order to distract the soldier. She give us some herbs.

Use the herbs in the soldier's mug. Leave the stage and go back. The soldier sleeps.

Take the official documents on the ground. Look at them to see the official document.
Go to the park. Use the feather with the artist's paintings. Use the pen with ink on the portrait to falsify it.
Go to the Fairground and give the soldier the fake portrait.

On the first screen, try to talk to the parrot. It does not want. Take a stone on the ground.
On the next screen, try to grab the yellow toy shovel.

The boy asks us to fix his broken sword to give us the shovel.

Talk to the boy and ask about the parrot. He tells us that we need a cookie to speak to us.
On the next screen, we use the knife on the plant on the right.

We use the sword on the plant to stick the sword.

We go back and give the boy the sword. Let us take his shovel, so we take it.
Go towards the toll. Speak to the guard. Ask him if we can continue to Duruk and he won't leave us.

On this screen, we grab cereal from the plant and the wooden bowl on the rock.
Talk to the boy again and ask about the guard.

He tells us that there is a poem that always makes him very sad and he leaves his post to cry.
To make the cookie, we place the cereals in the bowl. We crushed them with the stone.

Then we go to the screen where the wet ground is. We dig with the shovel.

Use the bowl with the crushed cereals in the water. We get the dough.
Go to the toll. Use the dough in the stone oven. Leave the stage and go back inside.

Take the cookie in the oven and give it to the parrot, which runs away.
Back to the toll. Talk to the guard about the poem to discover the title.
Talk to the parrot at the toll scene. You have to keep repeating each new phrase that the guard or the parrot tells each of them to learn the poem until the end.

Take metal bars on the straw bed. Look at the inscription on the wall to the right of the straw bed.
Look at loose stone on the wall to the left. Use metal bars on loose stone.
We pull the bars in the following sequence:


In the first scene, take the lever resting on the stones. We take the belt in the stream of water to the left.
We go to the right. We put the lever in the slit to the left of the door.

We put the belt on the discs to the right of the door. We pull the lever to open the door.

We talk to the man at the well. We asked him about the well and what he's doing there.
We go to the right, towards the street. Talk to the woman and ask her about the man from the well.

We ask her as much as we can about her husband and her marriage.
Take the remains of food at the entrance to the alley.
We enter the alley. We try to help the cat (we click on it). It has a hairball in its throat. Take the ball.
We return to the well. We ask the man for a purge for a cat.

He tells us about a remedy but we need to pay him 10 dollots.
We go left into the well, towards the notary's office and pick up a jug on the floor next to the bench.

Use the ball with the jar. Back to the well. Use the mug with the rope in the well to collect coins.

The invention falls. We need another way to get the money.
Go back to the street and talk again to the woman. We ask for 10 dollots.

Tell her that they are to throw into the Well of Desires and that they are to find a good woman.
Go to the well and give the 10 dollots to the man. He gives us the purgative.

Ask him why he wants those aphrodisiac herbs. W

e insist that he is an attractive man and to tell us that he is there waiting for another woman.

He admits it. We return to the street.

We tell the woman that her husband is cheating on her and to go to the well in 5 minutes if she wants to check it out.
Go to the alley. Use the leftovers of food with the purgative. Use the purge on the cat plate. Catch the fur ball.
Back to the street. Take an item of clothing from the unfaithful man.

Go right to the warehouse. Ask the manager for what he is doing.

Offer to carry the concoction ourselves. Ask why he doesn't fire his employee.
Go to the patio and go to the left, to the living room. Talk to the employee.

Tell him that his boss is looking for him. Ask him why he doesn't quit his job.
Go back to the warehouse and ask the manager if he likes his job.

He tells us that he hates his boss and his shrill voice.
Talk to the boy in the yard and ask him for a favor, if he can impersonate as someone.

He asks us for a game. Go back to the living room and ask the employee.

He tells us that he d has games, but they’re hidden.

We tell him that maybe his boss knows where he is hiding them.

He goes to the trunk and puts a combination to open it.

Each clack is a press on the button. The click indicates the end of the sequence.
Go to the trunk. We insert the combination 4-2-5-1 and press the check button.

The trunk opens and we take the yo-yo.
Go back to the patio and give the yo-yo to the boy. We ask him about the impersonation.
Go to the warehouse. The boy calls the manager and he leaves the warehouse.

We take a mug in the cupboards. We take a pot of honey in between the jars.

Use the mug on the beer barrel. Use the honey in the beer mug.
Go to the living room and give the jar with the mixture to the employee, who goes to the doctor.
Back to the warehouse. The manager gives us the concoction for the governor.
Go upstairs. Tell the soldier that we have the concoction. He asks us for a password.
Go to the patio. Ask the boy for the password. He asks us for a clue.
Talk to the soldier again and ask him for a clue. We insist until he gives it to us.
We tell the clue to the boy who gives us the password.
We tell the guardian the password, who lets us in to give the governor the concoction.

The governor opens the bedroom window.
Go to the balcony from the upstairs hall and take the keys in the window.




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