It takes place in the XVIth century. The father of Lilith has Fallen into a coma.

When a healer happens to pass in her village, she decides to grab the opportunity to save him.

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Hint : you can skip every cut scene by pressing any key
The game are in English and French language.

Lilith wants to get out of the inn.
1) Take the pink flowers in the kitchen, go upstairs and look for them in the green book of botany.

Chop the valerian on the kitchen board.
2) Take the tankard on the table, fill it with water from the basin and heat it in the fireplace.
3) Put the minced roots in the tankard and give it to the innkeeper.
4) Pick up the inkwell on the bar and the handkerchief under the pillow upstairs.
5) Use the inkwel on the handkerchief to write a word to the innkeeper and go outside.


1) Go in the house of Lilithís grandmother, behind the inn.
2) Go in the vegetable garden behind the house to speak to her grandmother.
3) When you return in the house, Lilith has disappeard !
4) Three things must be done in order to get the grandmother to tell you where Lilith is. You can do them in any order :
- In the house, notice that the plate that was on the bedside table has disappeard.
- Pick up the handkerchief on Lilithís bed and read it.
- Take the shovel near the fireplace, put the handkerchief in front of the fireplace and use the shovel on the ashes to put them in the handkerchief. Lilithís grandmother needs fertilizer. It is explained in the green book upstairs that ashes are a good fertilizer. Give the ashes to the grandmother. She will leave to spread them on her garden. Now you can examine the pan under the bench. Pick up a slice of meat and give it to the grandmother. Sheíll explain that she feeds a wolf and that all her family has a gift with animals, Lilith included.

5) With all these clues, speak to the grandmother (ďletís sum upĒ). Lizaigne deduces that Lilith wants to meet the wolves so that theyíll help her reach the healer. The grandmother tells Lizaigne where the wolves live. Now, Lizaigne can go in the forest at the north of the village.
6) Before leaving to the forest, Lizaigne must take the pepper in the kitchen.
7) In the forest : donít go near the wolves or youíll die.
8) The first wolf on patrol can easily be bypassed.
9) The second wolf block the access to the clearing at the north-east. Use pepper on the slice of meat.

Throw the slice to the wolf. Heíll be thirsty soon. Move aside to let him go drink to the river. Now you can go to the clearing.


Lilith looks for the keys to the hostel. Thereís a winged altarpiece behind the bar in the inn. She knows her uncle hides his keys inside but she doesnít know the combination to open it.
1) Once she has opened the winged altarpiece and observed it, she can go in town to look for help (to the south of the village).

Go to the church.
2) Thereís a monk inside but heís not willing to help you. Look at the Stations in the church. There are 14 Stations, like the 14 numbers around the altarpiece. On the picture of the altarpiece, you can see Christ on his knees. You need to find the 3 Stations where Christ falls (number 3, 7 and 9). Press these buttons around the altarpiece. It opens and you get the key.
3) Thereís already a key in the keyhole of the door to the hostel. Knock on the door. Tell the guard that you have a message for the healer. He wants to see the seal by the keyhole and he removes his key. Now you can insert yours.


A wolf attacks the guard. Lizaigne can try to wake the innkeeper up or she can go in town to look for help, but nothing works.
The guard tells her to get the rifle in the coach. The coach is in the barn.

1) Close the door to the hostel and retrieve the keys. One of them is the key to the barn.
The coach is in the barn but itís too dark to look for the rifle. You can lit a candle in the fireplace but the wind outside will blow it.

2) Take the secateurs in the barn.
3) Take the wick of tinder behind the secateurs.
4) Take a candle in the inn.
5) Lit the wick of tinder in the fireplace. Go in the barn and lit the candle with the tinder.
6) Go in the coach. You need to pick up 4 objects :
- One of the boards sounds hollow. Open it and take the rifle and the rod. There are no more bullets in the bag.
- Take a nail on the door (the loose one).
- take the powder container in the cloak.
7) Now, go outside. Put the powder and the nail in the rifle, press everything with the rod and use the rifle on the wolf.


The guard lies unconscious.
8) use the smelling salts from the kitchen to wake him up. Talk to him.


You promised to the guard.that you would help the healer, so you need to get rid of the wolf in front of the Grandmotherís house,

1) Take the handle in the barn.
2) Put it on the well in front of the house.
3) Use it to get a basket.
4) Search the basket to find giblets.
5) Open the door to the toilets and put the basket inside.

You canít feed the wold from downstairs

6) Climb on the pergola.

You can try the old peppered-meat trick but it wonít work.

7) Throw the giblets on the left of the screen to attract the wolf.
8) Once he has entered the garden, throw the giblets to lead him to the basket.

What a glutton !

9) Go down and shut the door to the toilets.
10) Enter the house.


10) Follow the coach to the collapsed bridge.
11) Use the broken rifle on the wolf.

Once bitten, twice shy

12) Plunge into the river.

The healer is trapped in the coach. The door is distorted.
If you try to break the ice, youíll kill the healer (game over)

13) Use the secateurs to cut the loop of the leash.
14) Attach it to the handle.
15) Detach the leash to free the horse.


16) Use the rifle on the door to snatch it.



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