A Nightmare on Duckburg


A game about life, death and the seven deadly sins.
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- an intriguing murder mystery
- about 60 playable rooms
- original soundtrack (over 30 tunes)
- hand drawn 640x400 graphics
- no sudden deaths or dead ends


This game contains:
- violence
- foul language
- nudity & sex scenes
- drug use

Walkthrough by janleht


Chapter one

home: take lighter
goofy's: take plant
money bin: open cabinet
apartment house: use screwdriver on buzzer
park: interact with garbage can
inventory: combine plant & cigarette
construction site: give joint to man
construction site: pick up wrench
army recruitment: use wrench on truck
army recruitment: pick up rocket
home: use breathmints on candy
home: check bag
goofy's: give rocket to goofy
stadion: use itching powder on man
stadion: take jersey
inventory: use lighter on firecracker
mickey's: use firecracker on mickey
mickey's: check barrel
harbour: use key on warehouse
warehouse: take net
warehouse: check box
inventory: use scissors on jersey
inventory: use glue on cloth piece
inventory: use cloth piece on net
station: give net with cloth to man

Chapter two

field: take hay from heystack
trailer: use screwdriver on garbage can
trailer: check garbage can
tavern: use mug on soda machine
tavern: use hey on mouse hole
inventory: combine poison & soda
field: give drink to gnome
granary: talk to wolf
inventory: use scissors on flyer
inventory: combine "por" & "k"
inventory: use glue on text
village: use text on menu
village: take knife
granary: give knife to wolf
river: take acorn
farm: use wrench on flagpole
farm: take fly paper
inventory: combine fly paper & acorn
forest: use paper on rock
forest: take squirrel
farm: use squirrel on cake
farm: use squirrel on lawn

Chapter three

room: open window
gyro's: take saw blade
rockerduck's: use saw on tree
room: use saw blade on desk drawer
pond: use notepad on ducks
despell's: use notepad on numberpad
dungeon: take rope
gyro's: use branch on tool desk
rockerduck's: place rope under window
rockerduck's: use flute on rope
rockerduck's: check trash
gyro's: give hubcap to gyro
room: use acid on safe


Chapter four

Is a cutscene.

Chapter five

harbour: use scissors on buoy
harbour: interact with corpse
corpse: take watch
dump: use scissors on coutch
home: take note from door
construction site: take pipe
mickey's: interact with open window
mickey's: interact with open window again
inventory: use glue on mirror
inventory: use mirror on pole
station: use pole on window
station: talk to man
station: give watch to man
inventory: examine luggage
inventory: use lipstick on buoy
inventory: use spring on buoy
inventory: use spring head on luggage
stadion: give luggage to fethry
money bin: give coin to goofy
gallery: give invitation to man
exhibition: take string from painting
inventory: examine note
inventory: combine tape & string
record company: use string on mail box hatch
exhibition: give cd to man
gallery: use key on side door
studio: take scarf
park: use scarf on bench
stadion: give scarf to fethry
sewers: use pole on sign
sewers: take sign
inventory: use hay on sign
inventory: use lighter on hey
sewers: use burning sign on branches
elevator: push button
roof: use spinach on floor




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